iCloud shows my purchase downloaded as not downloaded nor on my iPhone and iTunes

Well, I swear to you that sometimes I am crazy because of the iCloud function, first of all I want to know what a little problem is that? I am on iOS 9.2.1 and 6s iPhone more and just bought an entire season to see the TV for my camera and I downloaded all the episodes and I can see my episodes on my video player, but when I check my purchased television show iTunes page it shows that of episode 1 as it is downloaded and the rest of them are ready to download once more by the iCloud bias.

I can't synchronize even (just for this purchase) expect my phone to transfer the episodes episode 1 as I said above in my PC (iTunes), the rest not synchronized and available for download via iCloud again on my PC or my iPhone. If I want to upload them to my phone it would be double file again.

I know that I know that I had confused the same as you, but what is? Do I need to download again the rest on my iTunes? I don't want to pay and lose my internet because of this unknown problem.

Is it possible to synchronize the rest of the episodes to iTunes and view it as all downloaded either iTunes TV Show tab or iTunes store page show?

Come on guys, everyone? makes me crazy as you, I know, but there should be an answer!

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