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I have 5s and ipad iphone 4 but I can not enter with my apple ID, unfortunately this I phone is for one of my relatives who died last month and I want to use

These phones. the information of the two are not important for any of us, we just want to use these phones. If we are unable to open these two of them will be useless

so please help us to decode.

the error is the following: incorrect apple ID

Gather the following documents: original invoice indicating the serial number of the iPhone.

death certificate, evidence that you now have the iPhone - copy of the will or testamentary letter

or a legal document for your location. When you have all 3 items, make an appointment

to your Apple Store near where they can help you.

If you can not provide the documentation above, Apple will not help.

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    I have two Iphone 5, one needs activation after 9.3 but I do not know the password and can't get it, beacause its second hand.

    It's ok, I bought a new one with icloud clear and I connected with my Icloud Web site, details of phone are on the icloud.com (serial number and imei number), after that, I connect to itunes and by mistake I did a restore to an older backup and his crush the Icloud account blocked on my new phone and I'm from I started. Connected Icloud account without password... How it can be solved?

    If you still have the ORIGINAL receipt for the new phone, take it to an Apple Retail Store or contact Apple technical support.  They may be able to help.

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    Two years and now I have a new Apple ID with the new email address for my devices. My old email address (gmail) no longer exists. Yesterday, I bought a new iphone 6 s. I plugged into itunes and restore with previous iphone 4 that I had, unfortunately with the old email address. Now I can't restore it because he wants me the ancient word of a past icloud, which is no more. Could you help me please...

    Support in Greece Center save me. Thank you very much..

  • I can't get my @icloud account to be recognized by Thunderbird

    I downloaded Thunderbird and set up my gmail and tiscali accounts ok. They work very well. I can't configure my icloud account - in Thunderbird it fails to recognize the servers. I tried to set it manually (using the info on the Thunderbird help page) with the same result. I would be able to send/receive a Thunderbird icloud address? I try next?

    There are people using Thunderbird for these accounts. A typical error is to use the username @icloud. They seem to want only the user name and not the e-mail address. This is to get the evil server names.

  • How can I activate my mac and ipod use icloud

    I want to inclued ipodpro my wife in my icloud. I have 50gig so I thought that we can drop off pure, etc. in addition to the backup

    S e EiCloud of storage related to the AppleID.  Your wife would need to use the same AppleID as you use your allowance of 50 GB for its backups and documents of clouds.  TAT is not really feasible, because the calendars, evil and all settings and personal data would be shared as well.

  • iCloud ID

    I don't see why "find my phone" in my icloud account?

    Why icloud id cut my money when I login?

    For the first question, these - see help using find my iPhone - Apple Support & iCloud: find your device.

    As for your second question, I don't know how to answer this question.

  • Library icloud music isn't on my iphone

    Our family has recently enrolled in music apple and came to know that my son's iphone is not able to connect to our share of apple. It can be downloaded on his laptop computer.

    I noticed that the option to toggle the music library of icould is absent from his arrangements of music. It is not at all!

    In any case, to get this back such that there the option?

    Thank you for all the advice!

    Take a look at this article and see if it helps.

    Turn on iCloud music library

  • Photos, iCloud and OneDrive sync

    Hi all

    I have a question on how to better organize my photo library.

    For the moment, on my space OneDrive (mapped to a partition on my MacBook SSD), I have a folder called 'Images' containing just about all of my photos and organized by folders.

    Since my tech ecosystem is roughly marked Apple (iPhone, iPad and MacBook), I would use the power and versatility of the Photos and iCloud, so that everything remains in all of my devices and free space memory iPhone sync.

    Here's the question: I want to keep my pictures saved on OneDrive, then put the Photos on my Mac to view photos from this folder and use iCloud to share through my devices.

    -I see the same folder structure on iPhone and iPad a synchronization is complete?

    -More important, if I take a picture with my iPad, it will be placed not only on iCloud but also automatically added pictures on Mac which, in turn, puts it in the folder of photos on my OneDrive?

    -Finally, take pictures of my iDevices will store them in the film. If I move them into folders, photos will be mapped (copied to iCloud) on my other devices constantly (in the folder)?

    I would like to notice I'm not trying to avoid using iCloud premium space - I already have a subscription plan of 50 GB that I don't mind mounted. I just keep having just all my photos on OneDrive.

    Thank you in advance for any comments you may have!


    The answer is simply not

    The photo library can not be stored on a basic system to pictures not work will have a referenced library, so you may not have a local library references photos on a disc - the photo library can be on a local drive connected directly to the Mac OS Extended format

    You can synchronize between the Mac and IOS devices using iCloud library that synchronizes the photos and the structure of the album/folder between devices

    When you import pictures you can export them to your OneDrive record and have a copy (not associate Photos somehow) on a disk

    You can not have the same physical pictures in Photos and on one disc - each must have its own copy of the Photo



  • How can I have two desktops on iCloud sync at the same time, without having duplicate files?

    Hi all

    I have two computers, a MacBook Pro and iMac. I use the new feature for Sierra macOS, which allows me to continually synchronize my office on iCloud. I welcome the Office on my iMac be synchronized on the cloud. Now, I would have the exact same office on my MacBook Pro. I tried many ways, including by dragging files to iCloud Drive on my desktop, but the synchronization does not work. If I enable syncing on my MacBook Pro, I know that I have duplicate files.

    With this method, I would like to: whenever I have add a file on my desktop iMac computer, it shows up on my MacBook Pro Office without the need for me to keep about iCloud road opening.

    Thanks for reading this.


    If you enable sync on the MacBook Pro, it should not be duplicates.  What makes you think it?

  • 2 iphones on one iTunes, problem of photo icloud account

    OK, my brother-in-law just updated its OS on his Iphone. He shared an Apple ID with his wife, who has his own iPhone. They all have two backup only in iCloud. His problem is that his wife photos are now on his phone. How can he fix it?

    Get its own identifier Apple- create and start using a Apple - Apple Support ID

  • My Camera Roll and times got all the order as soon as I turned on iCloud photo library. My pictures are both old and new, please help

    All my photos are out now since I turned on IiCloud library. How can I fix?

    This - see album iCloud photo library

  • How can I move files/folders to iCloud back to their original finder folder

    I just updated to OS Sierra and noticed that my documents folder was empty. How can I move files/folders to iCloud back to their original finder folder?

    Thank you

    The Duke

    See it - Add your files, Desktop and Documents in iCloud Drive - Apple Support

  • icloud in the iPhone activation problem 6 more

    IM someone buy iphone 6plus they don't sign Apple ID and icloud, I reset my phone and now I'm still icloud activation problem.how can I do?

    You can not. The only way is if the previous owner release form their iCloud account. If they will not do for you, it means nothing to you.

  • Sierra of MacOS - iCloud Drive Documents & Desktop keeps Getting Stuck download


    as stated in the header after activating the iCloud Drive to include Documents and desktop download stuck guard.

    Since almost 2 weeks I started the task mean to ask iCloud to include above mentioned files. Total quantity was about 100 GB download. I have 1 TB of storage for iCloud. iCloud is always download and always get stuck after about 10 to 30 minutes to download. Then I have to restart after that it starts to load only from getting stuck again.

    I was on the phone with Apple Care who had no idea of what might happen. They Said and I quote "we have no problem with iCloud download and your problem has not yet been recreated by others."

    I find it very hard to believe that I can repro this problem on 3 different systems.

    I have Cable speed of 400 Mbps downstream a 25mbit upstream. I have zero upstream of questions to dropbox or Spideroak at an astonishing speed. ICloud is the slowest I've ever known in my life but as I said after 14 days, it has yet to fill about 40 GB. This is ridiculous IMO.

    If anyone has any ideas on what is once again wrong with iCloud, I would of course tips

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to post!

    Try to go into System Preferences/iCloud and stop synchronization. Wait a few minutes, then recheck the timing.

    Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then reconnect?

  • ICloud or iTunes iPhone backup?

    What is not saved in iCloud in iTunes? Get the new iPhone and the need to decide what back up.

    I feel that this article does a good job in comparing the two.

    Backups for iOS Devices

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