iCloud on my iOS device

This problem applies to both my iPad (2) and iPhone 5 s.  I now get the following notice: approval requirement sent - "to continue using iCloud on iPhone/iPad, do agree with one of your other devices using iCloud or enter your iCloud Security Code.  I have followed the given orientation, including the release of security issues, but NOT, apparently, have solved the problem.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You must approve of the other device, not MyAppleID.

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  • Backup both iCloud and Mac iOS devices?

    I went to a Genius Bar appointment today where the genius told me I can't back up my devices iOS by connected directly to my Mac. He said that the backup to iCloud over wifi is the same thing and I need to do both. He said if I've changed devices, I could do the restoration completely to iCloud, I don't have to restore from a Mac or time Machine.

    Can it be true? What applications I, who hold their own data? Can I count on iTunes store up to iCloud?

    Secondly, whenever I plug in my device iOS directly on my mac, iTunes/Photos wonder if I want to import a large number of photos, and then I end up with duplicates in my library of Photos.

    Of course, it is true. Since the launch of iCloud, Apple gives you the ability to save your iCloud or your like before Mac iOS devices. The advantage to backup your iPhone to iCloud, is that a backup is performed automatically when you load your iPhone and it is connected to a Wi - Fi network. See-> about backups in iCloud and iTunes - Apple Support

    Note that you can do iCloud backups backups and iTunes at the same time if you wish. When you plug your iPhone to your Mac, iTunes will keep the possibility to make a local backup if you want to.

    Regarding your second question, I suggest to create a second thread with it, so that you don't mess this thread with different themes. This will allow people with the same issue find the answer quickly.

  • Unsigned in iCloud on my ios device.

    Guys good day.

    My device is legitimate and attributed to me by my company.

    When I install my camera, I have only connected to App Store to download applications purposes.

    I not signed it to iCloud, because I forget my password just like what happened to my personal device...

    Now three 3 months, my camera has red screen.

    ASP technician that I turned off my find my iphone by iCloud.com app.

    I told him, unfortunately I did not sign to iCloud on my device ios, only App Store.

    Now my problem is, I couldn't turn off my find my iphone via iCloud simply because I can't find my device using iCloud.com.

    What references did you use to connect to the App Store, not your Apple ID?

  • Access iCloud by car, to the help of safari (or any such browser), on an iOS device


    Most of my data is stored in iCloud and when I don't have my camera iOS on me, I have no way to access my drive to iCloud without an iMac. Please let me know if there is a way in which I can collect, use, and download the data in my reader iCloud on an iOS device that is not mine.

    Thank you

    If you connect to any device iOS with your Apple ID and password, you have access to your content to iCloud.

    Not sure where you can get the data however.

  • Remove photos from ios devices.

    If I delete the photos on my ipad or iphone original will always be in my library icloud?

    I would still be able to access my photos, my icloud, on my ios devices, but do not want to store photos on them. I already have icloud configuration to optimize storage and photo stream is disabled on ipad, but turned on, on my iphone.  It's possible?

    The warning that I get when I delete a photo tells me that it will also be deleted in iCloud.

    have you thought about a service like Flickr? You can configure it to automatically download photos, and he keeps private until make them you public. It is also free and works on android, iOS, and office. (Given the iCloud limit size, that's what Ive started to use for my photos, you get a terabyte of space instead of 5 gig)

    And beyond their downloading, what you change on Flickr is not performing what is on your device and vice versa... I deleted the photos off my camera and had them again are on my flickr.

  • Imports of my camera appear on all iOS devices.

    I have a single library in my Photos for Mac (MacBook Air) and I put it to automatically forward your photos to iCloud and my iOS devices (photo stream indicator is activated). That's fine when most of my photos is taken with my phone. However, I recently downloaded ~ 1000 photos of my DSLR camera and they take a lot of space on my Mac and now also showed on my phone! What I want to do is to download my photos from digital SLR camera in the Photos app to work on a project, store them on iCloud, but they don't appear on my phone. How should I do? Is it better to create a different library in pictures and there no sync for my iOS devices? I had no such problem with iPhoto because only the photos from my iPhone were download of Photo Stream (rather than 2-way streaming). As to the issue of space I had stored my iPhoto on an external device library. I'm just trying to understand how best to manage this problem in Photos for Mac.

    You can have a library that is enabled for iCloud on your Mac, if you activate my Phto Stream for this library to download from your iiPhone, it will be 2-way and also download on the iPhone.

    If you want to only download from the iPhone, do not use y Photo Stream, but download by connecting the iPhone to a USB port.

  • keep the photos in icloud, but remove them from the iOS device?

    Hi, need help to keep my old photos in the cloud, then to remove them from my iphone device. I can also keep on my mac but still once, how can I make sure that when I delete from my iphone I can still access them in the cloud or on my big Mac? My phone is getting to the maximum it can hold up to now need to move them to a storage for later viewing device, editing or other.

    Thank you

    You cannot store pictures on iCloud and remove them from your device. Remove them on the phone also icloud removes them. You can set for storage optimized on your device that compresses the resolution of the device stored photos, keep the originals in iCloud.

    If you want to be able to todelete pictures from your phone and store them elsewhere, you must use subscription such as Dropbox cloud storage or store them on your computer.

    iOS: import personal pictures and videos of iOS devices to your computer

  • How to use iCloud for Windows if I don't have a fisrt iOS device sign in with?

    I lost 135 MB of download capacity for iCloud for Windows, so I can participate in the program of sharing with my children, to see the miserable piece of software I have to first sign with an iThingee, which I did and refuse to buy.  This makes iCloud for WIndows USELESS!  Ther3e anyway for me to activate iCLoud for Windows WITHOUT either one) fouling up to iThingees of my children by making them sign me on my Apple account and then re - configure their machines to RETURN on their own AFTER I get iCloud for WIndows goes on my Surface or b) purchase of an iThingee that I refuse categorically to buy?

    As you found, family sharing requires a Mac or an iOS device to start with. You can read this information on the use and configuration of the sharing of the family. Implement the family share - Apple Support  You can't use it on the Windows computer until it is configured on an iOS or Mac device.

  • iCloud content not showing on other iOS devices

    I'm moving my 6s iphone iMovie projects, more to the iCloud. When I pull up to iCloud I see movies on my device in the iCloud. When I access the cloud devices iOS files aren't there. What I am doing wrong?

    Where everything in the cloud you're moving, if it is iCloud Drive, look in iCloud drive on other devices.

  • using iCloud and numbers on iOS Devices

    Is it possible to create a spreadsheet in numbers in iCloud, share it with others and allow them to edit the spreadsheet on another iOS device? (iPad, iPhone)

    I don't see why not - https://help.apple.com/numbers/icloud/1/#/gild62969b3a

  • How can I delete a file on my iOS device that I downloaded from my iCloud? I just want to keep the Preview on my iOS device without using my storage iOS for the entire file.

    How can I delete a file on my iOS device that I downloaded from my iCloud? I just want to keep the Preview on my iOS device without using my storage iOS for the entire file. This means that the file is still in the iCloud and available to be downloaded to any device.

    In practice, I want to be able to scan and download through my documents located in my iCloud and once I didn't need them on my iOS device I would like 'load their return to the cloud' to my storage of the iOS device is not used.

    Thank you in advance to the community!


    The only way I found to do that once a file has been downloaded is to remove it and add it again through either from Finder on Mac or iCloud.com.

  • Albums, do not sync on iOS devices since the upgrade to icloud

    HI, a couple of months, I've upgraded to 200 GB storage iCloud and transferred my library (about 100 GB).  All my photos and videos are synchronized on my iOS (originals on my iMac) devices, but albums I created since the unsynchronized upgrade. I can't work out why, anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you

    Are your albums, smart albums?  Only standard albums will be synchronized to iOS devices.

  • How to use iCloud for PC without an iOS device?

    I received an invitation to join a place to share photos of iCloud.  I'm not an Apple user, do not have an iOS device (or plan in the near future).

    I've created an Apple ID iCloud and have iCloud account.  I downloaded and installed iCloud for Windows on my PC.  However when I try to run the program and enter my Apple ID and password to connect, I get the following message:

    Unable to connect

    Your identifier Apple must serve to iCloud on an OS X device or an iOS to install before you can use iCloud for Windows.

    Is this to say that I can't access the iCloud photo sharing subscription since I did not have an iOS device to set up my account?  ICloud photos can be shared with users who have an iOS device to that?

    Thanks in advance.

    You can create an Apple on a Windows PC ID, but you cannot create an iCloud account - it is a separate additional process and unless you've been able to create one on a Mac or iOS device you don't have an iCloud account, only an Apple ID. This is why the error message you see.

    iCloud accounts are essentially positioned as a way for Mac/iOS users synchronize data from their devices and are a free service at the Starter level; the control panel is intended for users of Mac/iOS, which also happens to have a Windows PC. They are not intended for Windows users only. Unless you can find a way to set up a device to iCloud on a Mac or an iOS device, you will not be able to move forward.

    iCloud sharing photos can be configured as a public or private - the first are directly accessible in any web browser, but private sharing requires you to have iCloud account. If your source is not willing to set up a public share (that would be accessible to the world in general) you will not be able to access it without an iCloud account.

  • When I rename an iOS device should I update my iCloud account?

    I have four iOS devices: two iPhones and two iPads. If I rename one of them (in settings, general, all) what I need to also connect to applid.apple.com and play with the list of devices, named it there? The same question could be applied if I get rid of an iPad and relpace with a version more recent. (Maybe when installing I could give the most recent of the same name than the one it replaces...)

    The point being, of course, I don't want to run afowl of the limit of five magical device in the App Store.

    Responded to me via Apple assistance call. (1) the limit is 10 devices and not 5 as I thought. (2) devices can be modified and managed by logging to the appleid account, addition or subtraction of the devices. (I could even, as I said, provide the new iPad with the same name as my other older and simplify my own danged 'accounting'.) So there. Thanks for supporting.

  • Photos shared on iOS devices use data?

    I have created a number of shared albums in the Photos on my Mac and iOS devices.

    When other people visit then shared albums, what data are used to access?

    I invited a person to see a shared album which had mobile data off on their iOS device and no wifi. However, they were able to access a shared album which surprised me because I assume they would have need of mobile data or wifi.

    Shared albums are stored locally on the iOS devices. Photos downloads smaller and optimized versions pictures of an iPhone. iCloud, sharing photos - Apple Support

    Once shared, pictures taken with your standard devices, iOS devices or cameras have up to 2048 pixels on the long edge. Panoramic photos can be up to 5400 pixels wide.

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