If I sell my iPhone 6, indicating the error 53, for parts, should I worry about the person buying it have some sort of access to the personal data registered on this phone?

If I sell my iPhone 6, indicating the error 53, for parts, should I worry about the person buying it have some sort of access to the personal data registered on this phone?


Hello error 53 matched a UN failure to the home button you had to replace the screen or the home button alone or outside apple store so if you replace the button man of origin and you restored the iPhone error will be fixed but if you sell the buyer has no access to the data of the iPhone

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    What OS was in the phone?

    You connected to Microsoft Account?

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    Captura de pantalla 2014-10-24 a las 13.53.07.png

    Well, I found a solution. You need these TWO entries in your info.plist file:

    Status bar is initially hidden YES

    Discovers the appearance with controllers status bar ONLY

    That's all!

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    I wanted to pass on my old iPhone 5, so I went to remove my account iCloud out of this phone, or so I thought. I went to delete the email, etc. out of this phone, it turns out that he has also deleted all my data on my iPhone 6, which is what I use, as well as on my iPad. What should I do now? Help please

    Don't know what you were doing.  If you removed real emails, then they are in your email trash folder.

    All you have to do is to restore as new iPhone before giving it away.

    Read this article:

    What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad...

  • IPhone US to the United Kingdom


    Recently I was good for a second hand U.S. iPhone 5 s of my American friend's brother. We completely reset to the factory settings and removed her t-mobile sim. My UK sim is also t-mobile (UK)... I tried to put in right away, but the iPhone wouldn't accept it (probably t-mobile cannot be exchanged on both continents).

    Thus, the new iPhone appears to be locked to T-Mobile. If I unlock this phone, my United Kingdom T-Mobile sim (or indeed any UK sim) will work well in this US iPhone?

    Thank you very much in advance for your help,.


    Elliot3399 wrote:

    Thus, the new iPhone appears to be locked to T-Mobile.

    No doubt. T-mobile contact US for assistance.

    If I unlock this phone, my United Kingdom T-Mobile sim (or indeed any UK sim) will work well in this US iPhone?

    Yes, but if it is blocked you get t-mobile to the United States to unlock. Have your gfs brothers ask to unlock. Only t-mobile in the United States can unlock this phone. Once unlocked, the phone works with ANY SIM; the country of origin is irrelevant.

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    initially the opening firefox, it does not reflect the current date. I have to refresh the screen to go to the current date.

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    A possible workaround is to use to remove the navigation, search and download history on Firefox to clear the cache of the browser on the output. That will make Firefox load pages from the server instead of using the version in the cache.

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    This sounds like the game that you are trying to reach has either some modules additional (mod/maps/scenarios) installed to which you don't have not or have some sort of update (once again that you do not have). Try to join another game or create your own.

    In addition, this can happen if you have changed your game executable by installing the hotfix that is not supported.

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    My download folder and xml app in this xml file, I have 12 images of form url... the size of each image is the 22KO...

    So when I read the xml I create the bitmap from the url and display in a table.

    The app works very well. but I test wifi network and edge, and the app is very slow to download images in the dashboard.

    My guy is, speed up its posible? I have all processes in the same theard, its posible to load images and put a table in another thread? asincronized?

    Thank you!

    You cannot improve the performance of Thread.  By having two of them, all you want to do is call more connection time.  If you have a single Thread, then it is time when your son's treatment of the downloaded data and during this time, the network is not be used.  If you have another Thread, then while one Thread processes its data downloaded, the other Thread can be by downloading the following image.

    I'm not aware of an example.

    Perhaps the easiest thing is to simply run another copy of the Thread, but it starts with another list of files to download.  Or more generally, have a shared queue and then each Thread can draw the next file to download off the coast of the queue until the queue is empty,

  • DateFields 5.0 + operating systems. Impossible to select the current date.

    Have a slight situation.    Have a date with the value field by default of - etc.   The user is not able to select the current date, and must choose another date and what to do again to select the current date.

    This works very well in the pre - 5.0 OSes, but does not work with 5.0 +.

    The date field popup works fine, but if the user tries to select the current date, it is not get populated in the date field.

    I see what you mean now.  I connected it the Issue Tracker here: https://www.blackberry.com/jira/browse/JAVAAPI-1163

  • Update the duplicate while maintaining the original data

    Hi all

    By a mistake, I have created a table, and now we have duplicate entries, while the original is also among them.

    In my view, the min (id) will be the original data. How can I delete the duplicate record while maintaining the original and the rest of the table data.

    This is the structure of the sample where the XREFand UML combination will make the records in the table as unique.

    Because the ID is sequence uses, it will be always unique.

    ID XREF UML name

    I got it thank you.

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