Identification of exact model of laptop

I can't identify exactly which model of laptop I have and need to know that a couple of pieces could do with upgrading.

It is a few years old, and all my system info tells it me is that the laptop is a HP Pavilion dv7.

Can someone help me understand what model it is?

Any help is appreciated!


Check out this tutorial:

Generally, it is on a sticker glued on the bottom or inside the battery bay.

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  • How to identify my model of laptop for downloads?

    Hi all

    I got a * Satellite A200 laptop PC - T7500 series *, I want to upgrade the BIOS of the computer the download section of Toshiba laptop + possible other upgrades if necessary.

    However, I opened the page update.
    I didn't know how to find my computer laptop + brief model model number. There is a lot of choice example: (A200-PSAE0 + others...)

    The question is how the figure which one of them is compatible with the device that I own?
    Any help is really appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

    In the lower corner of your laptop, you can find a sticker with all the info you need. You can find the exact model name and model number.
    Model number will help you choose the right mobile in the download section.

  • How to find the exact model of the unit number

    Hello... On the back of this laptop, it has the following > HP Pavilion dv6000... s/n: CNF7131P0Q... p/n: GA218UA # ABL... It has Windows Vista Home Premium OEMAct HP.

    I hope someone can tell me the exact model number, because I noticed on the HP Web site their right to dv6000xxx more, but all I see is dv6000

    Thank you

    HP Pavilion DV6308 AMD Turion 64 X 2 TL - 50 1.6 GHz 1 GB 120 GB DVD±R 15.4 "WXGA LAN Firewire GeForce Go 6150 XP PRO sp3
    Laptop HP Pavilion dv6308ca... p/n: GA218UA #ABL


    No, you have a dv6308 as I posted above.

    I gave you the page for the drivers off the dv6000 CTO because there all drivers XP and your were only a couple. Yours came with Vista, I guess.

    Yes, the laptop can run a 64-bit operating system but I would install Vista or Windows 7 x 64 because it can be very difficult to find XP x 64 drivers for it.

    I do not work for HP. I like just to help people with their PC.

    It's the support page and drivers for your specific laptop:

    One man trash is treasure of another man, I always say.  Good find!


  • Network driver of controller and bluetooth and vga controller driver for my computer model hp laptop: - 15r - 074tu

    Dear Sir.

    Please give me a software driver for my laptop

    as this network controller driver and the bluetooth controller and driver vga is not install my webcam also not working so pls give me the driver for my computer model hp laptop: - 15r - 074tu

    Please follow the steps as indicated below to locate the hardware ID

    Step 01. Click on the Start button and type in Device Manager in the start search box

    Step 02. Please launch the Device Manager

    Step 03. Expand please display adapter

    Step 04. If please, right-click on the network, the chart and the Bluetooth card/adapter and click Properties

    Step 05. Click details on the top and select hardware ID from the drop-down list

    Now, you can see the complete details of the hardware ID. Please share the information with me, then

    I can help you find the right driver

    Kind regards

    K N R K

    I work on behalf of HP

  • can I change my windows vista Home premium to windows7 to my model of laptop (compaq CQ61)

    can I change my windows vista Home premium to windows7 to my model of laptop (compaq CQ61)

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    Windows 7 questions should be directed to the it.

    You are in the Vista Forums.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Find the exact model for ThinkPad Edge number?

    I have difficulties to find which exact model of thinkpad edge I. No idea how I can know exactly which model I have?

    Here you go:

    ThinkPad Edge 15 (0301-GZM)
    I3 - 380M (2 .53GHz) 2 GB RAM 320 GB 5400 RPM HD 15.6 in. 1366 x 768 LCD Intel HD Graphics CDRW/DVD-RW
    802.11bgn wireless Bluetooth 1 Gb Ethernet, UltraNav camera 6 c Li-ion Win7 Home Premium 64

    Kind regards.

  • Why some models of laptops was interrupted?

    Why some Toshiba laptop A660 as has Toshiba shut down production and another laptop model has stopped its production?
    Because there is a problem in these models, because stop manufacturing them... ?

    Anyone knows it please help me because it frightens me and thanks!

    Hi mate

    Don t know exactly what you mean by stop production, but as you probably all know notebook series will be replaced by a more recent series of portable and usually it is the reasons why some series are not available or abandoned.

    Toshiba released many different series notebook and after that some different time series is replaced by some other, new series

    It is not unusual

  • Exact model of my Pavilion G6 series

    Hi all

    I just reinstalled my laptop and now I'm struggling with drivers

    I can't take the exect model because there are many series of the G6 series, it is about 53 and I downloaded so far from the 10 already and I still cannot find the correct drivers

    I can't find my model using the serial number of my laptop, using the 'find my product' of the internet

    Please advice on how to find out what exactly is the model number of my cell phone

    Thanks in advance


    Shut down the laptop.

    Click next to the ESC key as soon as you start Notepad to open the Start Menu, then choose f10 to open the Bios Menu.  You should see the complete product no. laptop series g6 listed here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • WHERE can I FIND the EXACT MODEL NUMBER for MY Notepad hp2000?

    I have searached through all of the documentation I received with my laptop HP 2000 with windows 8.  I can't find the identification number complete necessary to see if it's a blue tooth enabled.  Where can I find this number?


    Please consult this guide to find the full model # of your laptop.

  • Identification of an ancient Toshiba laptop

    Hi, I got a laptop Toshiba from a friend but its no charger. I tried to check the model of the laptop, but only written thing is Toshiba Satelite and that's all that I checked all the decals as well. The laptop I have enough old school with IDE hard drive and very thick (as if you would put two regular notebooks each other) has two fans and weighs a ton, I'll post some pics maybe you guys will be able to help.

    Post edited by: MarioNajs


    It must be old P30 and original AC adapter for this machine has the PA3290U-1ACA part number.
    I hope this will help you.

  • Cannot find my model of laptop on the upgrade DVD Toshiba

    Today I received my upgrade DVD. I ordered the upgrade on the European site of upgrade kit, and my laptop is purshased European in Sweden. My laptop model is L550D-10J corresponing to PSLP8E which does not exist on the list. ? The closest I get is L550D PSLNJE and PSLNSE L550
    What should I do?
    Thank you.

    I don't know if this has nothing to do with the problem but I had updated to the latest version of the Bios.

    Upgrader is right. Just choose PSLNSE and everything will be OK.

  • I can't determine what model of laptop, it is

    I'm sure it's a Toshiba laptop, but I have naven can't all documents. I have found no tag on the body of P/N and S/N exception. I took a picture. Watch

    MFG DATE: K 040614
    P/N: 96NDI01J01
    S/N: 9144DZ10714250158EK000

    I tried to, but I can't insert S/N, as the shape of the screen does not have enough large for all characters. could you help me? I wonder about the model that I need to get drivers. Thank you.

    Are you sure it s a Toshiba laptop?
    I tried this number 1556 / MS2137 in Google and it seems that he of a OpenBook 1556 / MS2137
    Sorry, but further details are unknown for me.

  • What model of laptop is SA50-532

    My Satellite has the label SA50-532 and the model # PSA50E!

    To download a sound driver, I need to identify the model but can not find a proper selection.

    Who can help?
    Thanks Gonzo

    Are you serious?
    You don t really know what that means SA50-532?

    The * S * means satellite; That is why the name of the laptop is Satellite A50-532

    As I m not wrong not Satellite A50-532 belongs to the series of model PSA50E.

    The drivers you can find on the page of European driver of Toshiba in _Archive_ area

    * Archive *-> Satellite-> Satellite one-> Satellite A50

    Good bye

  • Windows 8 is compatible with this model of laptop computer?

    Hello, my hard drive recently bit the dust and I thought that put Windows 8 on that since I get free license through my University. I heard some compatibility issues with some good models and I was wondering if anyone knew if my specific model was ok with it.
    The model is a HP Pavilion laptop g6, g6-1b79dx code model

    Thank you in advance.

    Just see the stickied post on this topic. My apologies, question.

  • Could you recommend model HP laptop for Linux

    I'll buy a new laptop. The main requirements are

    • Chipset AMD;
    • GPU Radeon HD;
    • operating system is Linux (Kubuntu).

    The purpose of the laptop is a programming and calculations with the help of the GPU (MATLAB, Maple, OpenCL applications). A liilte bit (steam) game.

    Because the filters on a homepage is not very suitable for my needs, I'm a bit confused. Could you recommend me the model?

    Mustitz wrote:

    I'll buy a new laptop. The main requirements are

    • Chipset AMD;
    • GPU Radeon HD;
    • operating system is Linux (Kubuntu).

    The purpose of the laptop is a programming and calculations with the help of the GPU (MATLAB, Maple, OpenCL applications). A liilte bit (steam) game.

    Because the filters on a homepage is not very suitable for my needs, I'm a bit confused. Could you recommend me the model?

    You should contact HP sales and support they have some portable Linux and that they would be more useful to see if it meets these needs.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My HP Pavilion TouchSmart PC laptop 15-n071nr does not work, I get failure ID QC473F-6T776L-MFPWWK-60TH03 and I don't know what this also means my short DST says failed Please help me

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