[Iconia talk S]: update auf Android 5.1 bzw. 6


portiek das Iconia talk S irgendwann ein Update auf 5 oder sogar auf 6?

Hello Kroekel,

ICH befurchte're bleibt beim 4.4.

Viele Grüße


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    If Toshiba please speak to us customers something of the future updates for Android tablets.

    It's just a community from user to user and I guess if an update is available, you will find public announcements on the pages of Toshiba and more, you will receive a notification via Toshiba Service Station which is preinstalled on Toshiba devices

  • AT100 - is updated to android 4 available?

    Y at - it an update to android 4 for a Tablet at100 in europe (France)?
    Thank you

    What is your model number? If it is a 3G model I don't think that there is an update of the ICS due to a problem of compatibility modem with ICS.

  • When the milestone of the ICCA to get an update official android 2.2?

    When the milestone of the ICCA to get an update official android 2.2?

    I have waiting for him. I hope that Motorola will examine on this subject.

    New update Android from Motorola site has been updated. Upgrading MILESTONE A853 began deployment in some countries. If it is not available for your phone, come back.


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    Install another operating system on your Touchpad is an option with the inherent risk, and is not supported on this Forum here.

    Try to research on your question on http://www.webosnation.com.  They have a section of the entire forum devoted to the "Android on the TouchPad HP".


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    Will I get an official update to Android 2.3 GingerBread for the Sony Ericsson W8. Or should I thorow it.

    See for your mobile (W8) version of android 2.1 is the latest version, and you don't receive news updates from sony

    However, I would not advice throw you: smileywink:

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    Würde mich sehr über hilfreiche Tipps freuen.

    Ingo Metzger wrote:

    According to the update on Win10 can my computer no longer recognizes the CD.

    Well it's unfortunately is no longer possible to install PS

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    Be happy with useful tips.

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    CS2 now needs a special version which you can download here

    Error: "Activation Server is not available. CS2, Acrobat 7, pass a hearing 3

  • Acer iconia w3... ERST should update auf win going 10... Jetzt fehlermeldung

    Bildschirm soll nicht installed breast

    There're eine Lösung oder muss ich damit "leben"?

    danke fur eure antwort

    Hallo jo2,

    denke der entry von Torben, dem Iconia W510 Post, dass auch Dir helfen, ich.


    Die beiden tablets should be den gleichen Chipsatz haben.

    Viele Grüße


  • Sony WT19i not updated to Android 4.0

    I recently purchased sony eric love with walkman (wt19i) and when I tried to updeage it to android ICW by companion sony PC, I got this erroe - in the section prepare - "unable to install or start phone software update components.

    The phone is connected mode MSC, which is recommended for the software update.

    Can someone help me where I am missing. I use my PC into administrative account and more than 20 GB of free space in my XP disc.

    error image is at the - http://postimage.org/image/xmfnbv3p3/

    Thank you.


    Thank you for your message. The forum here is for consumer electronics and VAIO. Smartphone Sony Support Forum is the place for Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson) users of smartphones from anywhere in the world for assistance or to help others.
    ... e http://talk.sonymobile.com/community/Su % 252Blink

  • Impossible update of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich


    I write here because I can not install the new version of Ice Cream Sandwich for my Xperia.
    I received it yesterday on the box it is well marked "Android 4.0. Scalable', so I followed this tutorial ( http://http :// www.gizmodo.fr/2012/06/23/xperia-s - ics.html) and he said that the software was already up to date.
    When I'm on the phone in "settings" then "phone information" I say my version is Android 2.0, not 4.0, whereas with the link given above I succeed and be the ice cream sandwich.
    Also, I searched a bit and I found this link ( http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/tools/update-service), so I installed the software, then I followed the steps, even after he told me I had the software update. Then I reinstalled everything z as software with little or not data I have nothing to lose, I want the update before I do the rest.
    So... Now what should I do?
    What can I do?
    There is a display problem and I am still under the most recent version? If so, how do you know which version you have?
    If not, what is the solution, what is the problem?

    Thank you in advance, good day to you all


    Have you checked if your IF is listed for the ICS update yet?


  • Downloaded latest update for Android mobile and lost of useful links.

    Downloaded last update for Firefox Android mobile. Why he changed all the links to the firefox logo, which makes them useless? Found no way to reverse update so deleted app and lost all the links, history etc. Not found any advantage in Firefox, is it normal or I am doing something wrong. Many medical links resulting from hours of research on recent diagnosis now permanently lost. Thank you.

    Hello, you can recover data ypur if you had activated the synchronization.

  • AT100 - update to android 3.2

    I try to activate the encryption on my tablet, but it seems to be freezing everytime I try.
    What I read that it would seem that encryption on 3.1 does not work (which is the OS that I currently have).

    It's going to be until an update available for the Toshiba AT100 upgrade the operating system to 3.2 or maybe 4?

    The 3.2 for AT100 Android seems to be available in European Union.
    The update should be distributed through the Service Station to check this app

  • Slate6 BONE damaged during the update to Android 4.4.2

    Everything was ok until last night and received an update to 4.4.2.

    The downloaded file has been approximately 519 MB and I downloaded it completely with my wifi.

    The battery was about 92%.

    But after the restart and the installation of the update, my device is completely altered.

    When I turn it on, it shows only "HP" logo followed by this picture.

    I tried the rest of the factory and cleared all caches, but there is no use of it.

    My phablet is now completely unemployed.

    I also downloaded 'Android Jelly Bean restore the Image' and tried to install it via an external card. But the message next (error) occurred.

    "assert failed: getprop ("ro.product.device") =="Grenade "|" getprop ("RO. Build.Product") =="Grenade ".

    E: error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip

    (Status 7)

    Abandoned facility. »

    Now, I have no idea what to do next.

    I solved it. Here is the solution. Download this update and just install it via the external card.

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-139354-1 & CC = in & DLC = in & LC = on & os = 4153 & Product = 6967698 & sw_lang =

  • Moto G3 does not work after update of android M

    When I heard from a friend who has a G3 that it has upgraded to android M, I did the same thing and check the updates, has obtained the option to update and then downloaded. Since he has been taking the time to update, I left and when I came back the screen was black (active backlight). There is no navigation button and if I try to force the reboot then the phone reboots as it did when I had 5.1.1 android but just at the point where to appear locked, screen black screen appears and there is nothing I can do about it.

    Do you have modded phone or bootloader unlocked etc.. Try to wipe cache partition and control upgrade, or if it does not, do factory reset once through recovery and verification on the issue.

  • Updated to Android L Motog1st - cellular data gone

    I bike g 1st generation phone with two sim purchased from flipkart India card slots. I received notifications from upgrade to version lollipop so I accepted and upgraded to Android lollipop. After that OS upgraded characteristic of cell phone data are non-functional. I am not able to connect to 2g or 3g data service. This phone launched in India combined 3g capable of 3g and 2g data connectivity.

    My phone 1 sim card slot is damaged if I have the sim card in the sim slot 2. Before the upgrade to Android I worked with card slot sim phone 2 for calls, messages and data without problem, but after upgrading to the latest phone from the Android version is not able to connect to the cellular data.

    Wi Fi works very well as I was able to connect to public WIFI coffee without any problem. This is another thing I get an exclamation mark next to the signal Tower and wi fi all the time even when I am connected through wi fi! in any case the main concern is that I am not able to connect to the cellular data service at all after upgrade to Android.

    After contacting phone support, I was suggested for cache clear and factory reset. So far I have done cache partition wipe out several times as well as booted safe MODE to see if any application created it, but no help. I disconnected since I got this last l Android.

    I'm going to do factory reset in some days after picking up the back, but going by what I've heard of others having the same issue it won't help.

    I did cache wipe out, start safe MODE, mode airplane and back, reset the APN with the value by default and so on, but nothing seems to work.

    Anyone in front of it and able to solve this problem? Guarantee of my phone is over and I don't understand why I'm going to pay for this created OS problem at the level of the handset. I urgently need a fix for this and I was offline for a week now.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    Hi moisete,

    Here are the quick workaround solutions, can try you and an update?

    1.re - insert the sim card.

    2 reset the APN settings.

    3.re - install the gprs settings.

    4. switch sims.

    5. check with different network.

    6 safe mode reboot

    7. clear Partition

    8 reset

    Thank you


    Motorola support

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