If the files have a maximum capacity until it begins to slow downs?


I store images in folders and subfolders. A lot of images. A lot of records. When I got a Pentium with Windows XP, I discovered that access to some of the files the image more great and seemed to take a while, on the contrary, it took a bit of paint all the thumbnails in the file, which slowed me down to select any thumbnail while waiting. It made me wonder if the files had a max capacity, so I divide each major issues in three small files and that delays ceased.


Fast forward to my new computer with Windows 7 and now has the same issues, the same images.  I have the same divided files than the files smaller, but now with my new i7 computer, I wonder if I can combine the contents of the file once again, for my comfort. Yes, I have experienced, but I prefer to ask here if there is a maximum file size, in terms of MB or GB? I have a 2 TB hard drive, btw.

Now, don't laugh, but my 'big' files are only about 300 to 500 MB each, even when they have been grouped on my XP computer they probably were 600-900 MB each when they were slow to paint miniatures.

If you say no worries to combine the files, I would like to ask if there is a limit of size of folder in Windows 7, so I can learn, but I'll also ask you what do you think was my limiting factor on my old XP system that caused the downturn? Lack of RAM?

Thank you.

There is no "maximum" as such, the performance reduction depends on a great many factors.  If you have a slow processor, slow HDD or a graphics card that does not work well in Windows then files will always make more slowly with a large number of files in them.  They will make more quickly with a faster hard drive, faster or greater processor graphics card - but more files will always slower files less will be just because of the overhead involved in showing that a lot of files.

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    1. what operating system you are using on the computer?
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    If the problem persists, create a new user account and check if that helps.
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    Let us know the status of the issue.
  • The files HAVE as links within a file, indesign to then be a pdf file, problematic?

    I want to know if the files have linked to an indesign file, which must then be PDFed for the printer, problem somehow. I was always asked by my printer to have all my images within a PDF, CMYK value and saved in tiff format.

    It seems that they should not be a problem, and that by converting the format tiff s i just lose in detail and it being a chore, as I have over 150 images.

    Am I wrong?

    art of John Johnson says:

    What is a manual operation? where in illustrator I convert individually these or make me an option within indesign to do this to all the links of the eps?

    You can record an action to save as .ai and close the file, then run that in the form of lots on a folder of files. But I do not convert batch if I am preflighting. When I control upstream I open all the files, look for problems and potential problems, sync (if any) color, perform the action to remove unused items from the Panel, then save as a new file. I have always save as .ai with PDF compatibility and, if possible, check that all images are linked not shipped.

    Read my file for a file sizes have 370 Ko or there abouts, looks small (although we're talking here of line, maps, etc).

    But I can read is inside my document setup, under 'Transparency' my balance pixelation/vectorization is 75 (in the direction of vector), my resolution for line art & text is 300ppi, gradient and mesh is 150ppi. don't know if I'm just throwing numbers at you, but that's what I got.

    Those are the values by default of the effects of rasterization resolution (for example effect > esthetics > Drop Shadow) and gradient meshes are pixelated when you print or save a PDF file. I usually set up a predefined custom flatterer who goes completely to 100% and does not plan type or convert lines to fills. These are used for priting and record in PDF format only. Your .ai file contains a PDF high resolution whose Illustrator unknown when editing but that InDesign and Photoshop use to import.

    The size of the file is irrelevant to the resolution of the built-in images. 370 KB is quite small, however, and when combined with your description of the content gives heavily to think there is no raster elements, so nothing to sweat. You can open the links Panel to see if there are images embedded or linked. I expect none.

  • Cannot access certain Backed-Up files, the files have been backed up by Modem Toshiba F:. They are visible but do not meet the identification by clicking on 'open '.

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    I. the answer was very helpfuk, I did not know that Microsoft it frre of service.

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    d. cannot download 2011-03-03, THEY are apparently combined.

    e. frankly, as a novice;  I think that it is theToshiba F: Extractor Back Up that causes the problem. Files are visible, but will not open the file.

    Daniel Stanley


  • Premiere Pro CS6 importing .mp4 = "the file have no audio or video streams."


    When I import a clip in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 MP4, I get the following message:

    "Failure to import a file.


    Error message

    The file has no audio or video streams. »

    I have the latest Quicktime, and I reinstalled Premiere Pro CS6 several times already.  If someone knows a solution for this, I'd be very happy.  Below are my system info and the clamp.  Thank you, Robert.

    Operating system

    Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit


    Full name \BPAV\CLPR\151_0009_01\151_0009_01.MP4

    Format: MPEG-4

    Operating name: XDCAM EX 35

    Format profile: Base Media / Version 2

    Codec ID: mp42

    File size: 1.76 Gio

    Duration: 7 min. 5 sec.

    Overall bit rate mode: Variable

    Overall bit rate: 35.6 Mbps

    Encoding date: UTC 2009-07-19 04:22:10

    Marking date: UTC 2009-07-19 04:22:10


    ID                                       : 1

    Format: MPEG Video

    Operating name: XDCAM EX 35

    Format version: Version 2

    Format profile: [email protected]

    The format, BVOP settings: Yes

    Format settings, matrix: Custom

    Parameters of the format, GOP: M = 3, N = 15

    Codec ID                                 : 61

    Duration: 7 min. 5 sec.

    Bit rate mode: Variable

    Bitrate: 34.0 Mbps

    Maximum bit rate: 35.0 Mbps

    Width: 1 280 pixels

    Height: 720 pixels

    View picture format: 16:9

    Frame rate mode: Constant

    Frame rate: 29.970 fps

    Color space: YUV

    The chroma subsampling: 4:2:0

    Color depth: 8 bit

    Scan type: Progressive

    Compression mode: lossy

    /(pixel*Frame) bits: 1.231

    Stream size: 1.68 Gio (96%)

    Language: English

    Encoding date: UTC 2009-07-19 04:22:10

    Marking date: UTC 2009-07-19 04:22:10

    Primaries: BT.709

    Transfer characteristics: BT.709

    The matrix coefficients: BT.709


    ID                                       : 2

    Format                                   : PCM

    Parameters of the format, "endianness": Big

    Format settings, sign: signed

    Codec ID: two

    Duration: 7 min. 5 sec.

    Bit rate mode: Constant

    Flow: 1 536 Kbps

    Channels: 2 channels

    Sampling: 48.0 KHz

    Color depth: 16 bit

    Stream size: 77.9 MiB (4%)

    Language: English

    Encoding date: UTC 2009-07-19 04:22:10

    Marking date: UTC 2009-07-19 04:22:10

    DELETE files inside "Media Cache files" and "hide media".

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    My iMac 27 "(2011) so my wife 13 '' MacBook Pro (2011) were recently stolen after our House was robbed.  My wife got a new MacBook Pro and I restored it successfully its data (selected "backup restore Time Machine" during the installation of its new MacBook Pro).  However, I also got a new 15 "MacBook Pro in lieu of the iMac 27".  I have, once again, selected "Restore from Time Machine backup" (selected the iMac as the backup source) when installing my new MacBook Pro.  When it was finally over, I told Time Machine to inherit from the backup.  Unfortunately, none of the files in the My Documents folder or the photos in my photo library have been restored.  Was it a bad idea to try to use the backup of the iMac as a source for the MacBook Pro (both running El Capitan)?

    is it possible that your documents are stored on another drive which was not part of the backup plan? or is the HD in the big enough MBP to inherent the old backup.

    If you open the time machine with the original backup disc, you should be able to browse the content

    If the files are found, you can restore by right-clicking (or CTRL + left mouse)

  • Clip + hangs on "refreshing your media" once the files have been added

    Hello. Today I bought a Sansa Clip + mp3 player. Its internal memory is 4 GB, so I bought a 32 GB microSD card.

    I put the microSD card and connected the device to the computer. I then transfer a lot of files, mp3, some flac, as I read the Player supports this format.

    By looking at the output during the transfer, I also saw that some JPG files have been transferred. I guess this isn't a big deal, and I still don't think what is causing the problem.

    Now, when I removed the device safely from the computer, it has started to cool off the media and then frozen at 99%.

    I had transferred 11 GB of data, so I guess it will just take some time. I left it there.

    I returned about 45 minutes later, and he was still stuck there. Now, I started to suspect that something is wrong.

    I googled a little and found that maybe I need to reset the device. I did it. I then plugged the device into the computer, with a microSD card still in it.

    Immediately when I plugged it in, it started refreshing media once again. This time, he did not even half of it. He just sat there, stuck on this scene.

    The device was not recognized by the computer. I did the procedure to reset again, and this time removed the microSD card and connected the device to the computer. This time, it worked, and I was able to access the internal memory.

    However, all the files are on the microSD card, and whenever I plug the unit into the machine with the card inserted, I can't access anything whatsoever.

    The device is not yet recognized by the operating system. What can I do? Is it possible to return it?

    My OS is Arch Linux.

    I did a manual update of the firmware from 10.02.18 and even checked in the device.

    How can I fix? It's very frustrating, I feel that I spent money on a useless product.

    After several hours of frustration, I ended up installing a third-party firmware called RockBox.

    The device booted up, even with the microSD card inserted, and I was immediately able to play the files.

    No database has been built. This is the way it should be.

    So, things turned out all right in the end.

    I just think it's a little sad that I had to jailbreak the device to be able to use it for the purpose I bought it for.

    Thanks anyway.

  • The files have been moved to the temp folder, but now they're gone!

    When my computer did its last update, it changed everything and all my documents in my office were missing. After some research, I found the files under my username and content of the temp folder. (I know little or nothing to the computer) I just dragged and dropped on my desk and everything was fine, but when I stopped and restarted my computer, my office was returned to what it was originally, but this time all folders were empty and the files that I had slipped into the 'new' office have disappeared! OK, so I went into the folder users again, but this time the temporary folder is missing. I found a folder called temp somewhere else, but this did not help at all because it was empty. I tried a system restore, but it didn't help me to recover my files. Help!

    It seems that you have logged in the temporary user profile. In the temporary profiles, no data is stored permanently and the data stored in each session are deleted once the user disconnects.

    You can take a look at the following links:



  • Computer takes forever to load, the files have no icon


    Since yesterday, I have this problem: when I open computer, the green bar at the top starts to load, there are magnifiers on computer, libraries and Favorites in the left pane and nothing appears in the main pane of Solution Explorer. If I manually navigate to any folder by typing the address, it takes me to this folder, but there is no icons for the files or folders. Although, they open as expected, may be renamed etc., but right click on explore crashes. The desktop icons, menu start and see the control panel correctly.

    No recent program has been installed. Before this problem occurred I accessed a suspicious Web page (from a USB key), but...

    I scanned with Malwarebytes, Spybot, ESET, ran ChkDsk, sfc/scannow.

    They have all found nothing except the sfc found 2 corrupt files that could not be repaired.

    Important the fact is that in Safe Mode, I have the same problem!

    Can someone help me on this?

    Screenshots: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=68DDE8B5E2A73B7A! 1908 & authkey =! AF_v7TKydOGoaWM

    Correction, I had a virus, but it wasn't the problem.

    I reinstalled windows and all programs, one by one and that the problem was back, but now I now why! The problem occurred after installing Acronis True Image 2013, because I have disabled its services to run automatically. It seems that Acronis is not like that... and he wants to force me unnecessary services running, most of the time. After you have enabled services, the problem disappeared. :) Good to know!

  • Shipment to illustrator CC opens like a .draw not the file have

    'Send to Illustrator CC' on adobe illustrator draw opens an empty .draw file in Illustrator. Send it to photoshop CC opens successfully as a .png file. How can I make the file open a .ai file so that I can see the layers in the program illustrator on my computer?

    I have the latest version of the draw by lot and creative cloud. I use a Mac with the iOS update.

    My version of Illustrator CC is v16. I downloaded a demo of the current Illustrator, v20, and now the 'send to illustrator"opens successfully with layers. So, it seems that the problem is the version of Illustrator.

    Thanks for your help,


  • Cannot modify an imported placed the file have


    I placed a native AI file into another document of the I and I can't edit the imported file.  It has a bounding box that I can adjust the size, but it won't let me change the color.  Also described logo isn't real text, does this means that I can't change it later?

    I have also included a second screenshot of an error message I get when I import / place one single AI file to another.

    Any help would be really appreciated.



    What you place is not the file, but its private PDF data fork. In case you need to make some changes, maybe copy and paste a better way.

    That said: embed the file and then you can change which slept editable.

    The error tells you that color management is configured differently now. Currently, keep you the CMYK numbers. When the file has been implemented you converted in the profile.

  • missing the file status: currently sync the files have blue arrows and synced to the cloud files have a green check mark.

    I loaded Adobe Creative Cloud and programs.

    Files are not updated to the Office of cloud or reverse!

    I cofoot and pasted the files in my documents on my new cloud drive.

    All the files are there and the cloud (menu bar top) says that everything is sync has... I tested my laptop, everything is there.

    I do not have indicators sync on my documents on my hard drive.

    What did I do wrong...

    All programs that are running and the current operating systems.

    Thank you


    Moving to File Hosting, synchronization and Collaboration


    Please see useful fair questions: where can I find links to management and creative Cloud files synchronization?

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • Export the file HAVE to PNG format in the same dimension created


    I'm an illustrator file of the size of 1000px * 1000px. Have selected the 300 DPI when the file was created.

    So was the point where I pasted, then export in PNG file increase to some other dimensions.

    The exported file is used for printing T-shirt, so it must be in 300 dpi.

    y at - it a help in this?

    Enjoy your entries in it.


    A total of 3000 x 3000 pixel image size is 10 inches at 300 DPI.

    For example, you can create the illustration/work plan at a size of 3000 x 3000 pixels and just save for the Web or export at 72 DPI.

    You can create the illustration/work plan at a size of 10 x 10 inches and export at 300 PPI or save to the Web by setting the size of the Image to 3000 x 3000 pixels.

    The two will give the same picture with the same size of file that can be printed in the same size/quality.

    Or something similar.

  • I need to change the files have 1000

    Hi!, I HAVE a folder with 400 files and an Excel using 1000 lines, each .ai file that contains a textframe with a rated 'note', I need is a script to help me open a .ai file, called "001.ai", and then select a textframe containing a specific "note", and then place the information that appears in Excel row 001 and so on in the file 002. I assign line 002.

    Can anyone help please?




    It will process up to 3 lines of text in the text column.

    function import_csv_and_save(){  
        var myCSV = File.openDialog('Select CSV File...','CSV File:*.csv',false)||'';
        if(myCSV.exists === false){
            alert("issue with selection of csv file");
        var csvCount = 0;
        var myARRAY = read_CSV();
        alert(csvCount + " Lines read from the CSV File");
        var myFOLDER = Folder.selectDialog('Select Source Folder...')||'';
        if(myFOLDER.exists === false){
            alert("issue with selection of source folder");
        myDEST = Folder.selectDialog('Select Destination Folder...')||'';
        if(myDEST.exists === false){
            alert("issue with selection of destination folder");
        var illustratorSaveOpts = new IllustratorSaveOptions();
        illustratorSaveOpts.compatibility = Compatibility.ILLUSTRATOR17;
        illustratorSaveOpts.compressed = true; // Version 10+
        illustratorSaveOpts.pdfCompatible = true;  // Version 10+
        illustratorSaveOpts.embedICCProfile = false;  // Version 9+
        illustratorSaveOpts.embedLinkedFiles = true;  // Version 7+
        illustratorSaveOpts.fontSubsetThreshold = 0.0;   
        var myFILES = myFOLDER.getFiles('*.ai');
        var myTEXT, testtext, newNAME, fC = 0;
        for(var h = 0; h < myFILES.length; h++){
            myNAME = myFILES[h].name.replace('.ai','');
            if(app.activeDocument.pageItems.getByName("Excel_Text") == 0){
                alert("TextFrame named 'Excel_Text' is not available in the activeDocument");
            myTEXT = app.activeDocument.pageItems.getByName("Excel_Text");
            testtext = myTEXT.contents;
            for(var i = 0; i < myARRAY.length; i++){
                if(myARRAY[i][0] === myNAME){
                    // test for multiline text  - - can deal with 1, 2, or 3 lines.
                    if(myARRAY[i][1].substr(0,1) === '"'){
                        if(myARRAY[i+1][0].substr(myARRAY[i+1][0].length-1,1) === '"'){
                            myTEXT.contents = myARRAY[i][1].substr(1) + "\n" + myARRAY[i+1][0].substr(0,myARRAY[i+1][0].length-1);
                        }else if(myARRAY[i+2][0].substr(myARRAY[i+2][0].length-1,1) === '"'){
                            myTEXT.contents = myARRAY[i][1].substr(1) + "\n" + myARRAY[i+1][0]  + "\n" + myARRAY[i+2][0].substr(0,myARRAY[i+2][0].length-1);
                        myTEXT.contents = myARRAY[i][1];
                    newFILE = new File(myDEST + "/" + myFILES[h].name);
                    app.activeDocument.saveAs(newFILE, illustratorSaveOpts);
            if(myTEXT.contents === testtext){
                alert("processing of " + myFILES[h].name + " failed, Text was not changed.");
        alert("Saved " + fC + " Files, into " + myDEST);  
        function read_CSV(){
            var myARRAY = [], line, lineArray;
                line = myCSV.readln();
                lineArray = line.split(',');
            return myARRAY;

    I should mention that I have no idea what will happen if there is more than 3;

    I have not tried that and haven't added any code to intercept errors.

Maybe you are looking for

  • 15 - ac622nl: laptop does not start, I see ho restore

    Hi guys,.yesterday, I change my hard drive with an SSD without restore (I want a clea facility).After you mount the SSD, I insert bootable CD win7, but at boot win7 won't, just start ho restoration e recovery...someone knows how can I installare a BO

  • How to install the display on the satellite Pro 4600 driver?

    I can't find the option to do so. Can someone explain to me on how I can do this?I don't see an option so on the control unit of the device.What option do? Thanks in advance! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Post edited by: Thierry

  • Should I buy a MacBook Pro to the Japan?

    I am traveling to Japan in February and I was thinking of buying a MacBook (I don't know if I have to buy the macbook Air or MacBook Pro yet) I'm from South America, and I don't know if I should buy one to Japan, because of the keyboard and it loads

  • 64 GB sandisk adapters does not work in the zip clip?

    I bought the 64 Gb Sandisk Ultra adapters for my new sansa clip zip. I can put music on the card with the usb msc mode, but nothing appears in the menus, so I can't get music to play. I tried rockbox firmware, but it did not help. Can someone help me

  • IDEAPAD S12 NVIDIA ION with windows 7 - a few questions

    Hello I had a few questions about the ideapad s12 sold with windows 7 -It is in europe? (I know it's for sale on the official website of lenovo, but I think that it only contains the American market) -could I buy one on the official site? (I live in