I2c communication and map PXI-6551


I'd like to communicate with an EEPROM series, so with an I2c Protocol. I have Labview 8.6 and a PXI-6551 card.

Plug-in library I2c pour create communication frames, however I can't seem to send on the 6551, and I must admit that I struggle to understand how the management of the ACK can be done.

If you could give me a helping hand, it would be very kind.

Thanks in advance,


Just to clarify, you will use the HSDIO driver with the 655 x, not the driver DAQmx. Here is a link to the I2C digital waveform reference library, which allows you to build your I2C signals. Then once you have your waveform, here is a link to the document Protocol Serial Communication reference design for digital waveform devices , which explains how to use this waveform with your hardware, and it has a section specifically on the use of devices HSDIO to generate the waveform. These two documents compliment. I hope this helps.

Kind regards


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    What is the dependence on temperature of the chisel for the HSDIO PXI-6551-calibrated temperature ambient channel?  Assume that dynamic technology as (after calibration or 'left') the tilt channel 60 HP for the channel 3 to 23.2 ° c.  How this value does not change with temperature?

    There is probably also a known time drift.  How much this will vary over a period of two years?

    Please notify.  I'm looking into the possiblity to use offset channels calibrated values to get more precision.

    Thank you!


    It seems that Ryan M addressed this in another of your posts:

    using calibration data for PXI-6551 as compensation for greater accuracy

  • Long data collection in the buffer using the PXI-6551

    Hi all

    I would try the following (or similar).

    1 configure the PXI-6551 script that works continuously (or a large finite number of times).

    2. for each execution, the script executes a finite number of SPI or I2C data reads.

    3. the data is stored in a buffer memory embedded and quickly seized by software, there are no data overruns or collisions.

    4. the software is able to close the task when a table properly (huge) size is filled.

    Is this possible?  Only the service acquisition multi-record for PXI-6551.

    Please advise as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Thank you.


    Hi all

    It seems that I don't have a reliable advance trigger to ensure acquiring multi-record reliable job functions.  In my work of repetition of generation, an active event data (rising edge) is exported that once which initiates the acquisition.

    So I redesign the task acquisition as a record acquisition only (but huge) task successfully.

    My main goal was to reduce the time that takes to download large waveforms on the 6551, that has been accomplished by generating several times the same waveform.

    Thanks to Jon of National Instruments, which has stuck around to help.


  • 8451 I2C simultaneous and IO USB


    I use the USB8451 OR communicate with a BQ77910A of TI by I2C. I2C communication works read at the moment but to write the EEPROM registers that I provide 3.3 v using the IO signals.

    I tested the IO and generated a signal successfully. My question is: is it possible to simultaneously run I2C and e/s on the USB8451. They need to be on the same VI in order to exploit?

    Thank you


    Hey Vid,

    seems reasonable to use two digital lines (what do you mean by "IO"?) and the I2C at the same time. Did you habe problems using both resources at the same time?

    In general it makes no difference if you use two resources in a VI or two screws separate

    Best regards


  • PXI-6551 SDC auxiliary input Strobe CB-2162


    I use the CB-2162 prototying terminal accessory to provide the termination signal to a PXI-6551 module for signal acquisition, using a sampling rate of 2 Mhz (I can drop to 1 MHz if necessary). The sample clock is routed to the SDC/STROBE of entry on the CB-2162.

    Data generation device is standard 10K ECL, so I configured the endings and the voltage detection threshold according to the note on this topic OR application. DATA signals are excellent, with high levels of-0.8 V and low levels of-1.8 V. However, clock signal levels - high V 0.62 and - 1.14 V typical, when it is connected to the CB-2182. When disconnected, the clock signal levels harmonize levels of data. The result is that it is difficult to set a threshold of voltage detection (half the distance between high and low) that will work perfectly for the data and clock. I have been using-0,95 +/-0.5 V for the tests, but the results are not reliable.

    The documentation for the CB-2162 indicates the STROBE endpoint is different from the data lines, but does not say exactly how. There is a stop of the specified series, which is equipped with a resistance of 0 Ohm at the factory. By experimenting with the value of this resistance, I can bring the levels of the clock closer to the levels of data. For example, using a 330 Ohm resistance bring very close levels of the levels of data.

    But, if I use something other than zero ohms resistance (I went as low as 37 Ohms) the HSDIO driver complains that the clock is out of specification. Specifications for the PXI6551, STROBE and data rows have the same specification (-2 to + 5 v). The signal quality seems excellent, and the timing is perfect with respect to DATA signals and the CLK.

    I don't understand:

    (1) how the ending of the signal is different for the lines of STROBE and DATA on the CB-2162

    (2) why the pilot HSDIO rejects the clock signal when it seems to be a very good signal.

    Anyone can shed some light on this?

    Thank you


    With National Instruments application engineers, this problem has been resolved.

    The solution for this has been...

    When he if interface ECL signals, it is preferable to use the Panel before the CLK in terminal SMB to connect the clock of the ECL. The STROBE input cannot handle all of the tension of the ECL.

    Another important piece of information that was not clear (to me at least) documentation, which is the clock detection and quality control is carried out independently of data line detection. Thus, you can adjust the voltage thresholds for HI and LO detection based on the tensions of the data lines only. It is not necessary to take into account the tension of the clock for detection of data signal.


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    Obtained software installed on the PXI system, and Manager of datasocket datasocket configure to allow any access to

    Tried to run both writing and reading on my desktop, works well using localhost, but dislikes when I enter an IP address instead of localhost.

    Why it doesn't work when you enter an IP address?

    Found the problem.

    Damn McAffee firewall blocks all traffic!

  • Help with PXI OR 4070 DMM and OR PXI MUX 2501

    Dear alls,

    Sorry to post a simple question, but I couldn't understand it.

    My PXI1033 chassis has NI 4070 Flexdmm and NI PXI MUX 2501, block of connection OR-TB2605, 1 thread by MAX-mode configuration.

    I'm trying to measure 3 voltages (from 2V to 5V) by connecting them to ch0, ch1, ch2 MUX2501 (Terminal screw for example 67,66,65 and common screw terminal 27).

    Any device passes self-test to the MAX.

    I then use NOR-DMM/Switch Express, swap the added devices and also scan list.

    Trigger is PXI; Handshake (PXI trigger 0 and 1 PXI trigger)

    However, I could not measure all the signals.

    I also try with other examples in LabVIEW help, but have still no results.

    Am I missing something?

    And, although the trigger section is very clearly explained, I have no idea how the DMM to run his measure through switching and multiplexing. How DMM connected MUX?

    I noticed that the DMM and the switch share the same trigger bus (two of them bus trigger 1), but their local buses are different (DMM: local bus left/right = 2, 4, and buses premises MUX left/right = 3.5)

    Your advice is much appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Lonestar thanks!

  • Geographical address on the device voltage map PXI express

    Members of the forum good day!

    I am designing a PXI express card that must be inserted into a NI PXI express chassis. I read the documentation and specifications PXI, PXI express, of the cPCIexpress, but it seems that I'm not able to find any specification of voltage level for the BC (pins geographical address) that are present in the J4 connector. I need to know at least the input voltage prior to high level connect them to the FPGA that is on board. I'd like to connect a 12 Volt signal directly to a Bank of the FPGA 1.8V. Yes, I know, I can always use a (made with resistors) voltage divider in front of entrances FPGA, but better know the spcifications before conception to design something wrongly, in my view.

    Can someone give a tip?

    Thank you very much


    A more precise answer to your question: the GA pins are floating or tied to GND.  You are expected to pull up on your Board to what voltage is suitable for your device.


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    Thank you


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  • 1042 q with PXI 8360-controller and maps of Pickering


    I have a 1042 q with a PXI-8360 controller chassis and some maps of Pickering.

    Connected to the XP - PC with a PCI-e-card-

    Installed is only neither Max nor-PXI, Ni-Visa...

    Now the question is how to set up the chassis in the 4.7 or max?

    In Max, I see a line with PXI system (unidentified) under "Geräte und interfaces". I tried to load some of the deliverered ini with pxi OR cd files, but I can't control anything.

    Can someone me a gibe hint what to do?

    I have doenloaded a pickering Web site pipx40vpp.zp file which should cover all my map of pickering a has also a few frontpanles.

    But at the start of the frontpanels it says "no card detected". I think I must first of all put in correct place in the max.

    Thanks for any help

    Thank you very much for the help.

    Problem is now solved:

    The main problem was that the PCIx1 slot is not working. I put the card in an another PCIx slot and then he worked at the same time.

    I found this trick here:


    Try different PCI or PCI Express locations in the host PC for you MXI interface.
    The algorithm that use certain BIOS has best behavior in certain time slots than others.

    Maybe someone will need it in the future.

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