iCloud family sharing Question

Dear Apple,

My name is Noah Gilbert, and I happen to be the Expert IT with our family.

Unfortunately, for these past years, our family of 4 shared an Apple ID and somethings happened.

When one of us call each other, that the contacts of the things up, and also when you go in recent, there are people that I didn't call, but have called others in our family, and it's something that are not nice and also very scary.

I read upward on your iCloud, sharing of family and are generally fascinated on this subject, but when diving into the details, it's when it gets a bit murky.

If all 4 of us was to create an Apple ID and had to get the sharing of the family, what would happen to all of our data.

The main question is:

What would happen to all our Contacts, Mail, calendar, iTunes purchases and also the App Store purchases?

Also, when it would be and current execution, will be our contacts and the stuff of colander, be separated into different lists of info.

I would really appreciate it if someone from this community come back to me, please.

Thank you

Gilbert of Noah,

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Blockblue47 wrote:

The main question is:

What would happen to all our Contacts, Mail, calendar, iTunes purchases and also the App Store purchases?

Also, when it would be and current execution, will be our contacts and the stuff of colander, be separated into different lists of info.

I would really appreciate it if someone from this community come back to me, please.

Thank you

Gilbert of Noah,

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

First, everyone should have their Apple ID individual to avoid confusion you describe above.  If that were the case, then all the Contacts, calendar, e-mail, purchases of App Store and iTunes purchases will be remained connected to these accounts; under family sharing, however, there are some things that can and cannot be shared.  You can have a read more about it here - What are the types of content can I share with sharing family?-Apple Support

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    It gives you this error because everyone in the sharing of the family should have their own Apple ID.

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    Has your mother and your father separated Apple ID?

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    1 iCloud contacts cannot be shared.

    2. in order to save photos to each device, as you say, each device must be connected to the same ID of Apple/iCloud.  Why not consider sharing photos via the sharing of the family?

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    I am not afraid. If other members of your family need extra storage, they must buy themselves.

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    Thank you!


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    iCloud storage cannot be shared under family sharing

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    Thank you


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    What you need to do is clip from the first few frames of video in PHotos. Double-click on the video to open it in read mode.  Click on the speed on the right button and select Trim.

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    My question is this: when I open the family member in icloud on his iPad, under purchases families, this account must be of the organizer or the Member of the family.

    Should I be signed in his iTunes on the iPad?  I found the idea of the family sharing that each could have their own accounts and purchases and subscriptions could be shared.

  • Family sharing and creation of local Web site/blog


    I have been looking online and have not found what I'm looking for... Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology in my query. I hope this is something already available and I don't know where to find it on the machine...

    We have an iMAC with the recent update.
    I want to create a family blog on the iMAC, that would 'feel' like a Web site - where I can post family updates, calendar, news, academic results and achievements, photos, a family journal, recipes, etc... each topic under a different title, which open as tabs in the browser, in order to avoid having to open different applications for this information. But I want all to reside on our family computer. It is accessible directly from the machine at home, nothing online.

    I am familiar with wordpress.com, but once again, I want to keep this content just us.

    I am listed with family sharing and iCloud, Apple has something that does what I'm looking for, but I ask just the wrong question.

    Thank you


    No, please read that sharing of the family is in OS X Yosemite: set up the sharing of the family. If you want to set up a blog, you need a blogging app and a place to store. I advise to use Google to research what you need. I found the following article by doing a quick search on Google that you may find useful.


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