I want to burn an audio file which, in the wire, exceeds the amount on a cd

I have records on a record ic and want to burn it on cd, but because that the records are more that what will hold a cd.
I don't have a problem with having the recordings on cd 2 but don't know how.
If I can do it on 1 cd, that would be great, but don't know how to do no more.

Help, please


try to split the original audio file into smaller parts, try something like this: http://download.cnet.com/Slice-Audio-File-Splitter/3000-2169_4-11107011.html

but there are a lot of free software out there that does the same job.

Once that his division into smaller parts, it should be OK.

Consider buying a DVD burner, they are only about US $30 and a DVD can hold almost 5 times that of a CD.

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    I would like to have a click box that plays a short audio file when you click it, much the way you can have a view of the legend and a playing audio file with a bearing. It seems that there is no way to get the 'success on click' action to be 'read the audio file '. I can associate an audio file with the box click on the Audio tab, but this makes the audio file play automatically when the click box, not display when clicked.

    If someone was able to get an audio file to play when the user clicks on a click box, as I describe it, without connection to another slide and without the help of a button? I don't want to use a button because the real object that is clicked is a box of nail on something else. The highlight box means that there is more information about the highlighted item.

    In addition, I don't want to create a branch to another slide, because they are really short texts of audio presentation bit, and I have three of them. I prefer to have interactivity on a slide, rather that force the user to navigate around.

    If anyone did what I describe and has ideas, I welcome them. At this point, I think a bearing with legend and play on the mouse on an audio file can be the best thing, except if the user moves the mouse out of the hotspot, the sound stops. Maybe it's not bad anyway, but thought I'd check here everything first before resorting to a reversal.

    Thank you very much!

    Hi Rick!

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Hmm... I think in my situation, workaround to reread the previous slide to reset the box click doesn't work. Before arriving at these interactive click boxes, the slide has other text and audio playback. Start the slide would re-read everything until the blade stops, then display the interactive elements. However, I think that something like that might work for a project where the interactive stuff "starts" immediately on the slide. It's simply not how mine is set up at this stage. I think that the legend of attached with audio reversal will probably be my best option right now.

    Thanks again for your response!

  • Can I disable right click on an audio file to prevent the download of the file?

    Can I disable right click on an audio file to prevent the download of the file?

    I created a player driven Dashboard using the audio player by default - however I noticed now that I can right click and download the audio file - can I disable this?
    Or do I have to create my own buttons play/stop to avoid this problem?



    Yes, you can disable the context menu on an audio clip - but also not, because you can't really tell someone who knows how to use the development tools of the browser to find and download the audio source file.

    However, to disable the right-click menu on your audio, add this code to your compositionReady stage manager:

    SYM.$("your_audio_element").bind ('contextmenu', Function () {return false; ;})})  of course, replace the name of the element with the name of your audio



  • Error message Microsoft Word "Word could not create the work file. Check the amount of disk space on your startup disk. »

    I have a MacBook Pro, retina 13inch OS X el Capitan Version 10.11.1 with 16 GB of memory. It's brand new and I have recently installed Microsoft Word/Powerpoint etc. a disc that I bought a few years to my previous MacBook. It seems to work very well, but whenever I want to open a word document a message comes up saying "Word could not create the work file. Check the amount of disk space on your startup disk '. However, once I click 'OK' this message disappears and my word file opens without a problem. I have 16 GB of memory on this laptop and it's new I have not reached anywhere near the maximum amount of storage so I'm puzzled as to what this message means. How can I avoid that this message popping up everytime I open Microsoft Word? Any help would be appreciated!

    This has nothing to do with memory - it's the SSD. Word tries to create a temporary file to use as a backup if the program crashes while you are working. First, run the Microsoft Update program to see if there are updates you have missed. Second, Microsoft currently supports only versions 2011 and 2016, so if yours is older, you should consider the upgrade. Thirdly, I suspect that the temporary file is not get created so that you have fewer cancellations (maybe any) and that if the program crashes you have to restore.

  • Installation of the Photoshot 13 elements. error message: "this is a problem when extracting the files. Check the amount of space available on your computer and the rights to write to the destination folder. I have 1.38 TB of free space and total control

    I try to install photoshop elements 13, that I bought and downloaded from Amazon. When I try to install it I get the following error message: "this is a problem when extracting the files. Check the amount of space available on your computer and the rights to write to the destination folder. I administrar 1.38 TB of free space and total control.

    Charles please do not remove the installation files in the Program Files directory.  I recommend to extract the installation to your downloads folder or your desktop files.  Once installation files are extracted, you can then run the installation program to install Photoshop elements 13.

  • Corrupted file to modify the amount CC burn Film

    I worked on a project of sequels, when I add a layer of setting the CC burn Film and changed the value to 100, it crashed the software.

    Before people keep pointing out, I remove the old project file, which was a stupid gesture, I know, and there is nothing I can do about it.

    Now, whenever I try to open the ASP file it crashes with the same error.

    I want to know if I have viable options before starting again.


    Open the file with capslock active and remove the layer / effect.


  • How to play audio files, one after the other?

    Hi, I try to create an application that tries to read audio files a few one after the other. I've created a loop for playing audio files. But only the first track is played and the second song is playing only about 5 seconds while the rest do not get played at all and the two files that have played, pieces overlap, which is not supposed to be. Can you guys help me? I need urgent assistance that I need to finish it tonight.

    Here are my codes I created for the application:

    package mypackage;
    import javax.microedition.media.Manager;
    import javax.microedition.media.MediaException;
    import javax.microedition.media.Player;
    import java.lang.Class;
    import javax.microedition.rms.RecordStore;
    import java.io.InputStream;
    import java.io.ByteArrayInputStream;
    import net.rim.device.api.media.protocol.ByteArrayInputStreamDataSource;
    import net.rim.device.api.system.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.container.MainScreen;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.extension.container.*;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.UiApplication;
    import java.io.IOException;
    public class PlayMedia extends UiApplication{
         * Entry point for application
         * @param args Command line arguments (not used)
        public static void main(String[] args){
            PlayMedia theApp = new PlayMedia();
        public PlayMedia()
            pushScreen(new PlayMediaScreen());
         * A class extending the MainScreen class, which provides default standard
         * behavior for BlackBerry GUI applications.
        final class PlayMediaScreen extends MainScreen
             * Creates a new PlayMediaScreen object
            public Player p = null;
                String test3 = "Test(2seconds).mp3";
                String test5 = "Test(2seconds)2.mp3";
                //String test6 = "Test(2seconds)3.mp3";
                String test4 = "Test(2seconds)4.mp3";
                String test1 = "blind_willie.mp3";
                String test2 = "blind_willie.mp3";
                String mp3 = null;
                for(int i=0;i<5;i++){
                    if(i == 0){
                        mp3 = test1;
                    else if(i == 1){
                        mp3 = test2;
                    else if(i == 2){
                        mp3 = test3;
                    else if(i == 3){
                        mp3 = test4;
                    else if(i == 4){
                        mp3 = test5;
                    System.out.println("Song is "+ mp3 + "???????????????????????????????????????");
                    System.out.println("Song is "+ mp3 + "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
            private void play(String mp3){
            InputStream stream = (InputStream)this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/" + mp3);
                try {
                    //p = Manager.createPlayer(source);
                    p = Manager.createPlayer(stream, "audio/mpeg");
                    System.out.println("Creating Players!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
                    System.out.println("The mp3 is " + mp3 + "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!");
                } catch (IOException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                    System.out.println("IO Exeception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 " + e);
                } catch (MediaException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                System.out.println("Media Exeception!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" + e);
                 * Best practice is to invoke realize(), then prefetch(), then start().
                 * Following this sequence reduces delays in starting media playback.
                 * Invoking start() as shown below will cause start() to invoke  prefetch(0),
                 * which invokes realize() before media playback is started.
                try {
                } catch (MediaException e) {
                    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
                    System.out.println("Media Exeception for starting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1" + e);
                try {
                } catch (MediaException e) {
                // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    Please help me! Thanks in advance!

    What you will do, is add the PlayerListener and / if you have in your loop code would go in the treatment of the END_OF_MEDIA event. Once that noise has stopped you will start the next sound and add the listener of player.

    PlayerListener pListen;
    String mp3 = "";
    pListen = new PlayerListener(){
       public void playerUpdate(Player player, String event, Object eventData) {
          if (event.equals(PlayerListener.END_OF_MEDIA)) {
             if( mp3.equals(test1) ) mp3 = test;
             else if( mp3.equals(test2) ) mp3 = test3;
             else if( mp3.equals(test3) ) mp3 = test4;
             InputStream stream = (InputStream)this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/" + mp3);
             p = Manager.createPlayer(stream, "audio/mpeg");
    InputStream stream = (InputStream)this.getClass().getResourceAsStream("/" + mp3);
    p = Manager.createPlayer(stream, "audio/mpeg");

    So, add the try-catch blocks.

  • Is it possible to the mouth of the audio file player and the rest of the face/body of webcam? separately?

    Hello, I'm tooling autour with character animation to cover a part of a video show teachers. (so when they watched script, or are a little stiff, I hope transition on an animated version that I'm driving).

    I have audio of the actor, which I would like the puppet to lip sync with. hoping I can layer my performance of web cam on top, for all other parts (everything EXCEPT the mouth).

    It looks like these end upward on different layers once you have saved a shooting. so. is it possible to hunt them separately?

    (just check that it is possible, before I have to spend too days banging my head against the problem). (that is to say, if it's only or live webcams, recording only, for everything, please let me know).

    Hi Warren. If you want to control the automatic pre-recorded audio lip-sync, import the audio into your scene, select your character in the timeline panel and then run Menu > object > Compute Lip Sync of Audio scene.

  • Reading audio file included in the project

    Right now I am able to play audio files by extracting a path of the file location.

    Ex: file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/music/file.wav

    I suspect that this will help.


    Be sure to add the file to your project.

  • How to analyze the log file which generates the SFC.exe?

    I did a scan as administrator using the Cmd prompt using "sfc/scannow" I followed the instructions in the reference article and typed: findstr/c: "[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log > sfcdetails.txt. But I don't have anything to open the enered just prompt cmd a new line. When I look for the 'findstr/c:"[SR]" %windir%\logs\cbs\cbs.log > sfcdetails.txt: "file I find on my computer, but it used to be open." How can I open this newspaper?

    You have a sfcdetails.txt file?

    You may need to show hidden files. Type the Folder Options in the search box above the Start button and select view advanced settings and check that the box "display files and folders" and 'Hide protected operating system files' are not checked. You may need to scroll down to see the second element. You should also make sure that the box before "Hide extensions of known file types" is not checked.

    If so can you post a copy on your disk from the sky like a shared file?

  • I want to open a DLL file, which I think is a video. How can I do this in Windows Vista?

    Cannot open a DLL file. It's a photo or a video. I have vista. can anyone help?

    original title: what is a DLL file

    DLL - Dynamic Link Library

    It is part of a program or Windows itself.  It is not a file, you can open.

  • Windows media player does not play audio files downloaded from the Canon HF M41 HiDef camcorder

    I downloaded audio and video files from a Canon Vixia HF M41 camcorder to my computer.  When I try to read files with Windows Media Player, the video is fine but the audio is only a hum.  What codec must be installed to play audio, and where it is available for download?  My operating system is Windows 7, version 6.1 (Build 7601: SvcPack 1)


    What type of file are you trying to play?

    Method 1:

    I suggest you follow the link and check.

    Play an audio or video file: frequently asked questions


    Method 2:

    I suggest you follow the link and check.

    Codecs: Frequently asked questions


    See also:

    Tips for solving common audio problems


  • How to insert the audio file (drive) to the web page of Muse?

    I am designing a web page in Adobe Muse CC and how do I insert music to the web page file, so I can be played? GisliG


    Please visit the following link Re: how to add audio in Muse (not in background)?

    Kind regards


  • Attempt to create run time (dynamic) table and insert the data in this... The entrance is a flat file (txt file) which has the numbers and strings... I'm trying to convert them to a string and insert into the table. It is a matter of urgency for me please

    create or replace procedure Dynamic_Table AS

    iVal VARCHAR2 (32);

    iTemp varchar (200): = ";

    sql_stmt VARCHAR2 (200);


    l_file utl_file.file_type;


    l_file1: = UTL_FILE. FOPEN ('TEST', 'dinput.txt', 'R');

    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ' CREATE TABLE baseline (Item_ID varchar2 (32))';



    UTL_FILE. GET_LINE (l_file1, iVal);

    EXECUTE IMMEDIATE ' insert into baseline values (: ival) "using ival;


    WHEN No_Data_Found THEN EXIT;

    While some OTHER THEN dbms_output.put_line (SQLERRM); * /


    end loop;


    You are approaching this the wrong way.  Create an external table based on the file.  External tables are CSV, fixed width data in a queryable table.

    You will need to create an oracle directory to put the file in (MY_ORA_DIR) I leave it for you to do, and then perform the following...

    create table BASELINE)

    ITEM_ID varchar2 (32)









    LOGFILE "dinput.log".

    BADFILE "dinput.bad."







    LOCATION ("dinput.txt")




    All the dubious records appear in dinput.bad. Dinput.log will give you information.

    External tables are read-only, so once you set up your file, you can create editable as a normal table.

    create table ITABLE_EDITABLE as

    Select * from BASELINE


    Work done, a few lines of code.

  • You press on delete all selected items by browsing the data store and accidentally deleted a vmdk file which has the OS on it

    I accidentally deleted the vmdk file that has my OS on it by pressing the "Delete selected items" button in the window of browser data store. Is there anyway to recover? I have a snapshot that doesn't seem to work. There is still the VMDK file in there, but it has now 'delta' be added at the end. Now I get an error message when I try to turn on my VM saying that he doesn't get the vmdk file, of course.



    From the screen shots looks you have deleted only the descriptor hard files that can be recreated. To ensure this is the case, please provide a complete list of the files in the folder of the virtual machine and attach the last file.log of vmware(from the virtual work computer) to a post response to view required details.


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  • SRP527 - Intervlan does not

    Hello I wish that my router SRP527 to manage the VLAN 2. 1 for my whole LAN and WIFI connections to employees, one for external access to Internet by WIFI SSID guest clients. -J' have this router Cisco SRP527W acting as a bridge between my network an

  • 9810 stolen blackBerry smartphones?

    Hello I'm sure that most of you are aware of 2700 phones that were stolen from a warehouse in Mississauga earlier, my question is how would I be able to ID a phone stolen. It is a lot of "9810 BNIB Unlocked" circulating on Kijiji and I want to get on