I've restored the Favorites after the reset of firefox. Now when I'm trying to bookmark a page any of the restored files appear. How can I fix it?

detail is in the question

Hello (sorry for the late reply) surgeon

I have advice to follow the explanation given by cor - el, HOWEVER.

as it jumps immediately to a difficult explanation, starting from the principle that there is a serious fault on your side, I want to ask you first try to solve on an easier way, as the issue at hand may not be so great at all.

It could very well be that you click on the 'star -' to add a bookmark and then not see your choice records appear.

-If this is the case, the solution is very simple: when you want to add a bookmark, click on the "file" and then select "choose folder" option (see photo) after that you'll have to find the place where you place the file once again and then select the folder.

next time you click on the 'star' icon it will show this folder gain and you must repeat this step to reappear the other files in the same way.

If this did not help you, then I advice to follow 'cor - el' most advanced sound solution.

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