iCloud drive is empty

I have iCloud Drive on my iPad, but it is empty. However on my Mac everything is visible on iCloud drive. In addition, my contacts on my Mac sync properly with iCloud. Both my iPad and my Mac (El Capitan) tell me that I have the latest version of the software installed. what I am doing wrong?


Assuming that you sign in part two devices with the same Apple ID iCloud... I would say activating / deactivating then in each of the time iCloud on your iPad, or reset all the settings on your iPad to see if you can get the data to flow again.

The iCloud on the cloud itself drive corresponds to your Mac? Are the contacts on the cloud in sync with your iPad?

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  • iCloud drive is empty but its says, full!

    Hello Apple

    My iCloud (5 GB) says its full.

    When I try to make any Document or whatever in this document, the iCloud drive

    said: ' full - please delete something! ». my details are 2.7 GB FREE!

    I had No backup iPhone or everything that is done in the player. My mailbox use only 2.3 GB.

    I use the account + exchange data for 10 years without problem (me.com) until today.

    What can I do?

    Help, please.

    AN apple article is there, you can follow: manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

  • iCloud drive app is empty

    Can someone tell me why my iCloud on my iPhone app doesn't show all files when in fact I have 10 GB of files and/or images in my iCloud?  I tried to disable the iCloud reactivate and I also got turned on the app iCloud and turning several times

    Perhaps the player to iCloud application is hidden.

    You can show or hide the iCloud drive app on your home screen. Go to settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and press the cursor to display on the home screen to enable or disable.

  • No iCloud drive merger or double documents folder?

    I have two computers that I had of the SugarSync, sync.  In other words, the documents folder on both computers, through SugarSync, is synchronized and identical.  If I go into system preferences > iCloud and click Options to iCloud drive and turn on the desktop and Documents folders, be it synchronize (or fusion) the dossier of documents on two computers or it will publish two documents separate (and then more and more different) folders?  Thank you, in advance!

    I use iCloud Drive to synchronize the office and the three Macs Documents folder.

    Initially, the synchronization to create a folder for the documents of every Mac as subfolders of Documents and office, named 'old Documents - computer name '. Thus, there are essentially three separate folders of documents of each computer. I have to merge them on mine, if I want to.

    In my case, that doesn't matter much, because I started syncing with almost empty Documents and office on three Macs.  Any document that I add after the initial synchronization is now synchronized with the devices.

    In your case, where the records are already synchronized, you could simply remove a set of Documents on one computer, before you start the synchronization.

  • Configuration of backups from iCloud drive: why are there two Mobile Documents files?

    I've recently started using iCloud drive to synchronize documents between my Mac and iOS devices. Now, I want to assure you that I have local backups of these documents.

    I understand that the documents synchronized via iCloud are store locally in my Mobile user home/library/Documents folder. But when I check I made 2 folders: Documents Mobile and Mobile Documents.90391253.  The Documents Mobile folder seems to keep all the records that I created using Pages, drafts and TextEdit.  The second folder has files with obscure names such as ' JFJWWP64QD ~ com ~ goodiware ~ GoodReader. ". Records of Documents that I checked are empty.

    Here is a screenshot of the second folder:

    Why are there two folders of Documents Mobile? When you add a folder to a backup program, I would add two folders or just the folder Documents Mobile?

    The second folder (the one your screenshot) is a backup of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, which was made via iTunes. More information: finding and managing your backups iTunes - Apple Support

  • Sierra of MacOS - iCloud Drive Documents & Desktop keeps Getting Stuck download


    as stated in the header after activating the iCloud Drive to include Documents and desktop download stuck guard.

    Since almost 2 weeks I started the task mean to ask iCloud to include above mentioned files. Total quantity was about 100 GB download. I have 1 TB of storage for iCloud. iCloud is always download and always get stuck after about 10 to 30 minutes to download. Then I have to restart after that it starts to load only from getting stuck again.

    I was on the phone with Apple Care who had no idea of what might happen. They Said and I quote "we have no problem with iCloud download and your problem has not yet been recreated by others."

    I find it very hard to believe that I can repro this problem on 3 different systems.

    I have Cable speed of 400 Mbps downstream a 25mbit upstream. I have zero upstream of questions to dropbox or Spideroak at an astonishing speed. ICloud is the slowest I've ever known in my life but as I said after 14 days, it has yet to fill about 40 GB. This is ridiculous IMO.

    If anyone has any ideas on what is once again wrong with iCloud, I would of course tips

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to post!

    Try to go into System Preferences/iCloud and stop synchronization. Wait a few minutes, then recheck the timing.

    Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then reconnect?

  • How to set a folder to get automatically downloaded to iCloud drive

    ON my mac, I want a certain folder to get uploaded to icloud how would I'll be able to to the road? It's an iMac 5 k mid 2015 with macOS as Sanchez installed.

    As far as I know, you can not download files to iCloud by car.  It must be made individually... once again not sure...

    This might be able to help though - transfer files to iCloud drive

  • I have a problem with iCloud drive


    My problem is rare. When I activate the iCloud Desktop Drive & Documents folders in Finder seem two offices.

    If I delete the office with your preferred category after restarting the Finder again, it seems.

    It is interesting to note that in the Finder preferences when turned on iCloud Desktop Drive & Documents folders does not have an office in the favorite category and still the bar on the left side is all the time. It does not help the manual removal.

    Reset the service (iCloud Drive) does not help.

    It is not clear what you're trying to say. What do you mean by "two offices"? What do you mean "Class Favorite"?

    Please post screenshots.

  • Send multiple photos to iCloud drive

    Hey all

    I was forced into upgrading my iCloud storage as my iphone backup did not fit into the franchise of 5 GB (note to apple, you really should at least allow a free backup outside the allocation, im, buying a $1,000 phone each year is the least you could do)

    Anyway, I now have an allowance of 50 GB and I'm only using several GB for my backup so I will try to find reasons to the mother to use.

    I just had a thought, perhaps I could store the photos in the reader that I am not wanting in my camera... sexy holiday snaps for example.

    But oh my God not... I can only send ONE photo at a time. The minute I select more than the option 'Send to iCloud Drive' disappears... are you kidding me! I miss the time with the iPhone that whenever I thought of something I want to do, I try and "it works".

    Please telll me miss me something here...

    If you are connected to a reliable WiFi and your iPhone is connected, to download your photos from the film to iCloud photo library.

  • import icloud drive to imovie

    I copied videos iCloud Drive on my iMac. When I try to import videos into iMovie I can´t find the ICloud drive on the list where to import them from.

    See this - How to import videos to iMovie iCloud

  • iPad 2 Air: icloud drive hangs in "upgrade".


    My icloud drive hangs in the upgrade. When I try to save it gives about 30% and stops.

    I tried to access my icould drive via iCloud.com and he says that there is an error.

    I have installed IOS 10.

    can anyone help?

    Try either a restart - restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support or if it does not, perhaps signing of iCloud, wait a few minutes, then reconnect.

  • Phone has been "redevelopment" iCloud drive for more than a day now

    In parameters, iCloud Drive was churning "valorisation" for more than a day now. Did not help restart the phone. iPhone 6 s, iOS 10.0.2.

    Thank you!

    What kind of "reboot", you have?  What was this - restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support?  If you did, and it did not work, try switching iCloud drive, power switch (settings > iCloud > iCloud drive).  If this does not work, try to connect to your iCloud account and reconnect.

  • Hello. How can I move files on dropbox on my icloud drive?

    My selection expires tomorrow... and I tried for awhile to load or save all dropbox to Icloud by car.  I have made sure in Icloud drive I activated dropbox, but read tips on how to do it, it does not.

    So when I select a folder in dropbox on the ipad, I have to share, that I finally found how to.

    but then there is no option for me to share with icloud.  What Miss me?  should I put my icloud email address, in order to share with me? or how does this all work.

    I really look forward to someone to help me.

    Thank you guys


    Go to iCloud.com on your computer. Connection. Open iCloud drive.

    Tap the tiny iCloud. Tap on Dropbox.

    Select a folder. I chose a picture.

    Look at him to transfer to iCloud by car.

    I can't believe I got it to work on my first try.

  • Why finder hide Documents and office files in the home directory of the user by activating iCloud drive? What about the behavior of Time Machine backup or third-party applications?

    I'm under MacOS Sierra. I am connected to my iCloud account. I activated the option Desktop and Documents, but I did NOT activate the option optimize Mac storage, because I wanted to make sure that all my files would be available locally, just in case, I would need to work without an internet connection.

    -J' noticed there now a menu iCloud in my sidebar in the Finder, with links to Documents and desktop.

    -J' also noticed that Documents is no longer presented in my favorites in my side bar of the Finder.

    -This last suggests that files saved in 'Documents' are not saved more on my HD... but only in iCloud, which isn't what I want.

    -Then, sailing in the Finder Macintosh HD/users / 'My account' /, I noticed that my Documents and desktop folders are more visible, as if these files are not saved in my home folder most. Which raises the question: where are My Documents and files on my HD, so they are still?

    -Using a shell session in the terminal and again navigate to/Users / 'My account' /, I noticed that my Documents and desktop folders are still there. Which suggest that records and records of office reside actually still in my home folder under users, but Finder actually hide it and present them as being stored in iCloud only disc. It's very confusing.

    This raises several questions:

    -In the first place, why Apple hide Documents and office files in the directory? Why not view these folders in iCloud and directory?

    -Whence the iCloud folder or drive, reside actually on my hard drive?

    -What time Machine. Is it still back up my document files and folders?

    -What games third-party app mirroring backup of My Documents files and folders? They still work properly? (I use Livedrive backup and Sugarsync for files mirrored across several macs).

    -How can I understand that Apple is doing with my folders and files? Some users might be happy with the iCloud drive concept, without worrying about how it works, but I don't take chances, and I want to keep a good understanding about the functioning of my system.

    Could someone explain what is exactly happening?

    With office and selected Documents, access to these files are now in the iCloud Drive, not in your home folder.

    My guess would be that they do not appear in your file because it would be confusing for many people to make them in two places.

    If you want in the Favorites, open iCloud Drive and drag them in the sidebar here.

    All about iCloud drive has been saved on your Mac. With the exception of the office and the Documents, they are in ~/Library/Mobile Documents. However, if you choose optimized storage, older documents are removed from your Mac. I don't know what is "old".

    ~/Documents and ~/desktop have new metadata indicating probably Finder does not display them in a Finder window, only in iCloud drive. They are not hidden in one of the normal methods of unix.

    I have not tested Time Machine or any other backup program. The folder still exist in your directory home, and they still have all the files, I don't think that changes anything.

  • If I install the iCloud drive on my laptop and remove this app from my iphone due to the lack of storage, to lose all the data that I saved in there?

    If I install icloud drive in my laptop where all my important data is saved and uninstall the app from my iphone icloud drive, my data is secure?

    A couple of things...

    -If you have an Apple laptop or desktop, with a software update system, so there is no way to 'install iCloud Drive' to this topic as it is already there as a function of iCloud.

    -remove the iCloud (app) drive icon on your iPhone will do nothing.

    -If your data is already in iCloud, so rest assured, it is already safe.

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