IAC Advanced Network Services configuration

I have not been able to find documentation on how to use the features of advanced EPC network services.

I am interested in the use of services VSG & Netscaler 1000V.

Is there a guide for deployment of these services?

Thank you


Better documentation I could find so far on this is the PDF file below, it provides the guide of full deployment of the infrastructure until the IAC software layer layer.


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  • Advanced local network service


    I just recently received my Dell laptop about a week ago and I followed all the installation instructions and now whenever I start my laptop, I get a pop window that says:
    "Advanced Networking Service has stopped working and was closed: a problem caused the application to stop functioning properly." Windows will notify you if a solution is available. »
    Also, with this pop-up, the reader of CD/DVD made one sound, as if he is reading a disc, but there is nothing in there. Can you please tell me what is happening and how I can fix this problem? Thank you.

    Turn off the Service of advanced networking under services.msc (1 service in the services list), and then restart your computer.

    Thank you for using the Microsoft answers Forum.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • my list of network services is turned off and it won't turn

    my list of network services is turned off and it won't turn

    do you mean;

    the list of devices on your network?

    in network and sharing Center, Center

    advanced sharing settings

    turn on network discovery

    then try a reboot... see if this leads him to the top.

  • I'm unable to start the service for the name of the account to Network Service on Windows Server 2008.

    Original title: name of the account network Service can be resolved correctly on windows French

    I have a service, I want to run under the network service on windows French account. Computer is not in the field, but in the working group.

    Service is installed via install and uses the WinAPI functions to get the name of a valid account of localized, which is the AUTHORITY NT\SERVICE NETWORK.

    The problem is that service fails with errors in the following event viewer:

    (1) service depends on the Net Logon service which failed to start because of the following error:
    The operation was successful.

    (2) this computer is configured as a member of a workgroup, and not as a member of a domain. It is not necessary to perform the service access network in this configuration.

    However, if I go to the properties of this Service, Log On tab and button Browse... to address the NETWORK SERVICE account, it sticks "Network Service" value in field and function successfully starts. Note that it may not resolve the display name 'AUTHORITY NT\SERVICE NETWORK'.

    Another thing is that when I put the computer in the domain that manages all the service suddenly starting with 'AUTHORITY NT\SERVICE NETWORK' account but the system does not transform it in "Network Service" on English windows.

    So is this a bug on a French OS? Is there a solution? How can I get programmatically "converted" version of the account name ('AUTHORITY NT\SERVICE NETWORK'-> 'Network Service')?

    System: Windows 2008 R2 SP1 with the latest updates to the 01/10/2013

    Hi Vadim,

    I would have you post your query in the TechNet Forums because it caters to an audience of it professionals.

    Your question would be more out there.

    Check out the link-


    Back to us for any issues related to Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Advanced Networking feture on VCS


    I need assistance with Advanced Networking on the RESUME.

    I configured this networking advanced on customer site. The customer uses only LAN1.

    page 20 of http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/infrastructure/vcs....

    I need to know what port I have to open. in this documentation, I find in this documentation:

    "When the Advanced Networking is enabled, all ports configured on the highway, including those relating to the crossing of firewall, applies to both IPS;

    You cannot configure ports separately for each IP address. "page 43, 45

    It is nessesery to open media and signaling port 2776, 2777, 7001 C - exp EXP-e on both IP (public and private)?

    Should what address I use to set up the area crossing between Exp - C and Exp-E?

    In this document ... http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/infrastructure/vcs. on page 20, I see in such a deployment, clients of course must be configured to use the IPaddress with access from theVCS.

    but in this document: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/infrastructure/vcs... page 63

    The area crossed on the VCS control must have (public) that her counterpart

    If I open the firewall for the 2777,2776,7001 port to the adres of EXp-E private I see on the firewall that media 2777, 2776 and signalling 7001 trying reach you public adres of EXP - E.

    IF I open two adres of EXP - E (public sector and internall) por 2777,2776,7001 the solution works well.

    I try also to travelsal framework (EXP - C) the two address of the exp-E public, the interall and both works OK (I still have a port open to the public and private address for VCS - E).

    What is the correct configuration? / Where can I find the flow media and signalig?

    Best regards

    Thanks for help

    It's different/still more strict that Acevirgil said, if you only use an interface and you HAVE with NAT on the VCS E point the VCS - C to the public ip address.

    The VCS - C will not attempt to connect to the internal IP address of the VCS-E, but of course, you might see something in the FW table followed link.

    If you use the clustering (which does not support the NAT on the interface) or you cannot run deflection NAT, you need to use the second interface of the VCS-E for the VCS - C branch above.

  • Activation of Network Services does not Please HELP


    I created a virtual machine with the Oracle_Developer_Day.ova file downloaded from oracle page to test the express tool.

    I m try announced a Web service reference, but the error:

    ORA-29273: HTTP request failed ORA-06512: at "SYS." UTL_HTTP", line 1130 ORA-24247: access denied by access control (ACL) of network list

    I did research and discover that oracle 11 g has no active network services so they must be allowed with the following script:

    ACL_PATH VARCHAR2 (4000);
    ACL_ID RAW (16);
    -Did the ACL currently assigned to ' *' and give APEX_030200
    -the privilege 'connect' if APEX_030200 does not yet have the privilege.
    -Before checking the privilege, to ensure that the ACL is valid
    -(for example, does not contain obsolete references to users ignored).
    -If so, we'll spend the following exception:
    -ORA-44416: invalid ACL: 'ADMIN' main outstanding
    -ORA-06512: at "XDB". DBMS_XDBZ', line...
    SELECT SYS_OP_R2O (extractValue (P.RES, ' / resources/XMLRef ')) IN ACL_ID
    WHERE extractValue (P.RES, ' / resources/XMLRef "") = REF (A) AND

    DBMS_XDBZ. ValidateACL (ACL_ID);
    'connect') IS ZERO THEN
    'HR', 'connect', TRUE);
    END IF;

    -When no ACL has been attributed to ' *'.
    DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN. CREATE_ACL ('power_users.xml',
    "ACL that allows users to be able to connect everywhere."
    'HR', 'connect', TRUE);
    DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN. ASSIGN_ACL('power_users.) XML ',' *');

    Note: I have a workspace called HR and a user called HR.

    I run the script and everything works fine but when I try to add the Web service reference I get the same error.

    I Don t know what to do and my time to fixing this problem ends so please if someone can help me I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance


    Have you checked what version of APEX you run in your virtual machine? The script below would work for APEX_030200, but if you have a virtual running machine, it's probably APEX_040100 or APEX_040200. Just connect to your database and check what APEX schema is installed, then update your script accordingly and re-run.

    Kind regards

  • How to fix no network service on iPhone 6plus

    How to fix no network service on iPhone 6plus

    Try here > If you can not connect to a cellular or cell - data Apple Support Network

  • Advanced > network > offline storage displays more amount of cache

    I used to be able to see the amount of disk space used by Firefox before emptying the cache memory in Preferences > advanced > network > offline storage. Now, after the upgrade to version 6.0 on my Mac, it no longer displays the amount, and I don't know that him emptying the cache is even working. Is there any solution for this?

    Make sure that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode.

    • https://support.Mozilla.com/kb/private+browsing
    • You enter private browsing mode, if you select: Firefox > Preferences > privacy > History: Firefox will be: "don't forget the story ever.
    • To view the history settings and cookies, choose: Firefox > Preferences > privacy, choose the setting Firefox will: use the custom settings for the story of
    • Uncheck the box: [] "Permanent private browsing Mode.
  • How to disable the setting button in Tools - Options - advanced - network of windows registry?

    Dear support,
    Now, my office has use Firefox as default browser to access the Web server. And there is a policy that users must use ProxyServer. I don't want to change user setting in Firefox proxy. How to disable the setting button in Tools - Options - advanced - network of windows registry?
    Thank you.

    You cannot use the Windows registry to disable the elements in Firefox. This link shows how to lock the proxy settings of Firefox, change the values as needed:

    A change of minor importance, in step 4, instead of add this line to all-js, you can create a file called local - settings.js containing the indicated line and save the file in the same folder as all.js

  • MBSA - NT AUTHORITY\Network Service reported as invalid domain name

    We use a Small Business Server 2008.

    When we ran a report using MBSA 2.2, we received a critical error incomplete analysis on the database of MSSQL$ MICROSOFT ##SSEE with error:

    This represent a field.  Baseline Security Analyzer cannot determine if it belongs to the Admins group of the domain due to the following error: 1212 the format of the specified domain name is invalid.

    The specified domain is NT AUTHORITY\Network Service.

    How can I fix?

    You will find appropriate supportby starting your own, new thread in the SBS forum: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/smallbusinessserver/threads

  • Windows XP (SP3) refuses to allow the addition of "Network Service" as a user of the service DCOM.

    DCOM error 1016 Windows XPx32

    Several solutions, all virtually identical to this question:

    Machine default permission settings grant Local Activation permission for the application server COM with the CLSID
    the user NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE SID (S-1-5-20). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool.

    However, the error persists;  Windows XP (SP3) refuses to allow the addition of "Network Service" as a user of the service DCOM.  The question was supposed to be fixed in a service pack, patches, etc., but he persists.  This despite the change permissions to allow that user permissions in HKCR | CLSID. {"clsid :} or HKLM\Software\Classes\AppID.

    Now what?

    Hi Ronegade,

    I suggest that you follow the steps in the article mentioned below.

    The event 10016 may be logged in the system log on a computer that is running Windows XP Professional x 64

  • What is NT Authority/Network Service? Should I be worried?

    On my 'observer of events (Local)' check to see if something occurred that may contribute to the current boot extremely long process on Windows XP.  (question reported previously, recommended to increase the size of the memory, for which thank you very much).

    I saw a string of entries NT Authority/Network Service from the moment that I started my PC.

    Anyone could explain what it is/fact & it should be there, in very simple terms please!

    It of scary, should I worry?
    If so, what should I do about it?

    The NT AUTHORITY account is built into account mainly used to run the XP Services.  Many XP Services run under the NT AUTHORITY account (it's like a user account, but you will not see in your list of users) and there are different levels of different Services.  You can see some of them as belonging to the ongoing process in the Manager of tasks and you can see them all with granularity increased if you use Process Explorer (see below for a link).

    The types are:

    NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (System Services)

    You can search for events on the World Wide Web and get ideas.  It's where people events they see and then to the top of their questions, ideas and solutions:


    If you find your event in the discussion, the first idea or discussion does not necessarily mean that it is the "answer" to your situation, so carefully read all ideas to find the one that sounds more like your situation, you are bored or find a satisfactory explanation.

    The most interesting newspapers are usually the Application and the system.

    Some newspapers such as security and Internet Explorer may be completely empty or have just a few items.  The default value
    settings for XP does not log this activity, unless you need to solve a problem in these areas.  If you enable logging for them the papers fill up quickly and could adversely affect the performance of your system with all the extras (often unnecessary) activity.

    If you have Microsoft Office installed, it has its own newspapers, and they can be empty or occasional boring activity very little or, if there is no problem with your desktop applications.  It's normal.

    Not every event is a problem, some are informational messages that things work very well, and some are warnings.

    However, no event should defy reasonable explanation.

    Each event is sorted by Date and time.  Errors will be red Xs, warnings will have yellow! s. informational Messages have white is.  Not every error or warning event means that there is a serious question.  Some are excusable at boot time when Windows starts.  Try to find only the events to date
    and the time around your problem.

    If you double-click on an event, it will open a window of properties with more information.  On the right are black up and down arrow keys to scroll through the open events. The third button that looks like two overlapping pages is used to copy the details of the event in your Windows Clipboard.

    When you find an interesting event that occurred at the time of your question, click on the third button at the top and arrows to copy the details and then you can paste the details (right click, paste or CTRL-V) the text in detail here for analysis.  Remove all personal information from your information after you paste If you are forced to do so.

    If you paste an event, it will look something like this annoying system startup event:

    Event type: Information
    Event source: Service Control Manager
    Event category: no
    Event ID: 7035
    Date: 14/07/2010
    Time: 17:54:18
    User: Jose
    Computer: computer

    The Remote Access Connection Manager service was sent successfully a starting control.

    For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.

    To get a fresh start on any log of the event viewer, you can choose to clear the log (the log backup is available), and then reproduce your problem, then just look at the events around your show and troubleshoot events that are happening when you have your question.

    If you want another set of eyeballs on your situation of memory which is not speculation, follow these steps:

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK, and when the system info summary appears, click Edit, select all, copy and paste then return here.

    There will be some personal information (such as the user name and the name of the system), and what appears to be personal information for you, simply delete the pasted information.

    Download Process Explorer, so you can see what is 'really' running on your system, especially behind those svchosts several process see you in the running task manager.

    Download Process Explorer from here:


    You'll like Process Explorer when you get the hang of it.  Process Explorer is the Manager of Windows taskbar on steroids.

    Process Explorer installs nothing so it won't slow down your system since it works only on request.

    Process Explorer can seem a little intimidating at first because it has so much information, but you will begin to make love the way it works when you're looking for performance problems.   You can even say EP you want it to be your new default 'Task Manager' value in the future.  You can always run the original tasks as Manager.

    Once you get Process Explorer running, expand the columns, made drag the corners of the screen for it's largest, etc., so you can see as much information as possible in the window.  Now you can really see what is running on the system.

    Here's a screenshot of my poor system when I use Process Explorer:


    The CPU column is usually the most interesting start with performance issues - which uses the most?

  • detection of network services.

    Received message that the detection of network services is turned off to prevent damage to my computer.  Now I can't back up my system and a red 'x' appears on the My Network icon.  I still however, can access the internet.  There are several things that could be the culprit.  I received a Microsoft Security update which has been a success.  Later, I installed and uninstalled then two free antivirus programs because of the difficulty to access after installation.  I also did a defrag of the system.

    System Restore worked. Thank you!

  • When asked "do you want to enable Network Service list? I continue to by clicking on the button "Activate this", and yet I am not able to see the activities or connections to all networks.

    When asked "do you want to enable Network Service list? I continue to by clicking on the button "Activate this", and yet I am not able to see the activities or connections to all networks. My internet works fine, I just can't see if I am connected or not. Help?

    original title: list of Network Service does not illuminate

    Hi SikDude,

    Please use the Forum of the community for Vista.

    Opening of services by typing services.msc in the search bar and find the list of Network Service. Under properties, set it to automatic.

    Please let us know if we can do something else.

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Simulator of impossible to connect to the local network services

    Hi all.

    I'm sure this has been answered somewhere, but I can't.

    I have the sim card of the installed 0.9.3 Playbook and (especially) work. It accesses the internet just fine, apps to load and run thin.

    However, what I can't do is access of local network services. I tried even by its IP address and just make mistakes.

    I don't have a DNS server on my local network right now, but could create one, if it helps.

    Any suggestions?


    try to change the adapter settings in your VMware Player for 'bridge' and restart it. This will give you an actual IP your simulator of the router connecting all your networked computers and the Simulator and he will be treated like any other computer. hope that helps. Good luck!

Maybe you are looking for