iCloud Photo Library Download stuck after changing icloud account

This is FYI if someone of another encounter the same problem, I've had.

My daughter Mac and iphone used a common icloud account that has been set up for the family some time ago.   She had a lot of photos stored in icloud, through Photos.  We decided to create account it with his own icloud and itunes recently.

The first question icloud was in its disconnection from the old account.  The message that you will lose pictures and videos that are not fully downloaded to the Mac we fear for a few days because there is no easy way that we could find to determine in advance what photos and videos were not fully downloaded.  So, we tried for these days download all photos and videos but did not seem to make any progress.  After a few days, we have bet that we could continue with disconnection and risk losing the photos and videos they would be still in icloud under the old account.  Then we saw on the screen depending on who told us that we will lose only 3 photos and 1 video - too bad that the screen has not come earlier.  So we disconnected.

The second question icloud came after connected to the new icloud account and tried to get his Mac photos to sync up to pictures of icloud.  We spent 2 or 3 days waiting for them to update and 2 separate calls with Apple support but no resolution.  There were two additional things, I noticed: 1) the iCloud library update bar (under preferences/Photos/account) remained empty (i.e., no green progress bar) for 2 or 3 days indicating no progress has been made and 2) next to the heading 'ICloud photo library' was the message in red that I had 29 (then 28 then 27) days to download my photos to icloud prior to their removal.  It made me suspicious that it was a reference to the photos under the old account and I was connected to the new account.  So, today, I bet and disconnected the new icloud account and once again had the same 3 photos and 1 video message would be deleted, that I accepted.  Then I signed in to the new account icloud, got informed that I had too little space on the new account to all the pictures and videos to download, I opted for more space (paying), end connection, then pictures/properties/account and viola, iCloud library update bar now give me 1) a number of pictures to download and green 2) in the progress bar.

So, to summarize:

  1. If you're worried about losing your photos (or other files) If you disconnect your icloud account, note 1) you should be able to recover if you reconnect to the account and 2) that there is a window that will tell you how much you will lose (even if have never heard you those who), and
  2. If the synchronization ends up with no apparent progress made (especially no count of how many must be synchronized or no visible 'green' progress) then a possible solution is to disconnect, and then reconnect to your icloud account.

Don't forget to let Apple know it so that they can improve their service to the future- http://www.apple.com/feedback/

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    You are looking to Apple-on-storage I find this information:

    It's confusing me. Would it not 95 x 2 = 190 GB photos?

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    When you open iPhoto photo library, it creates a library. The image in the new library files are created in a very smart way.  Photos created new hard links files. A hard linked file is stored in the same location as the original file, so the new file needs no additional storage. But the operating system remembers how many files is stored there, and only if the last linked file has been deleted storage will be released. You can delete the two files independently, and the other linked file will continue to work.

    So, you can delete the iPhoto library if you do not longer, but it will not save storage space:

    See these documents:

    But remove your iPhoto library, only if you are sure, that yu didn't need longer, after having checked if all the photos of migrate safely. I #d keep a backup of the library from somewhere.

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    • "Clear the Cache": Tools > Options > advanced > network > storage (Cache) offline: 'clear now '.
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    I recently spent on 'iCloud photo library' and 'optimize storage iPhone '. I currently do not have access to a Mac, but I hope it will be once the MacBook is updated for the month of June. When I start to use the Photos on OS X app, I select 'iCloud photo library' & 'Download the originals for mac' so all my photos will be downloaded and stored locally, as well as on iCloud?

    Thanks in advance.


    When I start to use the Photos on OS X app, I select 'iCloud photo library' & 'Download the originals for mac' so all my photos will be downloaded and stored locally, as well as on iCloud?

    It is preferable, Yes. Work with your photos is faster, if you do not need to download icloud before changing them or their navigation. You can use them in browser media in other applications, whether they are stored locally.

    And you can keep a local backup of your photos with Time Machine, if you select 'download the originals for mac '.

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    Very simply:

    -My partner and I have separate iPhones.

    -We both share a macbook.

    -J' currently have pictures of store / photo stream from my iPhone on the iCloud.  Back-up of my phone is also on the iCloud.

    -No pictures are stored on the macbook.

    -J' currently use Photo to view my photos to iCloud and use it to organize photos into folders etc.

    I want to backup my iPhone of partners on the macbook.

    I would also like to back up his library on the macbook (currently on an external storage device)

    1. What is the best way to organize and keep libraries and separate backup?  I didn't want the files become mixed, and also when the future backups are completed.

    2. it would make a difference if we create the separate connection for the macbook and log-in and log-out?  We currently share a little a login.

    Thank you!

    The easiest way would be to create a user for your partner account.

    If it connects to his user account before you plug in your iPhone, you will not accidentally import photos into your photo library.

    Create a separate account for her and she can create her own photo library and regularly import new pictures from this library.

    If you do not want to use a separate account, to create a library of Photos second for his pictures, and before you plug his iPhone, double-click its photo library to open it. Then his photos will be imported to this library. Switch to your library by double-clicking your photo library.

    See this Help Page: using multiple libraries

    If she had his own user account, she could use my photo stream automatically transfer photos to the Mac.

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    My iPhone 6 (iOS 9.3.1) a iCloud than on Library w / download and keep the originals. Problem is that he is stuck download 1 789 points (3.45 GB 7.90 GB)

    I Upload to My Photo Stream & iCloud, photo sharing is turned off. iCloud has 200 GB of storage and plenty of space. My Mac OS and iOS are connected to the same iCloud account. Also, I have removed my recently deleted on all devices.


    I have red that upload works only via WiFi. I've been sync'd wifi even forever now.

    How can I fix it?

    The iCloud library synchronization is a very slow process. Literary can take several days, or even weeks.


    1. you can leave the long process and see what happens;

    2. you can go to settings > camera & photo > disable iCloud photo library, then turn it on again later.

  • My images full resolution stay in my photo library iCloud after downloading the originals on my Mac?

    Good afternoon

    I am currently downloading my entire photo library on my Mac from my iCloud Photo Library - I want to save the originals on a hard drive external.

    I've always had the value "optimize storage space", will be the full resolution original images stay in the cloud after the originals have downloaded on my Mac?

    Most of them is shot in RAW format and I still want their cloud to use Lightroom without having to import them all into LR first.

    Thank you, Aimee

    Yes, iCloud library still retains full resolution photos, unless you delete them

  • Download Photos library to iCloud

    After converting my iPhoto photo library, the size of the photo library in the finder is 135 GB and the amount of pictures is a testament to the library is 26 673 when the "All Photos" album is selected. The quantities are close to those originally iPhoto library.

    I then started to load the new photo library on iCloud where, during the download process, the dialog box indicates that it is 'uploading 9306 points (xx.xx GB GB 104,46),"where xx.xx is the current amount downloaded so far.

    The difference in quantity and size of the photo is disturbing. Y at - it a reasonabe explanation?

    From what I saw other people post, the number changes often. See types of files that you can use in the linked article. Which may explain part of the difference.

    Photo FAQ Library

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    It'll take some time according to the signal from your ISP and Wi - Fi.  Make sure that your signal is good.

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    I recently changed my icloud account, and all my photos were deleted from my iphone since then...

    I went back to my old icloud account where all the photos are stored in an attempt to upload them to my device. all the photos are indeed still on my old icloud account but I can't seem to download them on my device.

    Please can someone explain how can I download my photo library of the icloud to my iphone account more than 6 s?

    Thank you!


    Turn on iCloud photo library on the phone. (settings > photos & camera)

  • Should be opened on mac or iPhone for photos to download to sync and photo library photos iCloud?

    I installed iCloud photo library, and I downloaded all of my photos and albums. My question or problem is that when I do rather small changes, i.e. Add one to five photos to an album, he seems to take an extremely long time before changes are visible on the photos on my iPhone.

    That is the Macbook Air, or the iPhone, must not sleep for downloading to take place? Should photos be opened on each device so that he can get?

    Thanks for your help,



    On the iPhone, it must either:

    • be in use (not necessarily in the Photos app)
    • or be in mode 'sleep', plugged in and connected to wifi

    On mac, you must have the application open and the mac for not being in mode 'sleep'. OS X Powernap Feature does not support the iCloud photo library (I've done a request for comments)


  • Is there a way to download photos from my iPhone to my photo library iCloud without having my iCloud all that downloaded on my iPhone photo library?

    I just got a new iPhone 7. I was able to import all of my photos and videos of my previous iPhone 6 on my photo library to iCloud. I would like to import the photos that I take on my current iPhone to my previous library without going through my library iCloud just downloaded on my current iPhone. I would just like to see all on my Mac. Is it possible that it is possible? Thank you.

    I'm not entirely sure or understand what you're asking.  If you import pictures from your device, it is stored in iCloud photo library.

    If you're wondering if it is possible to store photos only in iCloud, and not the on your device, the answer would be no, because iCloud is not traditional storage cloud based, i.e. it is a sync/mirroring system, allowing you to synchronize all your photos on all of your devices and make them available instantly , or almost immediately in some cases.

Maybe you are looking for