IDE ERROR on my Portege 3020CT #0

I just got a #0 ERROR IDE on my Toshiba Portege 3020CT. After this error, Insert System Disk in drive. Press any key when ready... pop.

Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?


I don't know, but this error can indicate that there is a problem with the HARD drive. This kind of error will also occur if the unit cannot identify the CD player, but in this case it shows error IDE #1.

On this path, it is not easy to give you an exact answer, but I'm afraid that your HARD drive is defective. If you find what is the problem please let us know.

Good luck!

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  • Portege 3020ct: RTC battery replacement

    I have an old Portege 3020ct and * I need to replace the 2.4 V - RTC * (real time clock) * battery *.
    I already deleted the keyboard unit and the rest of the cover "palm". But I could not find the battery anywhere.
    Anyone know where I can find the RTC battery?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Eh, it's that old laptop model.
    I presume you have disassembled the machine full, right?

    RTC battery is placed on the system board. For the RTC battery free you need to disconnect the speaker of PJ16 beam. It is covered with adhesive tape. RTC battery is connected to the PJ12. It is covered with insulation of RTC.

    I hope that this some info will help you find the way to remove the RTC battery.

  • Portege 3020CT: can't set up the Win 98SE again

    Hi, can someone help me on this...
    I have an old portege 3020CT who has an external Cd-Rom... I formatted the pc as I have had some problem with it... Now I can not configure the new 98SE win. When I put the boot disk in it, it does have some disks. I can't access the CD-ROM drive to install win98.
    The CD rom TEAC CD-224th if... I don't know what to do, can anyone help me on this please...

    Thanks again


    Have you ever tried to start this unit?
    As far as I know the startup disk must be used to activate the CD-Rom drive for the recovery procedure.
    I found on the site of Toshiba, the boot drive for Win98 (
    Visit this link:

    Good bye

  • Tecra M10 - #1 IDE error after changing ODD

    Hello community

    I know that the M10 is old enough, but until last week, worked well.

    First of all, there is no STRANGE access: drive doesn't recognize any media. After changing the STRANGE, I got the error IDE #1. After a little research I found that this must be a matter of ide toshiba cross wiring (?). Found something on the overcoming of the pins, but it did not work. Because I wanted to reinstall Windows XP (but the ODD is broken) I put the HARD drive in another laptop, removing all partitions on this subject, a reinstall a XP clear on that.
    Back on the M10, the laptop does not start but remains in a black screen with a blinking cursor.

    Anyone have any useful suggestions on these issues?

    Greetings and see you soon,


    In my opinion the IDE error appears due bad master/slave setting of the new CD/DVD drive.

    The fact is that not all drives are compatible with all laptops. So the best option would communicate with a service provider allowed for a new compatible drive. An alternative, you can also buy the same car from an another computer store

  • Satellite 1400: I get IDE-error after upgrade to the slimeline DVD - RW drive

    I have the laptop with a DVD-ROM above it. (Second hand and no manual)
    I have a DVD - RW Drive (SOSW - 852S) I would use.

    I can adapt without any problems.

    It freezes on the spot but for about 2 minutes and then it says IDE-error then it it boot XP.

    When I go into my computer there is no DVD player.
    Have I missed something when I put the disc?
    I can't? t get the BIOS to check it out.

    I tried most of the buttons for example F2.

    Hi David

    It s a clear case for all those who have a little experience with mobile technology.
    You must know that not every drive slimeline is compatible and supported with the device.
    The Player supports uneditable master / slave or c - salt settings.

    In your case, the laptop freezes 2 minutes because the BIOS trying to find STRANGE.
    This is not possible because of wrong settings and pops up the error IDE.

  • Satellite Pro 6100: IDE ERROR #0 startup problem

    When I turn on the computer the Toshiba red symbol is displayed as usual. At this point, I have input a password which is accepted. However, a reading "IDE ERROR #0" error message appears followed by

    Intel Boot Agent Version 4.0.18
    Copyright... Intel Corp.
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - MOF: Exit Intel PXE ROM
    Insert system disk in drive
    Press a when you are ready.

    I inserted the version of bios and all drivers disc that came with the computer. Nothing happens, and the error message is repeated. I have been told by friends trying to boot in safe mode, but am unable to find it in the bios. It has also been said to try reinstalling windows.
    I'm not sure what to do and would be very happy for any advice on the subject.


    Usually the HARD drive is set to IDE #0.
    The PXE error if the laptop tries to boot from the local network, but the cable is not connected or is not possible for the start of LAN.

    In my opinion, there is something wrong with the HARD drive or the BIOS does not correctly recognize HARD drive. I recommend you to check the pins on the HARD drive. In addition, you must change the boot order in the BIOS.

  • Portege 2000, cannot install windows, ide errors

    Any help much appreciated...

    former owner deleted the 20 GB hard drive. Have the Toshiba pcmcia reader. Flashed the latest bios. It will boot xp or 2000 cd without problem, however the two OSs stop initially with bsod (2000 gives inacessible_boot peripheral).

    Tried with ME, but the cdrom driver is not the right one (does not load the cdrom drive). In a situation like this, normally, I remove the drive and install (with hard drive adapter) on a pc to format and copy the OS files and then reinstall the drive and start the installation from the hard drive but it has a 1.8 drive "and I have no adapter.



    Hey Tyson,

    Sorry, but I'm a little confused about your explanation. If I understand you right, you bought used protégé 200 with Toshiba external CD-ROM device (PCMCIA) and you try to reinstall?

    I understand you correctly?

    As much as I know in original Toshiba Recovery CD there is driver for external "TOSHIBA CD-ROM" (PCMCIA/CARDBUS) and it will be loaded at the beginning of the recovery procedure. If it works with no Toshiba devices is unknown to me. If you want to reinstall the OS without the original CD from Toshiba, you must start the laptop using the startup disk with the right driver for external device.

    As you said that the best solution is to start the installation of the HARD disk. You need a Google around and I'm sure you can find one for you. Please visit this site He is described as the optional kit 2.5 "converter can be used for the 2.5" or 1.8 "IDE HDD.

  • : 6000 #1 IDE ERROR after disk replacement

    Hi I have a couple of SP6000 and there a mounted DVD/CDRW (UJDA720 model number) who is unable to read the headlines, just hunting all the time that a disk is in the drive. I replaced the drive with 2 identical units called, but I get the message on the screen at startup, ERROR IDE #1. The laptop will then continue and has finished start, but the system is unable to see this player. I have tried both a UJDA720 and the updated version a little more recent, UJDA740 with the same results in two laptops.

    Replaceing the old drive in your laptop will result in no error at startup and the system can see the drive in the Panel, but cannot read the titles, although it will hunt in search of them.

    Any ideas as to the cause and the cure for this?


    It seems that you have replaced the disc is not compatible.
    As far as I know most readers using a selected cable configuration. Your car has settings master or slave.
    Please check the label for more information that is placed on the disk
    Well well, to solve this massage you need a player compatible and taken in charge.

  • IDE error - unrecognized DVD player - Satellite 2410-504 #1

    Hello, recently I got a rug * a dvd - ram UJ - 831 s Reader installed to replace by my insurance policy in my Toshiba Satellite s2410-504. The car worked well until recently, when I get the IDE #1 error at startup, then the drive does not appear in Windows - Win Explorer or Device Manager. I tried to update the firmware for the recommended: DVD + r / + RW/RAM Drive(UJ-831) F / W revision: V102. But I got the message that the drive is not connected when I am asked to open it. I want to emphasize that I tried this update when the drive is actually (sometimes is just appear randomly, sometimes it appears after the release of the standby mode)

    I also tried 4 or 5 times the resettlement of the drive with no luck. How can I fix my drive? I have read on the bypass and master/slave problems but not too sure about this or if it's the right thing to do.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

    Hmm, it would be very interesting to know if this message appears.
    For me, this looks like an auto damage with a bad firmware.

    > I get the message that the drive is not connected when I am asked to open it
    For most of these messages are displayed if the drive is not connected OR the firmware was bad. I think that it s because of the second possibility.

    Maybe the firmware has changed the master/slave/c-salt settings and now the BIOS does not recognize the disc correctly.

  • Error installing software Portege R500 to fingerprints under XP

    Hello, I install XP on Portege R500 and all the drivers from the Toshiba site. After installing the software of fingerprint AuthenTec worm: and restart error of: fingerprint identification system TrueSuite Access Manager:

    EventType: BEX P1: P2 FPManager.exe: P3: 471317a 0
    P4: FPSuites.dll P5: P6: 4733c92a P7: 00003628
    P8: c0000409 P9: 00000000

    Do not send

    I'm trying to install the driver without software but it's impossible.

    Thanks in advance.


    Have you installed the following things all enforcement facilities contained in the Instructions of facilities?

  • Tecra A2: IDE error after firmware update #1

    I have a laptop tecra a-2 after installation of a new firmware for toshiba dvd rom sd-r2512 all I get this message when starting and the reader is unaccesible. What should I do?
    (I looked on, some guy was solved by changing the pins I am newbie I don't know what is a PIN y at - it another simple solution for this)


    Where did you get the firmware?
    I guess you used is not not compatible or not supported in the firmware and this software has changed either the csel/slave/master settings or damage the player.
    This ide #1 error appears if the BIOS can not find the drive.
    This happens because of the wrong settings or corrupted disk.

    Unfortunately, I put t see chances to solve this problem. It seems that you damage the drive ;(

  • Satellite A40-151: reader of CD/DVD IDE error #1

    Hi I have a laptop Toshiba SA40-151 model no PSA40E-OCQ1E-EN.
    Two problems really... at startup, it takes forever to the toshiba screen and then briefly displays ' IDE #1 error #, then seems to start... but the performance is slow.

    Next problem, Cann access CD/DVD drive, wont even open the drawer and the drive does not show in my computer. The light is permanently on the drawer, but it works and works. Sometimes at startup until you can get the drawer to open it, but once closed and fully initialized you can not open it and it won't work. Any ideas?

    Hello Paul

    If you use option of advanced search on this forum, you will find many discussions about the IDE #1 error.

    In any case, this error indicates that the drive of your laptop is not compatible and cannot be used. Because of this, she is not in Windows Explorer.

    Good bye

  • the launch of the app of IDE error

    Hi all

    When I run an application with the IDE of Dev Alpha B it show the following error:

    Error in final launch sequence
    Cannot prepare and download the binary
    Error: Error loading application package: Permission denied

    I replaced the debugging token. If it causes this error.

    the guy that the problem is solved. I just restarted my machine. I don't know why and how, but...

    I worked on ubuntu 12.04, and a lot of my issues fixed by restarting the system, as

    n ' shows not the logs.

    -application falls down in a few seconds after the loading of this device.

    -L' device does not detect.


  • Pitfall in Momentics IDE error

    I get an error in Momentics IDE thanks to which the build gets stuck. I even tried to reinstall Momentics but it does not help.

    The shows of building progress

    Calling command: make - j2-Debug

    and it stays like that... it crashes every time that 28%...

    Help, please!

    Thank you

    IndiDeveloper >

    That's good news. Don't forget to mark your last such post only accepted while others will know that you have found a solution.

    IndiDeveloper wrote:

    The problem has solved bene!

    I was porting Android code so it 'public' specifier before the function in the CPC to access file. On the withdrawal that the build succeeded.

    Thanks for your help!

  • Sat. 1400-503, SD-R2102 drive: IDE ERROR #1, cont.

    Therefore, even after the firmware update (1400-503 drive, SAT SD-R2102). Original firmware was 1316, after changing to 1W16, an error message is displayed. The firmware update program cannot return to the previous state, bcs is displaying the message: not found disk ATAPI. Can anyone help?


    Just for Info:

    The first two letters are important... They represent 'the family' as 10XX, 13XX and 17XX are Toshiba original firmware. 1QXX are Compaq. 1DXX are Dell and so on...

    Finally, two are actually version. The more means more new version. But they are the exceptions a...

    You should never Flash your drive with the firmware of different 'family '. By example, if your firmware is currently 1015 should never flash at 1 Q 24 since your disk may not work more after the blink...

    Good bye

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