I want to thank my wifi in another part of the House with an Airport Extreme. But I want to not be connected to the modem main via ethernet cable is it possible?

I want to thank my wifi in another part of the House with an Airport Extreme. But I want to not be connected to the modem main via ethernet cable is it possible?

I put in place already to extend the wifi of my modem still connected to the modem via ethernet cable.

Now I want to be considered on the floor and use it to extend the wifi without ethernet cable


The AirPort Extreme can extend only wireless signal from another router from Apple, so if you want to take the AirPort Extreme on the floor and extend wireless signal, you will need another airport connected to your modem by Ethernet cable router to produce the wireless signal that will extend the extreme on the floor.

Another way of saying the same thing would be to say that if you want to extend wireless using a router from Apple, you'll need two of them do... because AirPort Extreme is not compatible with a third-party modem or modem/router for this purpose.

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    The original installation was an extreme Apple with a TrendNet AP. The Trendnet used a different SSID, the new bridge to the AESB uses the same SSID as the router/AESB. I used the Airport utility, and I think that it only gave me an option to extend the reach of the original AEBS. The new bridge to the AESB is connected to Ethernet.

    I'm confused that if the new AESB uses the same SSID as the AESB/router, it means that it does not use the ethernet connection. How can I know if the second AESB is using the Ethernet connection or extend the reach of the Wifi? Or actually I mess up and need to re-setup the AESB?

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    Thanks in advance!

    Let's back off on the terminology for a bit, since terms such as 'spread', 'bridge' and 'access point' can mean different things to different people.

    You have an AirPort Extreme at the moment which produces a signal of wireless network, correct?

    You want to add another AirPort Extreme to your AirPort Extreme network, correct?

    You want the new AirPort Extreme to connect to the existing AirPort Extreme using wired, Ethernet wired, permanent, correct?

    You want the new AirPort Extreme using the same wireless network name and password as your existing AirPort Extreme, correct?

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    I understand that I will sacrifice speed, but there is no way to connect them at the present time. worst case, I should better results if I break through the floor and the extreme of wire in the Middle express?

    Thank you


    Sorry, but Apple will allow you only to wireless "extend" the network once, not two.

    In other words, just about any device that "extends" the network must connect directly to the 'main' router... not to another router that is already expanding the network.

    Another way of saying the same thing... both your need for extensions at about the same distance from the 'main' router and two extensions should be closer to the main router they are to each other.

    You want to continue trying to implement the 2nd AirPort Express Terminal?

    "I should better results if I break through the floor and the extreme of wire in the Middle express?

    Yes, that would allow you to do what you want, assuming that the 'remote' Express can pick up a good signal of the Middle Express wireless.

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    A fixed orange should be a serious error condition. Looks like it was just connected wrongly and the LED is upside down.

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    If it is in the care of warranty or apple take it back to apple for replacement. There is nothing you can do about it.

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    Published by: Dominic August 16, 2012 11:52

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    Kind regards


    Sorry! Should be more clear now.



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    Hello Daton,

    Thank you for your message.  Please ensure that the following setting is correct:
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    Hope that answers.



    As Christopher said use FN + F9 key combination to disable the touchpad. If the problem persists you should contact the Service partner. I'm sure they have more experience with it.

    I use two models of laptops different and same happen to me. Not often, but sometimes.

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    There is no support for bookmarks in any publication pages v5, and consequently, intra-references (hyperlinks) are not possible.

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  • The Airport Extreme WiFi intermittent 2nd generation

    I'm having a weird problem with loss of WiFi on my Apple Airport Extreme.

    My 2nd generation that apple Airport Extreme Base Station began to close its WiFi broad signal several times.  It happens usually after 60 minutes or less works very well.  Power on and the new runs for awhile until it stops again the WiFi.  Green light normally forward either static rest without flickering to indicate data transfer, or it will just dark.  Sometimes it will turn off WiFi and then restart WiFi a few minutes later and appear to be good.  But mostly it just stops and I can, he extinguished/turned on to operate correctly with the WiFi again.

    Airport Extreme is connected by ethernet cable to my modem/router main fiber (which is a different floor home) and it is set to "Bridge" Mode  It worked without any problems and I did no changes to my system.  My ISP did update my modem broadband fiber a few weeks ago to a "Virgin Media Hub 3.0"I understand was made by Compal.»  It seems to work perfectly and I have no problems with speed download or reliability in wireframe.  I was away from home for about a week and was able to access my wireless IP camera remotely via my Airport Extreme with no problems.  The problem started almost immediately on my return, but, as I said, I did no changes to my network.  I have never had this kind of problem before with my Airport Extreme.

    I am running OS X Yosemite on an iMac that is connected by a cable ethernet to the Airport Extreme and seems to work very well even when WiFi is de-energized on the Airport Extreme.  Airport utility reports the airport as current firmware version 7.6.7.

    I used network utility, Fing, and it showed that my Airport Extreme has multiple IP addresses, which seem to conflict with the IP address for my three AppleTV.  I manually changed the IP addresses of the Apple TV to another IP address not conflicting, but Fing always shows that my Airport Extreme has three IP addresses and I still have the problem of WiFi.

    Any other suggestions on a probable cause of this problem or the best way to solve the problem would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    The question is the 2nd generation AE is now too old.

    I would say the power supply (external or internal) is dying.

    It service life is approximately 5 years... your must be 8 years old. so the solution is simple... buy a new one... or I'll tell... Newish...

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