I want to prevent access to the menu bar (file, editing, display, tools, someone) and prevent access to the restoration of firefox completely.

Basically, I set up firefox for my guest account. I've already locked download (requires password) prohibited access to modules and tools. Really, there are only a few more things I want to set up.

For example when you right-click at the top of firefox it will show 'Menu Bar' and 'bookmark' tab I want to prevent users from right-clicking and showing that the bar and ultimately using the help > troubleshooting Info > update Firefox, because they could reset Firefox and get full access to download it again.

I would also like to prevent access to the right by clicking on entirely, showing the context menu.

COR - el said

You must create the chrome folder and the file userChrome.css in there.

  • Create the folder chrome (lowercase) in the .default < xxxxxxxx > profile folder if the folder does not exist
  • Use a text editor like Notepad to create a userChrome.css (new) file in the folder chrome (file name is case sensitive)
  • Paste the code in the userChrome.css file in the Editor window
  • Make sure that the userChrome.css file starts with the default @namespace line
  • Make sure that you select "All files" and not "text files" when you save the file via "save file as" in the text editor as userChrome.css.
    Otherwise, Windows can add a hidden .txt file extension and you end up with one does not not userChrome.css.txt file

How will I know which is my namespace? Where can I find this information?

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    I had a similar problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro X, where the menu bar would not appear.  I was able to get menu bar to appear if I resized the document by placing the pointer on the right, left, top or bottom of the document (you see a double arrow), and then by clicking and dragging.

    The problem was definitely solved for all documents by opening Adobe Acrobat without having to open a document.  Then click on Edit in the menu bar.  Then click on Preferences.  In the preferences of the box click on full screen at the top left.  Then find the section Navigation screen complete.  Check the box show the Navigation bar.  Finally click on OK at the bottom right.

    I hope this helps someone and saves a lot of frustration.

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    Found the Solution. . It's know bug with Kaspersky Anti Virus 2015... the solution is to upgrade to version KIS Kaspersky Lab Forum > Bug: KIS version patch B Acrobat Reader XI

  • How I rename an item in the main menu bar ('file', 'Edit'...)? With userChrome.css, I changed the 'content', but the 'label' wrote then.

    I'm changing the name of the main "bookmarks" menu item
    Regarding submenu items, I managed to change their 'content' via userChrome.css.
    But setting a name different in a "content" of the bookmarksMenu in this way only leads to show the new name of the menu with its next "bookmarks" label.
    How can I change the tag or remove its display?

    You cannot change the name of a menu via the code item in userChrome.css because you can use this file to make CSS changes and do not change the attributes.

    If you use a content property {content: "new label"} then you add only the text before or after existing text if you want that button would you like to work.

    You create a simple extension to make such a change or possibly use the extension userchromeJS.

  • FireFox 4 has a traditional menu bar (file, editing, etc.)?

    I was looking at the screenshot on the opening page of FF4 and it seems desperately similar to Chrome and Opera. FF4 there traditional controls that are available as an option? Call me old fashioned, but I hate these new browser designs. I want a normal menu bar and the toolbar.

    Of course, just right click on a small space empty of the navigation bar and select menu bar. The Firefox Button and then disappears.

  • How can I get the back toolbar that says "file, editing, history, tools, etc.?

    How can I get the back toolbar that says "file, editing, history, tools, etc.?

    Don't see the menu bar (file, publishing, display, history...) (Help)? Hold down the key (key in OSX) and press the following letters in this exact order: V T M
    The bar of menus must now appear permanently, unless you turn it off again (view > toolbars). Turn on/off the menu bar is a new feature in version 3.6.
    See the other bars under view > toolbars. Click on one of them will place a check mark (display) or remove the check mark (not shown).
    To display the status bar, display, and then click status bar to place a control mark (display) or remove the check mark (not shown).

    • If items are missing then see if you can find them in the view > toolbars > customize window.
    • If you see the item in the window customize then bring her back in the window, customize the Navigation toolbar.
    • If you do not see this item then click Restore default set in the view > toolbars > customize window.
  • Page Forward and Reverse buttons do not work and are "grayed out" after upgrading to, as it is the elements of main Menu like file-Edit-view etc...

    After the upgrade to Firefox 3.6.12 features appear to be intact. Then, after a few days he lost the ability "page forward" or "back" and are "grayed out". In addition, the elements of main menu like File, Edit, View, history, Favorites, tools, and assistance are also grayed out and non-functional.

    In addition, the "search engine" does not search, search the Web should be made since then in the URL window instead, for some reason any crazy. If the URL window is empty when I enter a search in the search window, the following text appears in the URL window, "bookmarks and search history", which makes no sense.

    In the past, I've noticed similar complaints in this Forum, but I have not seen any resolution posted these questions. Is there a solution?

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See basic troubleshooting: a new profile

    There may be extensions and plugins installed by default in a new profile, so check that in "tools > Modules > Extensions & Plugins»

    If this new profile works then you can transfer files from the old profile to the new profile (be careful not to copy corrupted files)

    See http://kb.mozillazine.org/Transferring_data_to_a_new_profile_-_Firefox

  • The menu bar &gt; file &gt; open the element recent why only a few catalogs show their way?

    I use Lightroom 5.3. When I go to the menu bar > file > open recent item only a few catalogs show their way. How can I make sure that all catlogs will show their passage here? I've attached a screen so you can see what I mean.Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 1.33.37 PM.png

    I would have thought that Lightroom shows that the full path to a catalog when there is more than one catalog name (so that you can differentiate)... where the recent catalogs have unique names, it is not necessary to the full to display path.

  • In this improved version, the tabs went to the task bar very high, so erase my: I have no "file", "edit", "view","tools. "How to make a comeback?

    The area to open new tabs is now all up, thus doing away with the taskbar. "I have no"file","edit","view"," tools, "etc. How to make a comeback? Where did they go?

    With the orange Firefox button displays the menu bar is hidden, you can get the menu bar back quite easily. Right-click on a toolbar, and then click on the entrance to the "Menu bar" to view it.

  • Why menu options (FILE, EDITING, TOOLS, etc.) are missing!

    I'm developing an interactive form of VISITOR Adobe, I have Designer 8.1 and Reader 9.0 in my Windows 7 laptop. When I checked the menu EDIT-> properties-> compatibility, its Adobe XML File (XDP) form when I opened this interactive form to VISITORS in a browser, click right and checked the form

    PROPERTIES, then I saw the "PDF Version: 1.6 (Acrobat 7.x).

    When I opened this interactive form to VISITORS in the browser, I did not see menu items (such as EDIT). I've seen small icons of Pring, record, Page, Zoom, Find.

    And a Purple Ribbon with text of "Please fill out the following form.» You can save the data entered in the form.

    But I didn't know any other optios MENU like FILE, EDIT, VIEW, DOCUMENT, TOOLS, WINDOW, HELP! Pls. Let me know

    But, I downloaded some pdf 'ABC' of the internet and opened it, here I can see all these MENU options, such as FILE, EDIT!

    (1) in this case, how can I DEBUG/verification of Java script console/message to the EDIT menu option window settings?

    (2) why the MENU got endangered options!

    Than you

    Be very clear about what are and do and aid.

    Browser tends to refer to a web browser. And Reader and Acrobat web browser plugins.

    Adobe has the free software Adobe Reader and the reader is the key word! It's a reader only application.

    Adobe markets Adobe Acrobat program to keep PDF files and to provide PDF creation tools. The Adobe Acrobat product includes 2 programs, Adobe Acrobat and LiveCycle Designer, which allows you to create PDF Forms. These 2 applications to create PDF forms, but they use different scripting languages, syntax, and user interfaces. Also the edit form is not redeemable between 2 products. Other forms created with LiveCycle Designer will work with Acrobat/Reader but only if the Acrobat/Reader version is greater than or equal to 5.01. It is well known that many users use older versions and no support for the Acrobat/Reader software.

    You can enable the JavaScript console in Reader to display messages error and subject to changes in the player application, you can run the Acrobat JavaScript code interactively via the JS console, but there are the properties, methods, and functions that cannot be executed with the Acrobat product .

    LiveCycle Designer is also another Adobe inDesign product that can be used to create forms and create forms and export to PDF. A lot of unclear posters refer to this product as a "Designer" and others refer to LiveCycle Desinger as 'Designer'. There is an even greater confusion on Java and JavaScript in these forums.

    Your screenshots are not come across.

    There are many products that can export to a PDF file, but that does not make it a tool of choice for creating files PDF and PDF forms or they provide all the tools to fix, change or create PDF and PDF files forms.

    If you are using LiveCycle Designer, you should post in the LiveCycle Designer forums. This forum is for Acrobat JavaScirpt within a form developed with Adobe Acrobat.

    To debug LiveCycle Desinger forms completely you should use Acrobat for debugging.

    Have you read about the replies to this post?

    One of the speakers providing instructions on debugging in LiveCycle name indicates:

    'Open Acrobat Professional '.

    Acrobat Professional is not Adobe Reader.

  • I'm hiding and cann't see file, edit, view, tool and insert the tabs at the top of the toolbar

    I'm hiding and cann't see file, edit, view, tool and insert the tabs at the top of the toolbar

    Wrong forum, but what happens if you press Alt?

  • Many users want the traditional menu at the top of the screen - file edit view tools. If we cannot have that we could thus have Chrome as our browser?

    Why can't new versions of Firefox come at least with the option for the traditional File-View-History-Bookmarks-Tools-Help! Many users like this feature and if we don't have it we might as well revert to Chrome as a browser. Previous to return to the menu patches do not work on the end versions so give us a permanent solution please

    See also:

  • My menu Favorites went from the bar menu - file, editing, display etc. are all still there but the bookmarks went - help me please!

    I've replaced with the folder with the star in it, but this just open the bookmarks in the sidebar. I want it as a drop-down list as a file, edit etc.

    This is likely to have been caused by an add-on. You have Delicious Bookmarks? This includes an option to hide the menu bookmarks, see the full turn of the addition of Firefox, on Delicious

    If you don't use a Delicious Bookmarks, try the procedures in Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to troubleshoot common Firefox add-on

  • I use a 43 in. TV as monitor and have trouble reading the text in the drop-down menu (file, editing, display etc.) boxes. Is it possible to increase the size?

    I downloaded the theme and font size changer, but I cannot increase the size of the text in the drop-down menus. I sit 10 ft away from the TV with a wireless keyboard. Even when I Zoom on the page of the menu drop-down does not increase in size. With the help of a mini Mac OSX 10.3

    I think that the solution is a TV 60 ", but I hope we can find a more affordable solution!

    I think that the menu bar on Mac OS X.

    [Apple] Window helps the Firefox Edit View History bookmarks file tool

    -wouldn't be likely changes via an add-on or a parameter of Firefox.

    However, as a Windows user, I am at a disadvantage by experimenting.

    I've seen a number of discussions on the forums of Apple, without a clear solution:

  • My current tabs are on the host Firefox tab, I want that they aline beside the home of Firefox tab, how?


    Settings on the tab of my Firefox browser have been defined previously in the default settings (I guess) as it has been defined as tab colorful Firefox with its drop-down button home were set to the top left corner of the window and then the other tabs were located right next to him on the same aline. Now tab settings ate changed with in the top left is the home of Firefox tab, the other tabs are just down for her.

    I wish I had my previous settings it was all in the same aline. You could help me please on this issue?

    Thank you

    Kind regards


    This is only possible if you run Firefox with a maximized screen.

    You can watch this extension:

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