iCloud music library does not work on my new iPhone


iCloud music library has worked between my Mac, iPhone 6 and iPad Pro. However, it does not work on my new iPhone 7.

When I try turn it off and on again, I do not get the merge or replace guest library that every site seems to say that I see. When I turn it on and open the music, I don't see any of the artists or songs or playlists that I added on my other devices. Occasionally (maybe 5 times), several full minutes after activating the iCloud music library, I get the error "iCloud music library can be activated. I tried using different wifi, using LTE networks and to connect it to my Mac. I tried to reboot the device when enabling/disabling iCloud music library. I also tried to use file > library > update to iCloud music library iTunes. I've been at this for about 4 hours now and am about to start rider on my hair. Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.


You back up iPhone via iTunes or iCloud 7?

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    No idea how to solve this problem?

    Thank you


    Go to preferences and if library music iCloud is checked.


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    I've updated to Firefox 4.01 today and the Center knob on my Lenovo T400 does more. I downloaded the updated Ultranav utility and the Ultranav driver for my T400 by http://www-307.ibm.com/pc/support/site.wss/MIGR-72858.html , then uninstalled the 'Thinkpad Ultranav Driver' to add/remove programs, rebooted and then installed the update utility and driver (another reboot) and now it works perfectly.

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    Help, please


    Do you have also enabled the WLAN functionality by pressing FN + F8?
    Check it!

    In addition, I think the case is clear: the new wireless LAN card isn't compatible with Satellite A110.
    So in my opinion, you must use remove the new card Intel and install the old card that works fine in your laptop.

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    Hi Shlomi,
    Thanks a lot for the info. I'll give it a try today...

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    I wonder if I should delete and reinstall the App (how?)


    Well, the old farm and restart thing seems to have fixed.  Should try it before I posted.


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    Hi YouMaCry,

    You have any records? or a USB recovery?

    If you cannot install an OS on your SSHD your SSHD can be defective, because it is reading it is cluster/bad sectors. A defective HDD/SSD/SSHD can still be detected (sometimes even when it is defective).

    To be sure contact Lenovo Support Center and ask them to send you your SSHD/unit in a get fully tested Lenovo the SSHD repair depot - and have defective parts repaired within a reasonable time!

    See you soon

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    IR remote control does not work with the new iMac. From 24 "2007 machine to last 27"

    Correct, because Apple no longer includes the IR sensor in newer models

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    Hi, I had family security to work by removing the local account that I wanted to monitor and adjust it upward with a hotmail instead of just local account. Family safety has started working immediately and exactly as expected. I always think that theres a problem when people are trying to implement local accounts. Thank you for trying to help me in any case, if I need help in the future I will contact you guys once again.

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    Look under Tools.

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    The license we use for an old PC no longer valid for the new PC - uninstall of the old PC and still does not work on the new PC

    A disable the old installation before you uninstalled?  If this isn't the case, then it is always considered as enabled, which could mean that you have all your activations in use.  You can contact the Adobe Support via chat and ask them to reset your activations.

    Chat support - the link below click the still need help? the option in the blue box below and choose the option to chat...
    Make sure that you are logged on the Adobe site, having cookies enabled, clearing your cookie cache.  If it fails to connect, try to use another browser.

    Serial number and activation support (non - CC) chat
    http://helpx.Adobe.com/x-productkb/global/Service1.html ( http://adobe.ly/1aYjbSC )

    If none of this helps can you identify which software it comes and what error messages you get when you try to run on the new machine?

Maybe you are looking for

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