iCloud Drive drains the battery + makes iPhone verry HOT

Hello world.

When I start iCloud Drive on my iPhone it starts downloading files. Only when I'm with iPhone it cause my camera is very hot on the upper back (more than 41 degrees celsius) and battery drain about 2% of all the 1 minute or faster! Sometimes the breaks straight from 79% to 55%.

I have about 120 GB on iCloud Drive but I don't have it on my camera! I just need keyboard shortcuts, pages, numbers, and other application data.

I turned off cellular data on iClod drive, so when I turn off iPhone WiFi goes back to normal, but sometimes I have to use WiFi. That is why is WiFi, no? I'm looking for solution, but one that I see at the moment is iCloud alteration to Dropbox.

Thanks in advance for any help.



If you have a lot of data in iCloud it will synchronize by car to the phone. But this should happen only once; After that, you must synchronize only the files that have been changed. There is a difference between iCloud Drive and Dropbox: Dropbox keep files in the cloud until you are referencing the with an application on the phone. iCloud drive reflects all the contents of all devices that have iCloud drive active.

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