Iceweasel maintains the connection but gets nothing

using the jessie debian distribution, I have today improved iceweasel 31.8.0 - 1 ~ deb8u1 to 38.4.0 - 1 ~ deb8u1 on an amd64 platform.
The old version was to have no problem alone, but the new version repeat myself some 'connection to AccountName"receive nothing.

I have no idea where I should start. I do not change my settings account in any way. Iceweasel new poss褥 which must be defined that I know not?

Also I have a little trouble finding the debian package to reinstall the older version. Where can I find it?

Thanks in advance, ruud


Found. My company made a network change so that it was not to use the proxy. The proxy is always used in the configuration. The old version was apparently have no problem with it. This new version has done of course.

No configuration "no proxy" did the trick.

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    I tried to do something but nothing works. Updating the drivers for the adapter on the A500 does not resolve the issue, although A300D works normally without updates, so there must be something wrong with the adapter on the A500. I also have sellected maximum performance in Power Options > change plan settings > change advanced power settings > wireless card settings, because I read somewhere that energy-efficient settings can interfere with the adapter. I thought that this solution worked until he started to lose and by restoring the link again. Everyone guess what else could be wrong? I generally know how to fix things, but the wifi is a new thing for me and don't know much.

    Yes, in this scenario, this could be the problem with the adapter. Then I suggest that you contact the hardware vendor.

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    Nice day

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    I have Windows Vista, IE 8 and labtop HP Pavilion. I had just recently Cricket Wireless Broadband, with a USB wireless modem. I now have the Charter/Comcast broadband through my cable. The modem is connected to my PC via the Ethernet port. On the connection icon on the toolbar on the right down, it shows that I am connected. The "Local Area Connection Status" in the network and sharing Center seems to be connected, since bytes are sent and received.

    However, when I'm on IE8, it acts as if there is no connection. Not being able to view the web page. Also, now when I go to a local WiFi hotspot, I can't connect to a network, just as I always, and it shows that there is a link, however, it won't let me access the internet. It used to work, before everything first, I connected the cable modem.

    Any ideas? Thank you!!


    If the Cricket connection works correctly but your cable connection is not, which suggests the computer is set up correctly and the problem is with the cable connection. All other systems are able to connect through the connection of the Charter? If this isn't the case, please contact Charter and see if they are able to determine the issue on their end or help you reconfigure the modem.

    Cody C
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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    Final note: your FAQ search came back with nothing near what I entered, you could try and learn how a search is supposed to answer.

    Sorry for all the negative reviews, but the world has been to complain about your lack of support and questions for years while your business keeps his head in the sand.  Finally, another company will come along (Apple, Android etc.) and you'll fnd yourself unemployeed.

    Thank you, John Turcott

    Hi John,.

    Try this link on networking with different operating systems:;en-us; Select & Target = support

    B Eddie

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    1. what version of Windows is installed on the computer?

    2. what browser you use to access these sites?

    3. If Internet Explorer, what version of IE are you using?

    4. are you aware of any changes made to the computer, before the show?

    Method 1:

    I suggest to add Web sites to the trusted list in Internet Explorer and check.

    Security zones: adding or removing websites

    Method 2:

    You can try to clear your history of navigation and control.

    Clear the history of websites you've visited visited

    Method 3:

    I suggest to reset Internet Explorer and check.

    How to reset Internet Explorer settings

    Warning: Reset the Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings

    I hope this helps.

  • I enabled notifications for VIP emails, notifications of wire on my iPhone. But get nothing automatically

    HHey guy

    I enabled notifications for VIP emails, notifications of wire on my iPhone. But, automatically receive nothing.

    I put Fetch manually for my emails. Can I change the settings or how can I make it work? Help, please.

    Thank you


    Hey there Ram.

    I see your message that you receive any notifications automatically when you search for new e-mail messages while using the option extract manually. The difference between go pick up and pushing the notifications and information/updates on day of account is definitely a balancing act. At one end, you want to save your iOS device's battery, on the other hand, you want to know what you should pay attention to. I had to find the best way to balance those myself, so here's my best information.

    Push your data means that each time your information has been updated to include something new, a periodic inspection of the accounts on the device that uses the power of the battery. Fetch means that there is a certain amount of time that your accounts are audited with can help save your battery life. Pick up manually, you are not looking for information updates until this request has been activated as your Mail, Contacts, calendars and other app.

    The drillthrough feature has other eligible delays causing your email accounts to check back more often. You can select a time in settings > Mail, Contacts, calendar > extract to one that fits your needs. Your other choice is all hours, every 30 minutes and every 15 minutes. More frequently your accounts are checked means a greater drain on your battery life. I recommend you to choose the longest period of time and see if you get your notifications as often as you want.

    Happy emails for you!

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    I have a 8610 connected to 2 PCs; USB, an ethernet.  The ethernet connected printer is configured on the PC as a network printer.   When we print the Ethernet connected PC sometimes it prints immediately and we sometimes these messages:

    When we get the messages the printer has his light and isn't in offline mode I can find.    If we simply not do whatever it is, the printer communicates eventually and the job will print.

    Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

    Note: we had this PC configured to print wireless but had long delays in printing that indeed.   It's faster with ethernet connection is operating properly.

    Hello tilzie,

    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    The issue you described concerning the communication of the question, it looks like that is having a problem of recovery since printers sleep/standby mode.

    First of all, please make sure that you have the printer power cable connected directly to a wall outlet and not a bar/power strip. Here is a document that uses a LaserJet printer for example, but it is intended for HP products in general. Please click the link which explains the problems when connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power.

    I also suggest that we run the HP print and Scan Doctor.  I would like to know if the doctor fails, or if you see the error codes.

    See you soon,.

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