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I use an iPhone 6s 128 GB gold. I recently saw my iPhone Backup is great 17 GB, and I started to ask me, whence these 17 GB come, given that iCloud is not backup Apps, Podcasts, music, and other media. The research that I did just confused me even more. ICloud data stores of the App does not add up to 17 GB (by far).

And what else confused me, was that there are apps, contain way more data, they seem to have on backup, for example my app dictionary dict.cc , which contains the value of 250 MB of data is only 15 MB back up.

The same problem with my Google Maps app, which stores a large map.

Can someone help me and clarify things? Thank you very much!


My apologies if you have already read this - data such as contacts that are already stored are not saved

iCloud: iCloud backup and storage overview - Apple Support

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  • Why the iCloud iPhone backup Photo lib is so great?

    Settings-> General-> storage & use-> iCloud iCloud, manage-> backup storage, this iPhone-> watch photo library to use 2.9 GB.

    I have only a few pictures in Photos.

    Settings-> General-> storage & iCloud use-> storage, manage storage-> Photos & camera shows use 1.4 MB.

    What else is included in the backup of the library that makes it so great?

    My config: iPhone 6, 16 MB, IOS 9.2.1

    Settings-> iCloud-> options for Photos:

    iCloud library picture OFF

    My Photo Stream WE

    Upload Photos of burst off the COAST
    iCloud Photo Sharing ON

    I deleted the backup, turned iCloud backup on again., and did a manual backup that seems to have solved the problem. The iPhone backup uses about 100 MB now that is what I expected. I'm still puzzled why he thought he needed 3 GB to save the picture before Lib.

  • Trying to iCloud iPhone backup 6 + and tried to 'Cancel backup' now the wheels are turning and the screen is frozen. How can I stop?

    Looking for a backup initiated from my iPhone 6 s +.  Needed to leave before it's over, so I typed "cancel backup' which doesn't seem to work.  Six hours later the wheels always turn around. Message on the screen said "Turning on Backup" - it turns also around and the screen seems frozen I can't return to set after I selected "iCloud" How can I fix it?

    Have you tried to restart the phone.

  • Should I iPhone backup to iCloud?


    Have an iPhone 4S with IOS to date that has not been saved to iCloud for more than a month. I backed him up for MacBook, but whenever I have connected, connected to WiFi and try to backup, it gets 80% done and then says: «can't save now»  I tried the suggestion to remove the old iPhone backup from the clouds, but it can not be deleted at this time. (Backup of what we call takes place 0, so not much of a backup to delete).

    Have a new iPhone 6s, so I'll be able to use it from my backup computer, or what I need to see this thru backup?

    Thank you.

    If you back up in iTunes, then use your iTunes backup to restore.


  • iCloud Drive backup for apps does not work

    iPhone 6

    Version 9.3.4 (G 13, 35)

    64 GB

    iCloud free space Total: 127 GB


    My drive to iCloud for the backup of data to any application (example; WhatsApp, TurboScan, etc.) doesn't work at all, for all he always ask me to check in the settings of iCloud drive if the rocker is enabled for the application, I intend to use, what is.

    I already did:

    Alternate market the iCloud drive and for each application, I was trying

    Open a session and of the iCloud account

    Reset the phone

    Turn on/off

    Any that have faced this problem or have any idea of how solve it?

    Thank you very much in advance for the comments and support.

    See you soon,.


    Just to be clear, iCloud backup & iCloud drive are essentially two separate things.

    This can be useful, iCloud is primarily a service synchronization. Means that it can take the changes you make on one device and other devices to update this change if you do not have to be done individually on each device. Useful if you have more device. iCloud Drive is the term used for the part of iCloud that can synchronize files between your devices, just like Dropbox. iCloud backup is the backup of live data to iCloud part. Sync services aren't backups, just a way for your data reach another device.

    On your iPhone, if you go to:

    Settings > general > Srorage & use iCloud > manage storage (under iCloud) > [phone] (BACKUPS)

    You can see what data is stored for each application (Tap 'Show all Apps' if necessary).

    For the iCloud drive problems, this article may help:

    Get help using iCloud drive - Apple Support

    If this does not help, try rephrasing your question with exactly you have problems with and ask again.

  • Why is the last incomplete iCloud iOS backup now all the time?

    I have restored a previous full backup of the iPhone more 6s and iPad 2 Air of MacBook Pro. But now, iCloud full backup of these previously possible iOS devices are always incomplete.

    How much space you have for storage of settings/iCloud/Storage/manage?

    Backups - troubleshooting IOS

    Backups - troubleshooting IOS 9

  • Why not my iPhone backup contacts?

    I'm on an iPhone 6 more with the latest version of the software version. But the contacts seem to backup my Mac to iPhone but not the other way around.

    First of all, it is not a backup but a synchronization.

    What version of OS X are you?

    Do a check


    You use the same Apple ID to your iCloud iPhone and your Mac iCloud?

    Settings > iCloud > Contacts: WE?

    (Try to sign and return to)


     > System Preferences > iCloud > Contacts: WE?

  • This folder is my iPhone backups in. How do?

    This folder is my iPhone backups in. How do?

    Click here for more information.


  • I can't trust iCloud for backup?

    My wife and I have several Macs and iPad backup iCloud. Today we have connected and the documents of our Pages are gone — not a few documents, but precious and many lost work. Lost? I've seen other posts related to Pages and sheets of deleted documents and unrecoverable IOS after the most recent upgrade. I visited iCloud.com and searched recoverable documents in the 'Advanced' section to see if the papers were there - they were not. I checked to see if iCloud in 'Settings' with all our devices - it is. Apple said at the time that we shouldn't count on iCloud for backup, because they cannot ensure our documents stored cloud will survive our specific to the device updates? Seriously? So I should relegate all iCloud to toy status devices because they are not reliable for work? Why our unit upgrades would replace somehow data that was stored "safely" remotely? Wasn't that the point of iCloud 'trust' in the first place. Can anyone talk me down off that ledge I'm about to throw my (many) features of work Apple out of? Thank you.

    Apple do not back up user iCloud storage and does not announce that iCloud is a backup service. It is a place of convenience for document sharing between Apple devices only. You alone are responsible for the backup of your files, and which is carried out with an external drive properly size Time machine and, possibly, yet another external drive that you clone your boot drive too.

    Time Machine backs up your documents in iCloud drive (if they were changed) with each hourly backup run. The condition is that the Mac must be signed in the iCloud and iCloud drive active. In addition, selected items in the category of Options iCloud drive will get photographed by Time Machine.

    With paragraph 2 is met, Time Machine will search your local library: Documents Mobile folder. It is the active content of your iCloud drive.

    Once iCloud drive is enabled in the Yosemite or later (on any device from Apple), devices iOS and Mac using the same Apple ID, but running older versions of Mac OS X will lose their documents in iCloud site. These documents will remain accessible on iCloud drive, but is no longer available on the old version of iCloud.

  • Where on MBP are iPhone backups stored?

    Where on my computer find the backups for my older iPhone2, v3.1.3 to remove? I want to use it as an iTouch but warned to remove the defective backup before continuing. In which file location is this iPhone backup located?

    Find and manage your backups iTunes [iOS] - https://support.apple.com/HT204215

    http://osxdaily.com/2009/09/11/iphone-backup-location/ - your iPhone files are saved in the following location:

    in Mac OS X:

    ~(Your Home Directory)/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup /.

  • How to "replenish" my iphone backup after being hard drive recovery

    Hello. (its my first time here)

    My windows 10 was then I copied all my data off the coast and decided to do a reset. It was only after I realized that my iphone backup was on it. Now would not be a problem on a normal day like what I have to do is just to backup my iphone again and have a backup on my computer. Now here's the twist, I sold my iphone last week and expect to buy one this week, so I did not have a working version as well. In any case, I immediately made a recovery of data on my hard drive using recuva and now I have different files from my hard drive that have all looks Greek to me. I have nothing else except my itunes files supported. So, how can I filter all my backups of itunes on the recovered data file and put them together to get a job to the top?

    All suggestions will be of a great help for me

    Hello rahish_J,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I understand that you have used a data recovery program to restore the data, and now you want to recover your iPhone back ups.  I suggest that you put the backups of your recovered data in the location of the file below, which should appear as an option to restore from iTunes.

    Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10

    Find device backups in \AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ \Users\ (user name)

    For quick access to the Application Data folder:

    1. Locate the search bar.
      Windows Vista or Windows 7: click Start.
      Windows 8: click the magnifying glass in the upper right.
      Windows 10: Click the search bar, next to the Start button.
    2. In the search bar, type:
    3. Press return.
    4. Double-click these files: Apple Computer > MobileSync > Backup.

    Find and manage your iTunes backups

    Take care.

  • I forgot the password for iphone backup

    I forgot the password for iphone backup

    Hi Laura,

    Sorry to hear that you forgot your iPhone backup password. You can try all possible passwords.

    See backups encrypted in iTunes - Apple Support about

    There is no way to recover your information or disable backup encrypted if you lose or forget the password.

    and lowest...

    You cannot use a backup encrypted if you do not have the password. If you have forgotten your password, the only way to turn off encryption on the backup device is to wipe your device and set up as new. Clear deletes all data on your device. If you do not want to erase your device, restore from a backup rather

    Take care.

  • I try to sync my MS Outlook calendar & contacts to icloud/iphone, ipad.  Now icloud holds my calendar and contacts, but when I try OT set an appointment, I get the dreaded message that it is not in the calendar for this account & wi

    I try to sync my MS Outlook calendar & contacts to icloud/iphone, ipad.  Now icloud holds my calendar and contacts, but when I try to set up an appointment, I get the dreaded message that it is not in the calendar for this account & will not be counted.

    My schedule is extremely important as are my contacts.  How to export the icloud to get back them to outlook.  I use MS Outlook 2010.  I can't put the icloud as my default - Help

    Which calendar you use, there will be two, one to iCloud and who is not, you must be in the iCloud calendar

  • How can I unlock an iPhone backup if I forgot the password

    How can I unlock an iPhone backup if I forgot the password encrypted

    You can not

  • ICloud drive backup from my MacBook Pro Finder folders?

    ICloud drive backup from my MacBook Pro Finder folders? I have Word for Mac and lots of jpg and PDF files in the My Documents folder that I'd like to back up.

    iCloud Drive is a synchronization system, not a backup system. Use an external drive for backups. So that documents to download, they are added to iCloud by car. iCloud drive will not load automatically the content of your Documents folder.

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