If defeated by the left hinge - TouchSmart from HP ENVY 17 - j005ea Notebook PC

Hello world

Recently, when I opened my TouchSmart HP ENVY 17-j005ea book I noticed that the case falls apart.

I had the computer since December 2013.

Can someone please help?

Thank you


I managed to fix it myself, without the help of HP.

I removed the rubber foot near the left hinge where the case came out and found that the screw had worked loose causing the case to open it. I put the screws in place and the hinge works perfectly.

I am currently looking ways to prevent it from happening again.

Kind regards


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    Is this the same post?


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    Good luck.

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    Mullie wrote:

    All this just to replace a small piece of plastic?

    Unfortunately, Yes.

    Do not take any risks here & ruin.

    Kind regards

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    Hi there @Miguelaq,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! It's a good place to find the help you need, other users, the HP experts and other members of the support staff. I understand that wipe you the drive and installed Windows 7 and now you're trying to find the Beats audio software. I'm happy to help you with this. Please report the number of complete product for your computer. Check out the following, if you need assistance with this information. How can I find my model number or product number?

    With the model I can link the appropriate support page. Normally the Beats Audio software is part of the audio, such as driver for the IDT audio device.  Have you used a stand-alone OS disk to install Windows 7, or you use recovery media?

    Please let me know.

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    But based on his guide, he has no room for two SSD or HDD, you can exchange, but you cannot add.

    Kind regards.

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    I'm not computer savy.

    What should I do to scan and save to the PDF format?

    Hello @sancarlos,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I understand that you are not able to save the PDF with your HP Envy 5660 analysis, when you select 'Save as pdf' you get an error "an OCR application is not installed on the computer. Complete the following steps:

    1. disconnect the USB key if you use a direct connection.

    2. remove the software HP Envy 5660 to uninstall from the control panel of your computers an option of the program.

    3. restart the computer.

    4. make sure that all the software 5660 has disappeared from the list of programs, but also your HP folder listed under all programs in your Start Menu.

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    Thank you

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    Now the screen went white yet :-(

    According to all the other similar problems, you fix it by HP in my opinion.


    I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly display personal information (serial numbers and information).

    If you are unfamiliar with the operation of the function of the Forum, private messages you can learn it all here.

    Thank you for visiting the Forum from HP Support.

  • How to enter the bios on a TouchSmart from HP Envy 15 t-j000?

    I have a HP Envy 15 t-j000 TouchSmart and I want to get into the bios. When I restart the computer just the HP logo appears.

    I tried to press ESC, F1 - F12, insert, delete, home, end... Nothing works.

    Do you know how I can do this?

    Thank you


    It may be difficult to get some machines with Windows 8 to enter the bios menu, but try the following.

    With the machine has already started in Windows 8, hold down the SHIFT key , and then click Shutdown - which should prevent hybrid shutdown.

    When the laptop has stopped, press f10 continuously (about 1 every half second tap) as soon as you press the power button and see if this gets into the bios menu.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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    Please find the link given below could be helpful for you. Check the product description 1 Chapter 4.


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    I removed the battery and there is a screw for the hard drive bay that I also removed.

    There are also 5 other screws around the back that I removed, but I can't remove the back.

    Do you have any suggestions on what I should do?

    Thank you


    The 2nd manual from the following link will show you how:


    Kind regards.

  • convert bootable discs made by my TouchSmart from HP ENVY 15 - j152nr portable for USB bootable

    Hello. I have a HP touchsmart, envy 15, and I am trying to restore the computer to factory default. About 6 months ago the computer said I could create a boot disk and use it to restore my computer to factory and after I did the boot disk, I can remove the recovery partition as it will be stored on the disk. So I moved forward and make the drive (it turns out be 4 discs) and the computer deleted the partition. Now I am here using factory restore disks, however, my optical drive is not detected when the bios is starting. For this reason, I need to run these 4 discs in a bootable USB drive. I looked everywhere and there are different ways to transform 1 usb drive, but not 4. Can someone help me? I would really appreciate it.


    Hi @Rieu ,

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I read on your computer laptop 15-j152nr of HP ENVY TouchSmart on need help creating a recovery image on floppies. HP recovery software allows you to perform only a backup recovery. To determine what options are available to create that not all CD/DVD media recovery is able to create recovery discs, click Start, click all programs, and then click Recovery Manager. Here is a document on the creation of recovery disks.

    If all else fails, then contact HP support and order the recovery disks. If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 for all other regions, click here .

    Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

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    No video hardware is integrated into the motherboard, and there is no possible upgrade.

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    I understand that you are having problems with the sound doesn't work is not on your desktop PC HP ENVY 20 running Windows 8 when watching a YouTube video. I provided you with a few steps, you can try below:

    Step 1. Make sure that the video is not muted in YouTube and Facebook.
    Step 2. Close all open Internet Explorer Windows
    Step 3. Office Open Internet Explorer. Go to tools, Internet Options
    Step 4. Select the "Advanced" tab
    Step 5. Scroll down to the 'Multimédia' heading
    Step 6. Make sure that "Play sounds in web pages" is checked
    Step 7. Click on 'OK '.
    Step 8. Restart Internet Explorer. A test to see if the sounds will play now

    In addition, if you still have the audio problem I am you providing a link to the Adobe Support page: steps to troubleshoot Flash Player on Windows 8 as well as the Flash Player Help page.

    Please re-post if you need extra support. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

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    I managed to delete my recovery manager by mistake on my laptop of HP ENVY m6-1102sa.

    I installed Windows 8.1 to see that I really really need to use for college courses and my teaching, the program will not work on the OS.  The site of the program informs me that the only way to solve the problem is to uninstall Windows 8.1 and use Windows 8

    As my recovery disk manager is deleted I can't find a way to restore the laptop provided with the OS Windows 8.

    I can't find anything on the site of HP to allow me to buy recovery disks.  Web site that Hp sent me to does not have the drivers for my laptop.  Can someone help me?

    Have you used this web document from HP on How to order recovery disks?

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