I want to change the table with the expression of dangerousness of the virtual columns with her, need advice

Hi all

Here is the structure of the table with two expression of virtual columns associated highlighted, now I want to delete these expressions with virtual columns (but must keep my VIRTUAL columns as it is).

Is it possible the alter or I need to raise the table, make a new structure and copy content back to newly structured table... Pleae help!








Thank you very much



Try this

ALTER table test_col change gmt_conv_entered_dt_ts (0) virtual;

ALTER table test_col change gmt_conv_execution_dt_ts (1) virtual;

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    After the application of 11.0.9 to our installation of Acrobat, users are able to place a graphic signature as they could once.  The option to do just disappeared.  Instead they can opt for "working with certificates.

    I tracked down the cause of this change and how to re-enable this feature, but before do so on a large scale, I would like to better understand the implications.


    When deploying Acrobat XI we customized the parameters by using the installation wizard.  One of the parameters bEnableAcrobatHS we have configured to prevent integration to Adobe.com.  We found it desirable to delete the internet/social/cloud features in Acrobat in our environment and configuration bEnableAcrobatHS took care of that for us.

    According to the link above... (the document mentions the reader, but we found that this also applies to Acrobat)

    change of 11.0.09: in the player pane sign is now called to fill out and sign and also contains the form tools. This service bEnableAcrobatHS switch disables all features of filling and component signs except for work with the accordion of certificates. When forms are opened, the filling and the pane sign do not auto open.

    It seems that, to allow our users to be able to place their graphic signatures on a PDF file, we must also allow integration to Adobe.com - although the two appear to be entirely independent.

    That means placing graphic signatures has to do with integration to Adobe.com?  What are the other consequences of setting bEnableAcrobatHS '1 '?  I want to allow users to place signatures on documents, but not if it means I have to open access to Adobe.com for sharing documents Acrobat viaa, com, CreatePDF online etc

    The functionality has not changed between versions 11.x. What is changed is your use of the bEnableAcrobatHS.

    When enabled, the feature allows you to create non-cert GIS types and drop them on the document. The file save, an EchoSign dialog box appears. The user can dismiss the dialog box without using any service EchoSign and the signature will continue to appear in the document.

    If you change bEnableAcrobatHS 1 or delete the latter, all added services access points back to the product UI. What appears depends on which product you are talking about. There is not a list of the available user interface elements, but the services include EchoSign, Acrobat.com, CreatePDF ExportPDF, etc..

    What you call a "signature" is not really a signature. It's just a chart. Consider using stamps - maybe a stamp personalized with a chart of the signature.



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    You are currently in the United States and have a billing address in the United States? You cannot use the US store if you're not there. If you are in the United States communicating try with iTunes support and ask them to withdraw the balance of your account: https://www.apple.com/emea/support/itunes/contact.html

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    Tried with display of cookies too.

    Really a pain I need more active accounts on open top but not enough space with less active accounts, stuck in the middle.

    No STREAM not RSS, local folders on bottom OK.

    Just want to change the order, but can't seem to find the solution.

    Free smile to one that helps me! Thank you

    Use this module.


  • Satellite A210-128: I want to change the 320 GB HARD drive 7200 RPM

    Hallo all

    Can someoane help me with this little problem?
    I have a portable satellite A210-128 with a hard drive of 250 G 4200 RPM (* slowest *)... I want to change the hard drive with a hdd 2.5 "Western Digital 320 G 7200 RPM (* speed *).

    1. If I buy a disk sata2 hard can I put on my laptop because my A210-128 has a disk sata hard?

    2 can I I install vista on this new hard drive on my vista dvd, im asking this because I want to be shor that my recovery dvd * RECOGNIZES THE NEW HARD drive * and I can install a new copy of windows or installing dvd can * only works with disk drives hard toshiba *... ???

    Thank you.

    As to the question;

    (1) I think a SATA2 HARD drive would go because the standard SATA2 is compatible to the bottom. But I assume that the system will operate as a good HDD SATA.

    (2) Yes, you can install vista using the Toshiba Recovery DVD. It shouldn't be a problem with a fresh install

    Good bye

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    I downloaded an attachment in Notepad and you want to change the word.  How can I do this?

    Right click on the saved file.
    Select: Open with on the shortcut menu.
    Click: Choose [default] program.
    Select: Word.
    Check: Always use the selected program to open this type of file.
    Click OK.
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    I have two report in a page as A report and B and I want to change the header color report only a header, but it will change the color of the header of the report I use this code in the css section

    table.uReport > thead > tr > th {}

    color: red! important;


    but it will be the effect on the two report kindly can you help me

    Mr.javvi wrote:

    I have two report in a page as A report and B and I want to change the header color report only a header, but it will change the color of the header of the report I use this code in the css section

    {table.uReport > thead > tr > th}

    color: red! important;


    but it will be the effect on the two report kindly can you help me

    Specify a static region ID for each region and which applies to the to box in your rule of CSS selector to target the report only in this region:

    #report-A table.uReport>thead>tr>th {
      color :red !important;
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    The current block size for a store of data in VMFS3 is 4 MB. Must upgrade thedatastore to VMFS5 and wants to change the block size of 1 MB

    help me on this

    Create a new data store VMFS5 with a block size of 1 MB. Migrate all virtual machines store data to the new data store, and then delete the VMFS3 data store.

  • Hi, well, I want to get the creative cloud cuz I need for my career as urgent, but I will change my phone soon, so my question is... can I install in my pc, and then move them to another without paying again or something?

    Hi, well, I want to get the creative cloud cuz I need for my career as urgent, but I will change my phone soon, so my question is... can I install in my pc, and then move them to another without paying again or something?


    You can install an unlimited number of computers.  You can connect to up to two computers at any time (and you must be connected to use your cc programs).

    It's quick and easy to sign in and out, so there is no downside on the use of the cc on different computers.  legally, only the licensee is authorized to use the subscription of the cc if you can't share your programs with another person, but this is the only restriction.

    you have just installed you are the application of cc desktop on any computer you use, Download Adobe Creative Cloud apps | CC free trial Adobe

    Connect, connect and disconnect activate Cloud Creative applications

    Use the desktop application to install your programs of cc.

  • I want to change the method of payment of credit card at paypal. How do I do that?

    I have a creative cloud account. I use credit card to pay monthly fees of €49.99.

    But I want to change my payment via Paypal.
    There seems to be no option to switch between credit cards and paypal?

    I was on the phone with support for more than an hour. Spoke to three different people. None of them had any idea.

    I said to cancel the CC account. But it seems that when I do that, I'll be charged €60,49 per month.

    It would be silly, wouldn't it?

    Is there another way to change the mode of payment? Needless to say, I wish I could continue to use my InDesign, Photoshop etc. without problem.


    If you want to change the method of payment, you will need to cancel this subscription and buy a new via other payment method.

    For queries related to billing, you can contact support by calling/chat.

    Contact the customer service

    Kind regards


  • Selection problem.  I imported a piece of vector art: a guy in a t-shirt and jeans.  I want to change the color of the t-shirt but when I "select", the whole picture gets selected including the head, arms and jeans.  How to isolate the t-shirt?

    I imported a piece of vector art that shows a man wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans.  I want to change the color of the t-shirt, but, when I 'select', not only the GET selected shirt made from the head, arms and blue jeans guy.  How do I isolate the image so I am just by selecting the t-shirt?


    What happens if you click the fill with the direct Selection tool, and then try?

    Or try to locate T shirt in the layer in the layers palette and select there, then try? You may need to click one or more arrows to look in under/groups/cutting masks / whatever.

  • I want to change the interface of my Adobe Illustrator.


    I want to change the interface of my Adobe Illustrator from English to Russian.  I can't work with English interface. I received by mistake Adobe Illustrator with English interface. I pay one month to another and my work moves very slowly.  How can I change inetrface from English to Russian?

    Help, please!


    Please uninstall and then launch the application in creative cloud. Since it's drop down select 'Préférences' and then in the 'preferences' dialog box select the "Apps" tab change the "App" to "Russian" language and then quit the application in creative cloud.

    Launch application cloud creative again and the bar/tab APPS install AI CC. This time he will settle in Russian language.

    Kind regards


  • I want to change the fonts, but didn't get the message 'no police system available.

    I am trying to edit a PDF pamphlet created by another party.  Using Acrobat Pro Mac OSX.  I select "edit the text of the document" and then try to remove or change the text and get the message. "all or part of the selection has no available system fonts, you can add or remove text using the selected font.

    I don't see any bar of another way to change the font or font format.

    Is there a way to work this?

    More to 'Acrobat answers' Karl Kremer of the AUC has answered a similar question.
    He wrote in part:

    "I assume that you want to change the content of a PDF file, and you can't do it because you do not have the installed font that is used in this file. That's how Acrobat: you must have the font in your document installed on your local computer in order to make changes to the text that uses this font. There is no way around that. You will need to know what font is used for the text that you need to edit and then acquire this font (and that usually means buy this policy, unless you are subscribed to for example CC and this policy are available through TypeKit).

    Another option is to select all the text and replace this text with a different but similar font. Again, you can only use a font available on your computer as target police. But once you've done that, you should be able to edit your document.

    You change the font by selecting tools > content edition > Text Edit & Images, and then you select the text you want to change, and your police target. »

    Be well...

  • I want to change the text in Captivate after import PowerPoint slides


    Background: I import slides from a .pptx file. Once the slide is created inside Captivate, I want to change the text in the slide, but I can't. It became part of the background. So, I'm left with two options: 1) open the .pptx file, change the text, and then re-import the slide 2) manually create everything on the slide inside Captivate. This means a lot of work. I was hoping that Captivate 7 would solve this, but what seemed possible could address - high fidelity - is not available for mac. I'm sure that others have this problem too.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    Yes, I also never create presentations in PPT, but when my clients want an e-Learning course developed, they almost always send me a PPT - UGH. I'll just recreate each slide manually, because I have to have Captivate to all its other powerful tools. Thanks for your response!

  • I want to change the secret question. Can someone help me? TQVM

    I want to change the secret question. Can someone help me? TQVM

    Security issues Apple - ID

    Account security issues almost always require directly contact a representative from Apple to firmly establish your identity as the account holder. You can configure so that Apple you call, either immediately or at a time convenient to you.

    1. go to http://www.apple.com/support/appleid/

    2 choose to contact Support, then click on contact Support

    3. choose other subjects of Apple ID and choose the appropriate topic for your question (questions of security or password)

    4. choose, no thanks, continue

    5. choose the best method for you to contact Apple

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