iCloud works well except cannot access PC Calendar

User iCloud the iPhone calendar long two 6 +, an iPad Air and two Windows PC (via icloud.com), with Uverse as ISP.

This has worked well for years.  For about the last month, I was unable to access the calendar from a PC.  I constantly receive

Unavailable or slow network. The application takes more time to load than expected.

followed by

Calendar could not be loaded. There was a problem loading the application due to a lack of resources or possible network error.  Please try again.

Try later failed, repeatedly.  I tried with several browsers, all with the same result on both computers (one Windows 10, the other Vista).

I can connect to all other iCloud on the PC with the exception of calendar components.  I can access the calendar from any device not PC.  I clicked on "send to Apple."

Is anyone else having similar problems, or someone has an idea for a next step?

Thank you.


I'm having the same problem.  I can access calendar of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, but is no longer through IE.

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  • Since the upgrade to you Bird 45.5.1am cannot access the calendar. Don't have re-installed lightning but no tabs or menu items added. Have restarted you bird & PC reboot.

    Since the last update to Thunderbird 45.5.1 cannot access the calendar (where I hope to recover all my appointment with the doctor for 2017). Have reinstalled Lightning (then restarted you bird, & also tried a reboot of the PC) and although if I have Add-ons Manager access it allows me to disable or remove 4.7.4 Lightning there is no way to access the calendar - there are no tabs, menus or extra sidebars. Also tried different keyboard shortcuts, F11, ctrl-shift-C that does not receive me in two. Any help would be appreciated / thank you

    Resolved in the clear light of day and with my newly saved profile, I used the delete option in the Add-ons Manager to uninstall the lightning. After the reboot of you bird I have re-ran then install Lightning of the Add-ons Manager. That worked and found my old calendar events as well - if all is good now.

    Hope this info helps someone else who has the same problem.

  • Just upgraded to El Capitan and cannot access the calendar. It opens with a "Shift schedules to the server" message Can only Force Quit

    Just upgraded to El Capitan and cannot access the calendar. It opens with a message 'Moving calendars to the server.

    I cannot access all features and can be closed only by using force quit.

    Please stop calendar and also the application of reminders, runs. Force quit if necessary.

    Back up all data.

    If you synchronize some of your calendars, or reminders with iCloud, then in the iCloud preferences window, uncheck that marked calendars and reminders. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to remove your iCloud calendars and reminders of the computer. They will always be in iCloud. Re-check the boxes.

    If you synchronize agendas or reminders with another network such as Google service, please open the preferences panel Internet accounts. Make a note of the settings for calendar accounts, then delete and recreate.

    Launch schedule and see if there is an improvement.

  • I tried to install Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 on MAC OS 10.10.3 (iMac, retina). All this work well except Acrobat Pro! I always get the message: Exit Code 6 fTl - error (s) 2 (s) WARNING (s)

    I'm working on a new iMac, retina 4 GHz with system 10.10.3

    When I reinstall Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, I get a problem with Acrobat Pro! Complete installation works well except Acrobat Pro. I get the following message:

    Exit code: 6

    -------------------------------------- Summary --------------------------------------

    -0 fatal Error (s), 2 error (s), 0 warning (s)

    ERROR: DW050: the following payload errors were found during the installation:

    ERROR: DW050:-Acrobat Professional: installation failed


    Dose anyone have a solution?

    Hi Daniel,.

    You can consult the following document and follow the steps mentioned and see if that solves the problem for you.

    The document is on the Exit Code 6 and 7 of the Exit Code for CS5 and CS5.5.

    Errors ' Exit Code: 6, "" Exit Code: 7 "|"» CS5, CS5.5

    Let us know how it goes. Please come back if this does not solve your problem.


    Sukrit diallo

  • iCal keeps crashing, cannot access the calendars folder in library

    Hi, I know that this question/very similar who have been posted, but I have a problem with iCal on my Macbook Air. I am running OS X El Capitan v 10.11.5. iCal does not work on my macbook; currently when I open it, only about 3 weeks events value are displayed (that are shifted back exactly 4 weeks now) and no other event in the past or the future appear.

    I see all my events both on my calendars iCloud on my iPhone and using iCloud online.

    I tried to access my calendar folder in the library, but he can find. When you try to delete my iCloud account to put new, nothing happens. I hit the button Delete and then tap on delete of Mac, but the iCloud account remains.

    I'm not sure if that was the issue, but I subscribe to a calendar and had some problems, so I created a new Calendar iCal subscription-related. I tried to delete the original, but whenever I do, I ran into iCal crashing. I've seen a lot of responses from forum saying that I had to go in my

    Libraries-> folder calendars but I don't see a folder calendars here.

    Any advice on how to remove the calendar and/or iCal works correctly again would be appreciated; Thanks in advance for your time!

    Hi Boris: I'm the kind of low-tech and does not even have a smartphone, but I also use El Capitan on my iMac 27 "and, like Yosemite, the library files and caches should be there.  To access it, hold down the Option key while you are scrolling to the bottom of the column to go to the top left corner.  You should see the library.  He has deliberately designed to use an extra step so that you won't accidentally inside.  You should see calendars.  I often erase 3 caches if there are questions, and they build back up again.  I also try to delete all external files, if I don't have a lot of space on my iMac.  Really, I do not use a calendar that many but a lot.  Hope this helps, but the library is hidden I guess to make sure that you don't go too much in.

  • Cannot access the calendar delegate by using cfexchangeConnection


    I need to access calendar events from a user who has delegated to me their schedule on the company Exchange Server access. The delegation is in place and I am able to view/edit the other calendar users by using the Outlook 2007 client, so I know that the rights of delegation are correct, but I am not able to query events using the ColdFusion cfexchange tags *.

    According to ColdFusion documentation, it is possible, see http://help.adobe.com/en_US/ColdFusion/10.0/Developing/WSc3ff6d0ea77859461172e0811cbec14f3 1 - 7ff6.html


    • Updated ColdFusion Enterprise 10 x 64 running on Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS 64 x 0
    • Exchange Server Standard 2010 SP 1 running on Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Outlook 2007 running on Windows XP Professional SP3


    The following code is what I use, with the specific and sensitive bits removed. If I remove the nom_boite_aux_lettres attribute, or if I use the same username value, then I can successfully see 25 of my calendar of events. However, when I use the name of the mailbox of the person who delegated access to their calendar to me I get the below error.

    The other user delegated access to me for within their Outlook 2007. They did this by going to the Tools menu, select Options, by clicking on the delegates, and then by clicking on the Add button, select my name, by clicking on the Add button, by clicking on the OK button and then give me Calendar = Editor permissions and none for all other permissions.

    I should also mention that if I use an Exchange account that got the Exchange administrator rights and access to another users mailbox box I am able to see other users events. However, if I try to use my credentials, which is the way we need to work, it fails.


    < cfexchangeConnection

    action = 'open '.

    connection = "myExchangeConnection."

    username = "myUserName".

    password = "mySecr3t".

    Server = "exchange.company.com".

    formBasedAuthentication = 'yes '.

    formBasedAuthenticationURL = " " https://Exchange.company.com/owa/auth/owaauth.dll "

    Protocol = 'https'

    ServerVersion = "2010".

    nom_boite_aux_lettres = "otherUserName".


    < cfexchangecalendar

    action = 'get '.

    name = "myCalendar".

    connection = "myExchangeConnection."


    < cfexchangefilter

    name = "LignesMax".

    value = "25" >

    < / cfexchangecalendar >

    Error message

    Detail that the specified object is not found in the store.

    Message could not connect to the server with the credentials.

    StackTrace coldfusion.exchange.webservice.EWS

    Exception: Could not connect to the server with the credentials. at coldfusion.exchange.webservice.EWSConnection.login(EWSConnection.java:1777) at coldfusion.tagext.net.exchange.ExchangeTag.createConnection(ExchangeTag.java:499) at coldfusion.tagext.net.exchange.ExchangeConnectionTag.doEndTag (ExchangeConnectionTag.java: 70) in coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage._emptyTcfTag(CfJspPage.java:2800) to cfindex2ecfm2100699610.runPage(/mnt/hgfs/ftcr/index.cfm:72) to coldfusion.runtime.CfJspPage.invoke(CfJspPage.java:244) to coldfusion.tagext.lang.IncludeTag.doStartTag(IncludeTag.java:444) to coldfusion.filter.CfincludeFilter.invoke(CfincludeFilter.java:65) to coldfusion.filter.IpFilter.invoke(IpFilter.java:64) to coldfusion.filter.ApplicationFilter.invoke(ApplicationFilter.java:443) to coldfusion.filter.RequestMonitorFilter.invoke(RequestMonitorFilter.java:48) to coldfusion.filter.MonitoringFilter.invoke(MonitoringFilter.java:40) to coldfusion.filter.PathFilter.invoke(PathFilter.java:112) to coldfusion.filter.LicenseFilter.invoke(LicenseFilter.java:30) to coldfusion.filter.ExceptionFilter.invoke(ExceptionFilter.java:94) to coldfusion.filter.ClientScopePersistenceFilter.invoke (ClientScopePersistenceFilter.java:2 8) at coldfusion.filter.BrowserFilter.invoke(BrowserFilter.java:38) at coldfusion.filter.NoCacheFilter.invoke(NoCacheFilter.java:46) at coldfusion.filter.GlobalsFilter.invoke(GlobalsFilter.java:38) at coldfusion.filter.DatasourceFilter.invoke(DatasourceFilter.java:22) at coldfusion.filter.CachingFilter.invoke(CachingFilter.java:62) at coldfusion.filter.RequestThrottleFilter.invoke(RequestThrottleFilter.java:151) at coldfusion. CfmServlet.service(CfmServlet.java:204) at coldfusion.bootstrap.BootstrapServlet.service(BootstrapServlet.java:89) at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter (ApplicationFilterChain.j ava: 305) at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:210) at coldfusion.monitor.event.MonitoringServletFilter.doFilter (MonitoringServletFilter.java:42) at coldfusion.bootstrap.BootstrapFilter.doFilter(BootstrapFilter.java:46) at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter (ApplicationFilterChain.j ava: 243) at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter(ApplicationFilterChain.java:210) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapperValve.invoke(StandardWrapperValve.java:224) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContextValve.invoke) StandardContextValve.java:169) at org.apache.catalina.authenticator.AuthenticatorBase.invoke(AuthenticatorBase.java:472) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardHostValve.invoke(StandardHostValve.java:168) at org.apache.catalina.valves.ErrorReportValve.invoke(ErrorReportValve.java:98) at org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve.invoke(AccessLogValve.java:928) at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardEngineValve.invoke(StandardEngineValve.java:118) at org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.service(CoyoteAdapter.java:414) at org.apache.coyote.http11.AbstractHttp11Processor.process at org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol (AbstractHttp11Processor.java:987) $AbstractConnectionHandler.process (AbstractProtocol.jav one: 539) to org.apache.tomcat.util.net.JIoEndpoint$ SocketProcessor.run (JIoEndpoint.java:300) to java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Worker.runTask (ThreadPoolExecutor.java:886) to java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Worker.run (ThreadPoolExecutor.java:908) at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)

    I was finally able to get this working. The fault does not seem be the code shown above, but rather a lack of clarity in the Adobe documentation and an adjustment in the access rights the user "otherUserName" has given to "myUserName".

    "The connections to the Exchange Server Management" section in the documentation States 'Development of Applications ColdFusion 10' 'you can also connect it to a mailbox whose owner has delegated access on behalf of the user to connect. I understood to mean that, if the owner delegates simply to access Calendar to my user account that I can query their calendar. However this does not seem to be the case. The user had to delegate calendar access and access to the Inbox to my user account before I could ask just their calendar events.

    The other direction, I found to do this is to create an Exchange account with Exchange administrator privileges and granting access to mailboxes mailbox users. I would use then this Exchange account for the user name and password in the cfexchangeconnection and can question the events of all the users who Exchange account had access to.

  • Cannot access the calendar from Windows Vista Home Premium all of a sudden... get error message indicating it is disabled... Help, please!

    After 1 year with the help of Windows Calendar on Vista Home Premium, I'm suddenly not able to use it (impossible to add new appointments and stored all appointments have mysteriously disappeared). I get a message saying "You cannot add appointments to a calendar that is disabled" the details of State "access denied." ... How is - it happened 'out of nowhere '? How to activate it? It's very frustrating... I searched the forums and Microsoft google the question. I found some results suggesting to either change the registry or download the fix automatically and manually merge in my registry. I tried both with no result. I have event tried to remove the old calendar and create a new one... still nothing. Any suggestions? Help, please!

    Hello NYintelligentinvestor,

    Thank you for using the Microsoft Windows Vista Forums.

    Sorry, you have a problem with that.  What type of entry you are trying to add?

    Look at the calendar and on the left side, to half way down you will see a small block that will have something like "NYintelligentivnestor schedule" - there is a small block to the left of this one. To activate the calendar, click on the box to place a check mark in it.

    If there are calendar shown in this block, then go to "file" on the main toolbar and click on "new calendar" - one should then appears in a block with a check mark in the box on the left.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know status.  Thank you! Engineer James Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I get cannot load the icloud preferences panel and cannot access the photos

    I upgraded to Yosemite and now my photos do not recognize my icloud shared photos.  I tried to open the icloud preferences to ensure that pictures are always enabled but I get "unable to load the icloud preferences panel" every time.


    May be a corrupt .plist.

    Make a backup, preferably 2 backups on 2 separate drives.

    Quit the application.

    Go to Finder and select your user folder. With this Finder window as the windshield, select Finder/display/display options for presenting or order - J.  When the display options opens, check "show the library folder. This should make your visible user library folder in your user folder.  Select the library. Then go to Preferences/com.apple.systempreferences.plist.  Move the .plist on your desktop.

    Restart your computer, open the application and test. If it works fine, delete the plist for the office.

    If the application is the same, return the .plist where you got it, crushing the latest.

    Thanks to leonie for certain information contained in this.

  • Windows Magnifier works correctly, except that the window is opaque - cannot see through it.

    When I start the Magnifier it works well except that the window is opaque - cannot see through it.

    Hello Allen,.

    Something for to try you. Its called remove a wrong color profile. Go to control panel, then select color management. When this window opens be sure that the display on the main screen is your screen (monitor), then below make sure that the check box use my settings for this device is checked. Then scroll to the bottom of the page, click the color profile, and click on delete. Make your selection and click close to return back.

    How the Magnifier works now? Let me know if this solves the problem for you.

    Kind regards


  • Network error mystery - Windows cannot access \\server\users when you use the netbios name, but works fine when you use the full domain name.

    Hi all:

    Mystery - I have a Win 7 work company that cannot access a particular action.  I get the following error-"you are not allowed to access \\server\users.  Contact your network administrator to request access.  However, these users can access these files successfully on other computers, and also if I use the fqdn or the IP instead of the "netbios name server", it connects successfully.


    -Workstation and server at the same time in the same AD Windows 2008 r2 domain.

    -All users, admin and non admin, cannot access this share when connecting to this computer only.

    -ACCESS to the other actions on the same server, as well as actions on other servers.

    -The biggest mystery to me - if I type the FQDN, \\server.domain.local\users, it works!  What the?

    I tried:

    -Deletion of the domain and add it again, no improvement.

    -Check Event Viewer, nothing jumps (not red or yellow).

    -Enabled auditing for access to objects on the server, it does not show a failure in the security event log.

    -Turn off the firewall of my computer.

    -UN-share and re - share the directory.

    -Give everyone full control (the fact that it works well with de facto authorities a little full domain name, a candidate little likely, but I have an open mind).

    For anyone wishing to offer their 'help' by asking me to make some sort of workaround as re - install windows or turn off netbios or use only of the full domain name here on out or whatever, please Don ' t bother.  I appreciate your help, but I am quite able to reinstall and I'm not interested unique hacks that affect this otherwise network well managed, I'm looking for a solution that will allow me to save time and is a long-term solution.

    In my view, that a key point here maybe I can connect successfully using \\server.domain.local\users, but not \\server\users.  Someone at - it some thoughts?

    In DNS server of youe, go to the area in question and in the use of select search before Wins wins tab and enter the address of your wins server if you have one. If not, install one.

  • Cannot sync iphone calendar SE back to Oulook (Outlook synchronization works very well)

    Just bought iPhone SE (in lieu of 5 c).  I use Outlook on my PC for the Contacts and calendar.  My vision is synchronize Contacts to and FROM my new thin phone, calendar is only one-way synchronization.  I can sync the new events FROM Outlook to my phone, but cannot sync new calendar items, I got on my phone into Outlook.

    When I go in the calendar APP on my phone and click here to see the calendars are listed, he said FROM MY PC and calendar is checked.

    When I go into SETTINGS-Mail, Contacts, calendars and look at the Contacts - default account it says MY PC, but I don't have the same option for the calendar.

    It's only my calendar app that is not synchronized to my PC, the contacts app works very well.

    Can anyone help please?

    Have you tried a cloud calendar & contact sync? (Gmail, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.)

    It's instantaneous, no lag/delay, always up to date.

  • When I first installed the new 5.1 icloud, OUTLOOK 2016 worked well. Updated windows 10 and know icloud will not work. ICloud show that it works.

    When I first installed the new 5.1 icloud, OUTLOOK 2016 worked well. Updated windows 10 and know icloud will not work. ICloud show that it works. Have reinstalled icloud a lot of time and know that the add-in does not show up in OUTLOOK.  Help

    I was pulling my hair re the incompatibility of iCloud and Outlook of Office 365 2016.  I finally got things to work on three of my computers - which are on the latest version of Windows 10.

    The steps that worked for me:

    (1) uninstall the plugin iCloud (what version you have); the uninstall may fail but if so don't worry as step 3 below overlays some iCloud plugin version you have installed

    (2) open the Control Panel, uninstall, change/repair Office 365; Select fast repair

    (3) reinstall iCloud plugin (version 5.1), then restart the system by following the instructions

    (4) after the reboot, plug in iCloud application Apple ID and password; Make sure that you enter your apple with the suffix icloud.com ID (e.g., [email protected])

    (5) check the iCloud options to your will (e.g., photo synch, synchronization of bookmarks, sync mail/calendar, etc.)

    (6) check apply it, leave the work plugin iCloud for a minute, when he finishes, check the closing

    (7) open Outlook 2016 and check your calendar or contacts or anything that you indicated in step 5, that you want to synchronize with iCloud.com

    I hope it works for you!

  • My machine works all the microsoft Web sites. I can access the site for a few minutes, after a while, it displays a virtual memory and the next stage i cannot access sites Ms.

    Could not open the MS Sites

    My machine works all the microsoft Web sites. Formatted several times and doing a new installation, I can access the site for a few minutes, after a while, it displays a virtual memory and the next stage i cannot access sites MS. no software or installed applications. cool, but I can not go to Sites Ms. other Web sites, I can access.  Also tried to change the memory... no luck, I've seen other sites asking to change the settings of the modem or dial the ISP, but my 2nd computer work well on the same network, took my computer to the office network and found that the same problem exists... could someone help me please...


    Please let me know if:

    1. you are able to access other Web sites, or the question appear with only Microsoft based sites?

    All other websites work well. problem only in trying to gain access to www.microsoft.com

    2. What is the operating system that is installed?

    Windows XP Pro.

    3. are you aware of the physical RAM installed?

    1 GB

    4 and it meets the minimum requirements of the browser you are using?

    For the past 2 years my laptop works fine with the same hardware configuration. It stops working suddenly MS websites. I did not have all the hardware changes.

    Provide answers to the following questions.

    a. also mention the name of the operating system that you use.

    Windows XP Pro

    (b) is there an error message that is displayed when the site no longer works?

    trying to access the page from www.microsoft.com when rises, it is 'Impossible to view the Page.

    c. What is the browser you are using?

    Tried it on IE, mozilla and chrome.

    I tried to change the size of the memory virtual and also changed to the size of the managed system.

    formatted and installed xp pro with sp3 and I also tried formatting and install from different cd with xp and sp2. It works for 3 or 4 minute MS sites and the message immedly appears low virtual memory and it stops working MS sites.

    tried to change the physical memory.

    Tried with different browsers.

    at the top does not a little luck. :(

    Method 1: Please visit the following link to change the size of virtual memory

    Change the size of virtual memory


    Method 2:

    See the following links


    WARNING: Reset Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings


  • "Cannot access working group on some computers running XP - ' &#60; name of working group &#62; is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource ".

    I have a home with 4 PC network - one of them is running Windows 7 Home Premium (with homegroup disabled) and others running XP Pro.  The XP machines is called 'Server' and the server and the computer services browser running and set to automatic.  Two other computers, called "Notebook" and "Dell", as well as the machine Windows 7 have no file and sharing printers enabled and have specifically the Server service is disabled.

    My problem is that one of the two XP client machines cannot access the working group.  Let me be clear about this: I open Windows Explorer and click on "My network places"-> "entire network"-> "Microsoft Windows network", there is then a second 5-10 break and then my workgroup name is displayed.  When I click on the name of the Working Group, there is another ~ 10 second pause and then I get a message that says error " is not accessible.  You might not have permission to use this network resource.  Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have permissions.  A device attached to the system does not work. ', where is the name of my group to work for other days, after some of the computers are restarted, I find that the XP client has absolutely no problem with that; but the other now has this same problem.  In other words, the problem going on between two XP clients.

    Let's analyze: I have Windows on all PC firewall and any other firewall program.  I tried to disable the Windows Firewall and my anti-virus (temporarily), program without effect.  This may not be a problem with the way I've set up my actions because the error occurs when I try to click on the task force rather than a shared resource.  This cannot be a problem with a specific XP client because at different times, each of the two PCs worked perfectly without any changes of configuration made between the two.  It could be a problem with the server settings; but I don't see what it could be.  I tried editing

    HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters and changing

    IRPStackSize from 21 to 45, then 50.  I also tried to change the size of 2 to 3.  I restarted the server and the client XP and had no effect.

    I don't have the same account of user configured on all three machines.  However, this cannot be the issue because the problem occurs when I click on the task force, before the server name is still displayed.  In addition, each of these two XP clients have connected with their existing user accounts at times.

    I tried the Wizzard of configuration network running on all four machines, without effect.  I tried a lot of things, most of which I can't remember.  I'm at the end of my mind.  Help, please.


    Thanks for the continued support.

    By the advice of IPCONFIG, I looked at the registry for all computers and found EnableProxy wasn't there.  According to the documentation by default to 0, which is what we want.  However, I added it to all the computers and left it set to 0 and restarted the computer.  The node Type still said 'unknown '.

    Thanks for the info on the master browser.

    The ""Network location cannot be reached"when you access actions."
    the article talks about Windows 2003 Server and none of the symptoms mentioned relate to this situation.

    The "network adapter advanced troubleshooting for Windows workstations" is on hardware troubleshooting.  I think that it's probably not a problem because the computer has no trouble to access the internet, which is not possible if the card network are not working.

    I went through the AutoCorrect entry to reset the TCP/IP stack, even if the article describes symptoms such as difficulty to access the internet...  And...  THIS MARKET!

    After re-booting, the PC that was in trouble can now access the working group.  All other PCs can always too (have not tried to restart all over again).  AWESOME!  I can't thank you enough!

    I re-post if the syptoms happen; but for now, we can consider this issue RESOLVED.

    Thank you 1 million,


  • My iphone will not suddenly be updated to icloud photos?  It has been working well recently and I tried restore, reboot, turn iclould off photos and return, etc...  can anyone help?  well worked yesterday and now not...

    My iphone will not suddenly be updated to icloud photos?  It has been working well recently and I tried restore, reboot, turn iclould off photos and return, etc...  can anyone help?  well worked yesterday and now not... most of the time the number of photos don't match same new how I am download to icloud...

    Have you tried the signature to iCloud and then reconnect?

    Try a reset.

    Reset device

Maybe you are looking for

  • I forgot the pin, ipad disabled

    I need to reset my ipad and the officeial guide does not work: If you have forgotten the password for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports I can do just the 3rd option "erase your device with the recovery mode.

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