I've got qcad Professional installed but vista will not open save dxf files. I get dxf is not an application valid win 32. Is there any solution for this?

I've got qcad Professional installed, but vista will not open save dxf files I get a file... dxf is not an application valid win 32.
Is this a common problem?
Is there any solution for this?


You, of course, took umbrage to my last post. For that I apologize, there was no pejorative intention. I am a newbie in the forums and am digging my way along. I have marked your answers answers by mistake, I'll try to fix this.
I solved the problem, I tried to open files in the Qcad application by clicking on the list of recently used files. It will not work in a new session.
The correct procedure is:-
Open click, Qcad - click file - open (this opens the index page of Qcad from the saved files) - click the required file - click Open.
There is no problem, with the exception of this incompetence of users.
Thank you for your time and assistance.

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