I want to do a complete reinstall of windows vista. but vista is on the pc when I bought it and I don't have an installation dvd. How can I do this?

I use Sony Acid Pro Digital Audio Workstation, and lately he has been hung up and jump. I want to wipe my hard drive completely and add programs until I have found what is causing the problem. I can not only complete re - install Vista because my pc did not come with an installation disc. How can I do this?



If you also want to resolve the issue see the next message. (Might as well since you will be
need to wait for the disc which you should get).

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You mean reinstall the OS completely? If you have Vista DVD you can do, however, make sure
totally your data out of the backup drive and you need to reinstall your programs. If you do not
have Vista discs, you can buy them in your machine to cheap system. If you don't care about any existing
programs, then you can make a complete new installation - just select the format options that wipes the
entire disk (This erases all data as well).

Some system manufacturers use Partitions of recovery as well as other methods to allow you to return back
for a completely new installation. So check with your system manufacturer to see what options you need
do that - and it can certainly be done - just a question of the system machine processes
in place for you.

What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista?

This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or Vista discs


How to perform a repair for Vista Installation (this allows you to keep your data if the backup off)
the player is safe)

How to do a clean install and the installer with a full Version of Vista - this erase ALL programs and data on

This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or Vista disk

How to do a clean install with a Version upgrade to Vista - this wipes ALL programs and data on

How to do a Custom Installation of Vista - this is a clean install should, however, save your data

Upgrade to another edition of Windows Vista - this should keep the programs and data

Installation and reinstallation of Windows (upgrade - store programs and data or New Installation which)
delete them)

On-site upgrade

I hope this helps.
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