IdeaPad Y500 discharge battery for some games

Recently I had problems with the battery discharge then plugged everything by playing a few games (Civilization V and Sniper Elite V2 ones I noticed the most). In the case of Civilization V, it also causes the game behind the point of being unplayable. Notification of battery when scrolling on said "plugged in, not charging" and therefore indefinitely until the computer turns off a lack of power. It also lowers the battery life about an hour and fifteen minutes what discharge like this.

Any help would be appreciated with this, because it doesn't happen with every game I own. Sims 3, St rank the third, Skyrim, etc do not suffer from this problem. I already tried to uninstall the games with this problem and reinstall them, but that doesn't seem to help.

Thank you!

You are using version SLI? If so make sure you a 170W charger and not a 120W since 120W charger will be the kickoff and make portable use battery since 120W cannot manipulate to give power to the 2nd gpu so thats why 170W is necessary.

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