IEHelper Acrobat: iexplore.exe - Application error

Whenever I get close internet explore I get the message "Acrobat IEHelper: iexplore.exe - Application error the instruction at"0x01801ea8"referenced memory at"0x01801ea8".»

The memory could not be 'read' "what should I do?


Which version of Acrobat reader you have installed?
Try to remove this application, clean the registry (with CCleaner), download and install the latest version of Acrobat reader!

All that s

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    This is one of those things that can drive you crazy.  Everything was fine, but recently trying to use the BBC iplayer.  I was prompted to install Flash Player. That was a few days ago and it works perfectly. Now, when I try to start the download I get a box with the following message.

    Iexplore.exe - Application error

    The installation of "0 x 10420068" referenced memory at "0 x 10420068.  The memory could not be "written".

    Can anyone help. Please

    Try the Offline Installer ActiveX; Save to disk, close all browser windows, and then run the downloaded installer.

  • Iexplore.exe - Application error (0x0eedfade) 217 runtime error

    I had error messages appear on my screen I have begin to close. The first said: Iexplore.exe - Application (0x0eedfade) 0x7c812a5b and the second error says: Runtime error 217 at 0473F48E
    What do mean?

    Yesterday my laptop stops in the middle of me to use it and then whenever I tried to restart again (even in safe mode) stop you it again before I had the chance. Today, I managed to restart the computer, but I got the same messages appear earlier today, as I was plugging the computer.


    It seems that Microsoft internet explore caused an error.
    Somewhere I found a notice that this could happen after the IE 7 update and application Norton Antivir.
    Did you remove the Norton antivirus?

    I noticed that this software allows the slowest laptop. I used this several months ago. No I m using the Freeware tool called Antivir. It s great and free!

    After uninstalling Norton, please be sure that all the files have been deleted! The Norton Removal Tool can help

    Download Norton Removal Tool

  • Iexplore.exe application 0x079B0068 error - I need to turn off DEP for certain programs and services, but I don't know which. I can't open some favorite sites. Micorsoft advice is not to turn off Dep for all programs and services.

    Iexplore.exe application error 0 x 0790068 - I am told that I have to turn off DEP for certain programs and services, which?  I am unable to open some favorite sites from one about Microsoft Update 1 month ago.
    Simplify the answer please, I'm so confused and frustrated and have spent hours to get to this point that I am destroyed so solve my problem!


    Do run this as a top list of verification at the bottom.

    EricLaw IEInternals - a peek at Internet Explorer from inside. -Understanding DEP/NX

    The problem might actually be an add-on or another program to the origin of the problem and you should check that

    What antivirus/antispyware/security products do you have on the machine? Be one you have NEVER on it
    machines, including those that you have uninstalled (they leave leftovers behind which can cause strange problems).

    Start - all programs - Accessores - system tools - IE with no Addons - does this work better?

    IE - Tools - Internet Options - Advanced - tab click on restore, and then click Reset - apply / OK

    IE - Tools - Internet Options - Security - reset all Zones by default level - apply / OK

    not better?

    Close IE and try again IE or IE with no Addons

    IE - tools - manage Addons (for sure disable SSV2 if it is there, it is no longer necessary but Java always install
    "(and it causes problems - you never update Java to go back in and turn it off again)." Search for other possible problems.

    Windows Defender - tools - software explore - look for problems with programs that do not look right. Permit
    are usually OK and "unauthorized" are not always bad. If in doubt about a program to ask about it here.

    Could be that a BHO - BHOremover - free - standalone program, needs no installation, download and run - not all
    are bad, but some can cause your question. (Toolbars are BHO)

    Startup programs

    Also get Malwarebytes - free - use as scanner only. If you ever suspect malware, and that would be unusual with
    Prevx running except a low occasional (not much), updated cookie, and then run it as a scanner.

    I would add prevx so.

    Prevx - Home - small, fast, exceptional CLOUD free protection, working with other security programs. It comes
    a scan only, VERY EFFICIENT, if it finds something to come back here or use Google to see how to remove.

    PCmag - Prevx - Editor's choice, 2817,2346862,00.asp


    Do yourself a big favor and work through 1 above.

    How control DEP but I don't recommend turning it off and certainly not to let power off.

    How to enable DEP on or off for a program under Vista

    How to enable or disable DEP in Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • Acrobat.exe - Application error 0xc0000022

    Can anyone help with this error because I think it is perhaps down to the admin rights? Acrobat.exe - Application error 0xc0000022

    Could be. Try to run the application as administrator.

    We sat, 27 Sep 2016 at 14:10, leew83235145 [email protected]>

  • Acrobat Professional DC gettingRDRCEF.exe Application error (0xc0000005)

    Hi Adobe supports,

    I'm Adobe Acrobat Professional DC get error message every time I open a file, or during the recording of files. The error message was AcroCEF.exe Application error. The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application.

    I tried uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but seems to be not resolved and there is no solution on the Forum from Adobe. Is it in any way I can solved this problem permanently?

    Thank you


    Go to the Edit menu, preferences, select the General category on the left and uncheck 'Display storage online at the opening of the files' and 'storage online when you save files. Press OK and restart Acrobat.


    Sukrit diallo

  • AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. »

    It happened after trying to install the windows 8.1 update and my computer went to a black screen. It is in this State for a while and I had to go so I stopped it. The next time that I turned it on, the update had already completed and I had windows 8.1. Everything works well except for the error message that appears whenever I turn on my laptop. I have no idea of what he does, but when he arrives, it annoys the hell out of me. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.

    In the menu is uninstall programs, 3D driveguard program it listed?

    If so you can try to uninstall it, restart, and then reinstall the program.

    The problem is definitely with this driver because what is the accelerometer is to have the program 3D driveguard Park the heads of the hard drive in case of bumping or dropping the laptop low rise.

    Unfortunately, I only got the drivegard 3D or ProtectSmart driver install and work, so I don't know what you need to do to clear this error, since reinstalling the driver did not work.

  • Re: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error


    I just bought the envy 15 and used for only one day, the next day I get this error:

    Re: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    Your quick help is very much appreciated.

    Thank you


    Try the following.

    Open windows control panel, open programs and features, make a right click the entry for HP 3D DriveGuard and select uninstall.

    When this has completed, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, download and install the version of HP 3D DriveGuard on the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Envy 7 ": HP laptop"logonui.exe application error"+ auto repair restarts without end

    I really don't know exactly what is the name of my product, however, my problem is very specific:

    First I got an error message titled something in the sense of "logonui.exe application error" with a background black, I couldn't start my laptop up so I went to recovery and just all backed up successfully and went to reformat but it got stuck at 2% until he finally said the Recovery Manager has stopped working , I tried just about everything until finally my laptop just say 'auto repair start' goes to a blue screen, restarts and repeats again and again. I can't really do anything, it seems pretty well doomed. It seems like a virus, but really, I don't know what I can do, if the only solution is to send in for repair, can I try now?

    Kind regards


    I get the "HP Recovery Manager failed. Error code = 0xEFFFFF08"pop up whenever I try to get back and I'm not using any USB devices.

    I ran a scan of the hard disk on UEFI and my results have been:

    Smart Check: spent

    DST short: failure

    Failure ID: QCQ7PH-7RK701-XD7WMF-60VL03

    Product ID: N1L03EA #ABV


    "The 'LogonUI' in Windows application manages your startup and shutdown graphical user interface (GUI) that displays the Windows on your screen logo and the status of your judgment." It also displays the login screen that you see when you start the PC. Corruption in this application could lead to problems start and stop, such as gel. »

    I found this paragraph from a titled link: LogonUI.Exe Application error after update 8.1 of Windows that can help you! There are a few in there troubleshooting steps that may help.

    Here is a Microsoft document for you to read as well. This is called: error: LogonUI.exe application error.

    I understand what you are saying about this marking as resolved. Tell you what, read the links I provided on the error in the application (which, from what I've read, in my opinion, does not sound like a virus), replace the hard drive and then if the issues are resolved for you, come back and mark this question as an acceptable Solution for others.

    I wish you the best!

  • Pavilion x 360: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    From the start, I get the following error.

    AccelerometerST.exe - Application error - the application failed to start correctly (0xc000007b).  Click OK to close the application.

    My system shows now that he needs for the update but it will not complete the process.  No matter if I select shut down or restart.

    It started a few weeks ago.  What should I do about it?


    Try the following.

    Open Windows Control Panel, open programs and features, make a right click the entry for HP 3D DriveGuard and select uninstall - don't worry if you get an error at this point, just continue.

    When this has completed, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, download and install the version of HP 3D DriveGuard on the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Restore7.exe application error

    So, when I try to boot my windows, an error box will appear, who says:

    "Restore7.exe - Application error. The instruction at 0 x 77892591 referenced memory at 0 x 00008084. The memory could not be read. »

    When you click OK, the computer starts and get stuck on this same page. I can't go to HP recovery by pressing F11. Recovery CD no longer works. Operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium

    can someone help me please. This problem can be solved by buying new hard drive?

    There is the info from my computer. :

    How are recovery disks does not work? If you insert the first disc into the optical drive, press any key shortly after turing on your computer, you should start the recovery menu so that you can fully recover your computer.

    In addition, this could have something to do with Windows Product Activation? If you have added the internal devices, remove them and make sure you unplug all USB devices. Just the mouse, keyboard and display connected when you attmpt to a recovery.

  • Computer OFFICE-R4RAE96: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    These days, when I open my laptop, it's show as "the application could not start correctly (0xc000007b). Click ok to close the application. Also the top of the box of dialoge showing AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error


    You upgrade your Windows 10 machine? A few other members, including me had the same problem a few weeks back and in my case, I simply reinstalled 3D Driveguard software.

    During installation, it actually says software on my machine is more recent BUT the problem disappeared. Download and run the following software:


    I hope this helps.

  • Pavilion 15-ab522tx: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. »

    was shown when I rebooted my computer after installing some updates

    AFTE that I also had an error

    "System AccelerometerSt.exe error: mfc120u.dll is missing.

    Use system restore to restore Windows before the updates took place.

    Choose the point of system that corresponds to the schedule.

    See the thread next where a member has a similar problem. There is a link to the Hp 3D driveguard softpaq, which will provide the missing accelerometer DLL file you need.

  • HP 850 G2: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    I have a 850 hp

    After installing quicken 2016 (I previously got quicken 2013) I now get the following error.

    AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application. »

    can you guide me to fix this problem?


    Try the following.

    Open windows control panel, open programs and features, make a right click the entry for HP 3D DriveGuard and select uninstall - don't worry if you see an error at this point, just continue.

    When this has completed, restart the laptop.

    When windows has reloaded, download and install the version of HP 3D DriveGuard on the following link.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Pavilion 15-n226tu: AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    AccelerometerSt.exe - Application error

    "The program can't start because mfc120u.dll is missing on your computer."


    I did an upgrade to Windows Windows 10 8.1 that my computer was not shut down properly.  Now, whenever I start my laptop I get this error message.

    I have a HP Pavilion n226tu 15 Notebook PC model laptop and you ask to help me solve this problem.

    Best regards

    Gaurav Nath


    See if reinstall the software of HP 3D driveguard solves this problem.

    This package provides the HP 3D DriveGuard software (HP ProtectSmart Hard Drive Protection) for the laptop models running a supported operating system. HP 3D DriveGuard software protects the drive hard by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.

    File name: sp71811.exe

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