I want a few songs by e-mail a friend to my media player... How can I do this?

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Hi gerardhamill


You can send the song as an attachment in the e-mail message-

a. open your e-mail program and compose a new message.
b. click on 'Add an attachment' or 'Accessories', depending on your e-mail program. Then click on 'Browse' If a navigation menu is not displayed on your screen.
c. find the song file that you saved on your computer or in the music library and select it.

d. click "OK" and then click "Join" If your e-mail program requires you to do. Now you can send mail.


You can also try a compression (like WinZip or WinRAR) utility and compress the file before attaching. This will reduce the size of the attachment file.


I hope this helps.

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