I want a refund and return of my windows

I hate coperrate microsoft run companies like HP

I have

HP Omni 120-1132 desktop PC

and I'm forced to 7 or higher

XP can stop at 2 GB of ram im rusty I think that 4 to 8 processors

I'm a retirement fashiond of old PCs and network Tech set in my ways, you bet

due to all these and more I've been stuck with vista or replacing my other is absolute shit

the ultamite on 7

slow slow internet shit runs as a kernel of monkey or worse turn my cable from 30 MB to little as important is slow I've seen xp load I do not know how many seconds faster I'm not good at this shit but vista 7 is still loading xp makes all software and drivers made

Evan didn't know why im poster hp refuses to support xp and new pc is CE 8 worst thing I've ever seen

I don't play I use social forums to use barley no shit

Just browse downloads and searches, why would I made for games face shit addics and other stuff usles crap not to mention because vista trying to shut off all take good landlord program solves this problem

every thing is worse and they refuse to help or support lower versions, then they are overpaid

I'm ready to throw or garage sale that this thing and custome build from a company that will be most customes for your business


"Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or a
hour, or a day, or a year, but finally he calm down and something
else will take his place. If I leave, however, it lasts forever.


I'm at the age of retirement, but not yet retired and I have never worked for live PC. I hate change, but accepting change is the way of life. Have you worked in the PC World before, you probably remember someone said: we must not 640 k for a PC. And Yes, I hate MS dictates our choice but to the point we don't have the choice. Love or hate it, we must follow this wave 'digital age' and just have fun with it. I learned a lot from this forum.

Best regards.

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    This is a forum for user to user with the space provided by Adobe, not the Adobe support

    Adobe contact information - http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html

  • my mouse has exploded and I want a refund, what can I do?

    Hello my magic mouse exploded and caused burns to my hand. I would like a refund and I don't know where to start. Can someone help me?

    Try the link contact us at the bottom of these pages and contact Apple technical support.

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    Hi Valerie,

    You can follow these links to restore the previous version of the operating system.

    How to restore a Windows 7 computer to a previous Windows installation by using the Windows.old folder

    How to uninstall Windows 7

    However, before you can perform a backup of important documents to any external device, such as CD/DVD, etc flash player. For more information, see: How to back up or transfer your data on a Windows computer

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    Please post back and we do know.

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    Hi amanda010

    Please contact the Adobe Support and they will help you with your refund.

    Please visit: http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/return-cancel-or-change-order.html

    You can chat with an agent via the top of the page or you can call the 1-800-833-6687

  • I want a REFUND for my s10-3. -Dissatisfied customer angry, that feels fuzzy

    This is the terrible story with large company Lenovo.

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    After having bought the netbook, I came here and when I swithched it, I've seen blue screens and BSOD (great guy)... I went to the shop where I bought the netbook on a working day (Yes, I work and I have to take a day off to go to the spot cost so pay my someday). I went there and they reformatted the netbook and told me its good to go. I was happy.

    I come home and after 2 or 3 days, I again see BSOD and netbook won't start probs. I post here and get a solution that works sometimes (the button long press thingy), then I installed Ubuntu on it (it took me 5 * beep * tries to install it cos it would be stuck in betweek always). After that Ubuntu is fine for 1 week and I tried the memtest I got with Ubuntu (the one included in Windows is * beep *!, it out saying its all good), and the memtest provided with Ubuntu failure that gave me the info that the RAM is defective or if.

    I then take another day off (I lose pay another day) to go to the gas station, because the idiots at the place I bought said that if I'm going to then only the service will quickly. I'm going to SAV and I see, 6-7 people with the same issue... THANKS, LENOVO. Then I spoke with a person there, in the service center, it takes my machine and replaced the RAM. I run a memtest and its fine...

    I then travel home (I work out State of origin) and give the netbook to my brother and when he uses it, its fine... and I come back to the State where I work. And my brother calls me in a week, saying he got a few BSOD and its freaking dead. I return to the State and get it and come back and call the place and their was told to go to the service center. They asked 250Rs for them to go to the Service because I could not take leave of his duties that day. They went and after 1 week, I got the netbook back (which was this Jan - feb). I then check the machine and its fine. After a week I checked it again and it gives me the same * beep! * LENOVO, you're awesome.

    And I can't send this piece of * beep * my BRO. I've always admired LENOVO when he got from the service center, but if it was just for a week, then I'd SAY LENOVO has no respect from me.

    AND now, I want a refund. Its just 3 months now and I don't want to lose my money, my work and my time. I want a REFUND. Someone please let me know how to go on this issue. I feel fuzzy and money I spent time in the collection of went a waste.

    X - jo

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    You can go to http://reportaproblem.apple.com and report problems with the App and its purchases, as well as a refund.

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    sallybok, you probably have an older version of the Norton toolbar extension. Have you tried to do the Live update with Norton as suggests?

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    In order to set up your page Yahoo as your Home Page, see this help article on 'How to set a Home Page'.

    Don't know how you lost your bookmarks, but this help article about 'Favorites lost' can help.

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