I want to scroll a page of research

How to set the page scroll mode?
I want to be able to use the up/down button to be able to roll the page up and down when I asked google to search for a topic. Today, I get small arrows on the left hand side facing the different possible answers, I prefer that rolls the screen upwards or downwards.


Open Firefox-> Menu Tools-> Options-> advanced-> browsing section
-> Remove check mark 'use autoscrolling '.
-> Put check mark on "Use Smooth Scrolling"-> click OK

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  • When I do a search using the Firefox browser or Google engine, I want only a page of research. I scroll, FF will now automatically load the 2nd page?

    When I do a search using the Firefox browser or Google engine, I want only a page of research. That I have scroll, Firefox is now automatically load page second, third, etc., as a scrolling down. How can I stop this?

    Could you give the address of the search results page where you get "loading without end? It is not normal that the standard Google search engine plugin that comes with Firefox, but you might have a different plugin.

    Some add-ons have this feature, including those with similar names to the 'autopager"and probably many others. You could review your active extensions on page modules. Either:

    • CTRL + SHIFT + a (Mac: command + shift + a)
    • "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Add-ons

    In the left column, click Extensions. Then, take a critical look on the list on the right side. I suggest turning off one you forgot to install. Those who have Options buttons may be worth exploring to see if it is a feature, you can disable.

  • How can I keep all my information from single page when I'm working on a document.  When I want to add a page above on want information on the next page to stay on the pages of how I got them. So, I want to scroll the entire page.

    I just need a few help understand how to use the Pages program, where I keep everything I type on one page, and if he's going to stay on this page. I want the whole page too scroll down including images and all cells, if I might have to add a page over the top of this page?

    Pages as its name indicates, contains pages.

    You can do this very long page in Menu > file > Page Setup

    or use TextEdit or another text application that has scrolling of pages.


  • Site of scroll a Page with anchors and a bar of navigation with submenus


    I create a site with scroll one page anchors.

    Now, I want to have a navigation bar with submenus, i.g. navigation leads to 'projects', but within projects I need 6 submenus for each project.

    How can I achieve this Muse?

    Thank you


    Create a menu manual and a link to the anchors.

    Library/Menus/Horizontal Widget

    In the Options offset the screen: Menu Type: manual

    Mark each box of the menu you create and bind to specific anchor.

    Consult this section of a site that I created that mimics what you want to do:


  • DPS Article import batch breaks smooth scrolling of Pages

    When importing "batch" will support the ability to import the ENTIRE Folio containing the ' alignment on ' and 'slow scrolling effect' pages?

    Currently we must add the batteries individually if they want to have smooth scrolling batteries built into their folio.

    This is not true. You can use the file sidecar.xml to the flag as Smooth Scrolling items:

    http://help.Adobe.com/en_US/digitalpubsuite/using/WS67cb9e293e2f1f60606c7754128c7a9c00e-7F ff.html

  • How to prevent the prompt "are you sure you want to exit this page?" on Facebook?

    I use Firefox 35.0.1. If I do a post on my Facebook timeline that contains a link, when I type 'Post' and the page will refresh to add my post on my calendar, it asks if I don't know that I want to leave the page. I see messages on some sites before, for example, if I'm on a forum and I write a post and go to leave the page before submitting, it asks me that, but I never saw him on Facebook a few days previously.

    Is it possible to disable this message? Or better yet, can it be turned off just on Facebook? Thank you.

    Hi DJSigma, to my knowledge you can only disable this behavior in the world: enter Subject: config in the bar firefox address (confirm the message information where it appears) & search for the preference named dom.disable_beforeunload. Double-click it and change its value to true.

  • the tabs are confusing, I have to go to the tab next to the one I want to see the page

    OK, it's a complicated problem, but when I open the tabs apart from my two tabs of home page, the page displayed on the tab it should show on, and I have to open another tab and look that left than I want to see the page I want. Help, please! It is only since the last update.

    This problem may be caused by an extension that is not working properly.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/tools > Modules > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/tools > Modules > appearance).

    • Do NOT click on the reset button on the start safe mode window or make changes.
  • Why Firefox does not scroll the page when choosing & the cursor reaches the bottom of the screen

    The selection of text on a page of the screen when the cursor reaches the lower edge of the screen in Firefox (version 9.0.1) does not scroll. Other programs (including IE) do, so it doesn't seem to be a local computer problem.
    I don't see a setting in the page options that enables / disables this then what is the solution?

    Activate the module bar (Firefox > Options or view > toolbars;) CTRL + /) or find bar to make Firefox scroll the page while selecting the text (Ctrl + F).

  • Why Firefox suddenly always ask me if I want to translate my pages?

    For the last week or so Firefox has suddenly started asking me if I want to translate my English pages. Even if I NEVER translate English pages that he continues to ask. What is happening on my work, PC and PC at home. All the pages I've read are in English, and this has only recently begun to happen (about early July 2010). Not all pages of a few.

    URL of affected sites


    I don't have the GTB installed, but after that I upgraded firefox 3.6.6 this toolbar annoying pop up asking me if I want to translate the page. I tried clicking on disable for the English, but it still appears. You are looking for a solution on site GTB does not work since I have never had this piece of installed software. Disable plugins will no longer work for the same reason.

  • My laptop does not shows correct date and time... and when scrolling a page it scrolls very slow


    I'm having a problem with my laptop. It does not shows date and the correct time. I put it to update manually, and every time I restart or turn off my laptop and reopen it shows as in the year 2007. Please help me... And when I scroll a page, it will slow real lines showing a... As half page goes up. My touchpad is not working properly it's button are good work. I've updated with synaptic driver, but it displays error as there are two or more materials


    -What is the limited issue with scrolling of Web pages or all Microsoft-related applications (Excel, Word, One notes, etc...)?
    -What version of Internet Explorer is installed on your computer?
    -You are aware of any changes made on the computer before this problem?
    Step 1: For the synchronization of the clock of your computer problem, I suggest to return the article mentioned below and check if the problem persists.

    Loss of the time in a computer settings might also be due to some problems in the system (Input Output) BIOS of a computer database. You can also check with your computer manufacturer to see if there is no updated BIOS for your computer model.
    Warning of the BIOS:

    BIOS change / semiconductor (CMOS) to complementary metal oxide settings can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the configuration of the BIOS/CMOS settings can be solved. Changes to settings are at your own risk.

    Step 2: For the problem with scrolling of Web pages, I suggest to see the link below and check if the problem persists.
    The problems with the mouse button or scroll the parameters
    Step 3: Run the Microsoft FIXIT from the link below and check if the problem persists.

    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks
    Hope this information helps.
  • HP 4630: I am wanting to scan several pages in PDF format that I I use a HP4630

    I am wanting to scan several pages in PDF format I can do, but I want to print a copy at the same time? Is this possible.  I use a HP4630?


    No, they are two different functions.

    Kind regards.

  • When I scroll a page all of a sudden the page jumps all the way back to the top

    When I scroll a page all of a sudden the page jumps all the way back to the top

    Hey LouiseReed,

    This could be a problem with your keyboard. For example if your House key was stuck or if you accidentally touch while scrolling the page would jump to the top of the screen. If possible, try to connect to another keyboard and test to see if the same thing happens.

    Another possibility is that your mouse has a top button which is on the Home button. While scrolling if you accidentally hit this button, the page jump to the top.

    If the above information doesn't help you find causing jumps, please provide more specific information such as: what do you use to scroll when this happens, the problem is easily reproducible whether the problem occurs randomly, etc.

    Hope that helps.

  • Printer Dell 1100 printed in white when I am on the internet and I want to print any page. The printer works in the office.

    Printer Dell 1100 printed in white when I am on the internet and I want to print any page. The printer works in the office.

    I need help please

    If it is printed in white on white paper how you see it?

    Check your printers settings in his program in place.

  • Receive the error message "you really want to leave this page.

    Original title: problems after 17 updates.

    After only 17 update last night I have a pop up appear in my e - bay account by saying: "do you really want to leave this page" whenever I try to go to another screen. Others have the same problem. What is the solution?

    It is a known issue with KB2846071,
    See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2846071/en-us

  • I want to create a page like this:


    I want to create a page like this: Cinema of FULL - Splau

    What I want is that when the mouse is over the image, it displays a short text and if I click on an image, a menu from the photo like this:

    Sin título.png

    Thank you very much


    Please check this thread - Drop down menu in Muse , where the same type of request was examined.

    Please go through the full net.

    Thank you


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