I would like to know if you can buy several individual licenses rather than licenses for the team.

We are a design studio of shop in India with a requirement of complete 3-4 CC licenses. Uphill now, we used a system of licenses with 2 seats based team. However the hassle of dealing with dealers and the negotiations of the monetary terms are too heavy. Just one example of this is the fact that our former reseller refused to answer the phone calls of renewal one newly appointed (by Adobe, in my application) seems to be an overload.

We are a small outfit that wants to hassle free online transactions. Can we please buy 4 individual licenses and abandon the team template based (we have already purchased an individual license because of the time lag of response from former adobe partner).




You can buy absolutely 4 individual licenses, they must be under different Adobe ID.

See pricing and membership creative cloud plans | Adobe Creative Cloud

Hope that helps!

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