< iframe > link to #anchor work only the second time

I explore a way to offer a local within a framework of content Web HTML file so that it starts at a specific HTML anchor point rather than the top of the HTML page.

Now, given that the Web Content overlay of DPS does not support URL + format (e.g. myfile.html #myanchor) of the anchor chain, I thought that I could achieve the desired result by loading an HTML file in the superposition of Web content that points to the HTML file and its anchor named in a tag < iframe >.

It is where it gets boring. The solution works... but only on the second time you call to the top of the Web content overlay (normally hidden in an MSO).

The first time I have call the overlay Web Content in my article DPS on the iPad, however, the HTML page but not the specified anchor point, or indeed at the top of the page HTML - instead, it seems to start a little more down the anchor. If I reject the superimposition of Web content (in my case, switch to another State of the object) and return, the HTML code recharge starting at the position of the anchor, exactly as planned. I can close the folio, reopen it and the behavior is always correct. It was only the first time that it fails to do the right thing.

I am very happy that my solution works on the second, third and every opportunity, but it's very important that readers see first working time.

I tried to delay automatic playback of the content of the Web, but this makes no difference. The anchor is identified using the tag "id".

Any ideas?

Thank you, Neil. But you can ask your guys to withdraw. Someone made me a coffee strong tonight and I realized that I was this approach from the wrong angle. I've seen this number of HTML pages requiring a refresh before you display it correctly in other circumstances, even in Chrome on my computer, so I doubt that it is a specific problem of the DPS - maybe it's something in webkit.

Anyway, the coffee made me realize that I have an iframe to load another HTML file to an anchor. All I need is to pop a little GoToAnchor script in thetag and a call at the beginning of thetag.

Someday, if someone corrects completely broken site of Adobe Cookbooks, I download a lot of these recipes.

Tags: Digital Publishing Suite

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  • ToolBoxTools.addEventListener works only every second time


    Our layouts often enough by clicking on the tool 'page' in error, and it's happened several times, that it changes the size of the page without even noticing. Because there is no way to remove the tool from the toolbar (I guess?), I want to write a script, which displays at least a message that the page tool ("Seitenwerkzeug" in German) has been selected. Unfortunately, the event listener works only every second time:

    1 indesign begins > selection tool is active

    2. click on the tool page > message > tool page is active

    3. click on "another outil1" > "other outil1" is active

    4. click on "other tool2" > "other outil1" is active

    5. click on the tool page > nothing happens, page tool icon is active, but the 'tool2 another' icon is still active, too, and 'another tool2' is always on

    6. click on "other tool3" > "other tool3" is active

    7. click on the tool page > message > tool page is active

    8. ......

    No idea why this is?

    My script:

    #targetengine myToolListener

    app.toolBoxTools.addEventListener ("afterAttributeChanged", changeToolAlert);

    function changeToolAlert() {}

    If (app.toolBoxTools.currentToolName == "Seitenwerkzeug") {}

    Alert ("Message", "Title");


    Exit(); I tried with and without this!


    At first, I tried to use a confirmation message instead of an alert, who had the same problem and I thought it would be because the change does not work... but it seems that I can't yet work with information without something to 'crash' in the background?

    My previous confirm function:

    function changeToolConfirm() {}

    If (app.toolBoxTools.currentToolName == "Seitenwerkzeug") {}

    var confirmDialog = confirm ("You want to activate the page tool?", true);


    app.toolBoxTools.currentTool = UITools.SELECTION_TOOL;




    I really hope someone has an idea



    Hi Anke,

    The problem, I think, comes from the fact that the Page Tool selection event (which you listen via afterAttributeChanged) needs time to complete. Since alert() and confirm() education gives focus to a new modal window before the event lifecycle is completed, the GUI becomes unstable, state icon described is not properly restored and your event management does not.

    One way to solve this problem would be a temporary queue listener IdleEvent once the Page Tool selection event is taken. In other words, we do not start one any modal dialog box as long as the GUI is refreshing.

    Something like this:

    // PageToolDisclaimer.jsx
    // Should be useable as a startup script, no #targetengine required
    // NB - MutationEvent is known to create a global 'evt' variable
    // so we don't seem to need a persistent session engine here :-)
    // That's why the active script File is used as the event handler
    (function(/*File*/EVENT_HANDLER, /*str*/TASK_NAME, /*uint*/TASK_TIME, /*str*/PAGE_TOOL_NAME)
        var t;
        // Installer
        // ---
        if( !(t=app.toolBoxTools.eventListeners).length )
            t.add(MutationEvent.AFTER_ATTRIBUTE_CHANGED, EVENT_HANDLER);
        // IdleEvent handler (--> confirm)
        // ---
        if( (t=app.idleTasks.itemByName(TASK_NAME)).isValid )
            if( !confirm("***WARNING***\rDo you really want to activate the page tool?", true) )
                app.toolBoxTools.currentTool = UITools.SELECTION_TOOL;
        // PageTool event handler
        // ---
        if( ('evt' in $.global) && 'currentToolName'==evt.attributeName && PAGE_TOOL_NAME==evt.attributeValue )
            app.idleTasks.add({name:TASK_NAME, sleep:TASK_TIME})
                  .addEventListener(IdleEvent.ON_IDLE, EVENT_HANDLER);
    })(app.activeScript, 'WaitPageTool', 400, app.translateKeyString('$ID/Page Tool'));

    Hope that helps.



  • Interactive report Javascript Refresh, working only the first time


    I'm trying to implement a dynamic action on an interactive report that fires a pl/sql procedure and then reload the IR.

    I have something like this:

    Select par.*,
    WHEN (SELECT 1 OF THE AddressBook ch WHERE ch.usr_id = (select id where email = usr: APP_USER) AND ch.address_id = par.id) IS NOT NULL
    THEN ' < img src = "" #IMAGE_PREFIX #wwv_cancel.gif "class alt"Y"="delAddressFromBook"id =" "| par.ID | "" / > "
    ELSE ' < img src = "" #IMAGE_PREFIX #add.gif "alt ="N"class ="addAddressToBook"id =" "| par.ID | " » / >"
    Mapped END
    of nominal addresslist

    My dynamic action uses the '.addAddressToBook' jquery selector, and it fires properly the first time I click Add image. My pl/sql code runs correctly and ist updated IR.
    It is, when I click the second time in another entry, nothing happens. Looks like the javascript works always something.

    Updating of the IR ist done with javascript gReport.pull ().

    Thanks in advance.



    If you bind an event javascript on an element that is get updated then after that it gets updated, it will no longer be bound to her event. It is possible to use the event to this situation (http://api.jquery.com/on/) delegation, he took advantage of event bubbling (http://www.quirksmode.org/js/events_order.html) and handles the event to an element that is not updated to a kind of AJAX call.

    The following code binds the event listener for the document, but it does that raise the event handler if the initiator of the event matches the selector ".addAddressToBook". I chose the document object, because each page has a document, but you can consider using a parent element that is much closer to the initiator of the event.

    //jQuery 1.7+ use "on"
    $(document).on("click", ".addAddressToBook", function(event){
        alert('addAddressToBook Clicked');
    //jQuery1.4.2+ use "delegate"
    $(document).delegate(".addAddressToBook", "click", function(event) {
        alert('addAddressToBook Clicked');

    Good luck
    Janet Tyson

    Published by: Tyson Janet on January 23, 2012 07:27

  • Tracing with Visual Studio 2008 works only the 1st time


    I use Visual Studio 2008 and TestStand 4.1.1.

    I have a c# dll and I'll call a function of TestStand.

    In VS, I "join to deal with...". "and choose to attach it to TestStand. I start my sequence and VS to get to the point break that I set myself in VS.

    Everything is great.

    Now if I "Stop debugging", I do some changes for my dll, recompile all right and reattach to TS, everything seems ok.

    But if I start my sequence, do not strike my breakpoints and step runs without me trace in my c# code.

    The only workaround is to close TestStand, restart it, reopen the sequence and reinstall VS on it, then works again my breakpoint.

    What's wrong? I wouldn't restart TestStand whenever I do change the dll and reattach. I tried to unload all modules also with no success.

    I do something wrong or solutions to avoid restarting TestStand after changes to the c# code and you want to draw it.

    Thank you.

    Hi Matt,

    First of all, I tried to replicate what you experience following your instructions, but I couldn't recompile the DLL after the stop debugging in Visual Studio, because the DLL was still in use in TestStand.  After I unloaded all the modules, I could recompile.  I then re-attached and saw what you were doing.  So, to get around him, I tied to the process in a slightly different way.  In Visual Studio, I went to tools' attach to process, and then chose the seqedit.exe process.  Before mounting, I pressed the Select button on the right side of the dialog box in the middle of changing the type of code we are debugging.  Select the radio button "Debug these code types" and verify that "Managed".  This will ensure that the debugger attaches only to managed code (c#).  After I did, I could run my sequence again without having to restart TestStand.

    I would like to know if it works for you.

  • Why my animated themes work only the first time that I open the window? Everyone I tried stops animate if I close the window and open a new one.

    The title pretty much sums up my problem. Basically, I took a few different themes animated to try in the section modules to customize my browser window. They look great in the beginning and in the window that is opened when I activate the theme. However, if I close this window and open a new one, the theme is stationary and is more anime.

    See this support article - https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/animated-theme-stops-working

  • For the second time in two months, all my messages in the Inbox are not there. Only the SUBJECT and the FROM is left. Tried to 'fix this folder' and lost ALL

    For the second time in two months, all my messages in the Inbox are not there. Only the SUBJECT and the FROM is left.

    Tried to 'fix this folder' and ALL - lost ALL the Inbox.

    The file is still there and works well...

    How can I stop it and what are the causes?

    Thank you all, Gabe

    If you have the file somewhere on your hard drive, export and import tools it will be important back to Thunderbird.


    Instructions http://chrisramsden.vfast.co.uk/3_How_to_install_Add-ons_in_Thunderbird.html

  • Satellite A300D-155 - camera works only 2 seconds

    I have problem with the camera.

    Whenever I start it, it works only 2 seconds, and then the image is black. The blue indicator light is all the time. When I start properties even change nothing, photo appears again. Worse still when I call someone, I can't help.

    What should I do?

    Have you updated the driver for the camera and looked for a BIOS update?
    Check this on the Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    It's strange, but I think that an update of the driver should help.
    Perhaps more programs try to use the camera. Select this check box.

  • Hello - I have used CC for about 1.5 years, I work on my Mac fixed in my office and also on my Mac Powerbook. For the second time, I can't work on the Powerbook - I can´t reach my documents - nothing happens if I have the latest version on both

    Hello - I have used CC for about 1.5 years, I work on my Mac fixed in my office and also on my Mac Powerbook. For the second time, I can't work on the Powerbook - I can´t reach my documents - nothing happens if I have the latest version on both computers. What's not?


    Please help us to better understand.

    What message did you while accessing your documents?

    Do you have a white screen on the creative cloud App:

    You can refer -:new Creative Cloud application unusable: it is empty!

    and also try:-screen black at sign - in | Creative Office Cloud app

    Wheel rotation under apps:

    Please check the help below document:

    Does not open App | Wheels of progress turn continuously

    You can also view the nets below where this issue has been addressed:

    Adobe Creative Cloud / Desktop App / Home Screen: constant spinning wheel

    Creative Cloud Desktop App taped blue spinning wheel after update.

    For messages from the server:

    Solutions to connection errors, activation and connection with creative Cloud applications and Creative Suite

    Creative cloud will not - can not get on the servers, perhaps because the firewall blocks

    Hope this helps!

  • On the second time that I return to the button, it doesn't work anymore?


    Hey well im still busy making an animation, and I got stuck.

    The animation is as follows: I have 15 active buttons at the moment, I've programmed only 1 so far. If I click this button 1 (linkslinksboven_btn), he goes to a certain slice, in this case the 181 framework. In 181, I have 4 new buttons 1 is programmed, if I click on this button (linkscirkellinks_btn), I did some lines go to a color and a letter "M" is now 10 times for 10 seconds. After these 10 seconds little animation stops and I have to click a button (onzichtbareknoplinkslinksboven_btn), which dates back to where my 15 buttons are active should be the frame 180, so all 15 are able to get clicked again. If I click the button, it shows my 15 buttons but when I click on the 1 I programmed and used earlier, it does nothing?

    Here are all the coding on my first keyframe:

    -Frame stop @ framework 180-------.
    addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, onEnterFrame180);

    function onEnterFrame180(e:Event):void {}
    If (currentFrame == 180) stop();

    -Knop linksmidden_btn-------.
    linksmidden_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linksmidden_btnClick);

    function linksmidden_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (180);

    -Knop linkslinksboven_btn-------.
    linkslinksboven_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkslinksboven_btnClick);

    function linkslinksboven_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (181);

    -Knop linksrechtsboven_btn-------.
    linksrechtsboven_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linksrechtsboven_btnClick);

    function linksrechtsboven_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (182);

    -Knop linkslinksmidden_btn-------.
    linkslinksmidden_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkslinksmidden_btnClick);

    function linkslinksmidden_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (183);

    -Knop linksrechtsmidden_btn-------.
    linksrechtsmidden_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linksrechtsmidden_btnClick);

    function linksrechtsmidden_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (184);

    -Knop linkslinksonderbovenkant_btn-------.
    linkslinksonderbovenkant_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkslinksonderbovenkant_btnClick);

    function linkslinksonderbovenkant_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (185);

    -Knop linkslinksonderonderkant_btn-------.
    linkslinksonderonderkant_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkslinksonderonderkant_btnClick);

    function linkslinksonderonderkant_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (186);

    -Knop linksrechtsonderonderkant_btn-------.
    linksrechtsonderonderkant_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linksrechtsonderonderkant_btnClick);

    function linksrechtsonderonderkant_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (187);

    -Knop linksrechtsonderbovenkant_btn-------.
    linksrechtsonderbovenkant_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linksrechtsonderbovenkant_btnClick);

    function linksrechtsonderbovenkant_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (188);

    -Knop rechtsonderkant_btn-------.
    rechtsonderkant_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, rechtsonderkant_btnClick);

    function rechtsonderkant_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (189);

    -Knop rechtsbovenkant_btn-------.
    rechtsbovenkant_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, rechtsbovenkant_btnClick);

    function rechtsbovenkant_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (190);

    Here is the coding to the second keyframe to the 181 Member:


    -Knop linkscirkellinks_btn-------.
    linkscirkellinks_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkscirkellinks_btnClick);

    function linkscirkellinks_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (182);

    -Knop linkscirkelboven_btn-------.
    linkscirkelboven_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkscirkelboven_btnClick);

    function linkscirkelboven_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (183);

    -Knop linkscirkelrechts_btn-------.
    linkscirkelrechts_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkscirkelrechts_btnClick);

    function linkscirkelrechts_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (184);

    -Knop linkscirkelonder_btn-------.
    linkscirkelonder_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, linkscirkelonder_btnClick);

    function linkscirkelonder_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (185);

    And then finally on my last keyframe so far to frame 481:


    -Knop onzichtbareknoplinkslinksboven_btn-------.
    onzichtbareknoplinkslinksboven_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, onzichtbareknoplinkslinksboven_btnClick);

    function onzichtbareknoplinkslinksboven_btnClick(event:MouseEvent):void {}
    gotoAndPlay (180);

    Anyone know why I can't click on the linkslinksboven_btn when I get to this image for the second time?

    Any help or advice even to my easyer approach are welcome! I am open to learn. =)

    Dear greetings,


    Probably, you need to have the code buttons of your framework 180 instead of any previous setting.  If 15 buttons end at framework 180, but the code for them is to frame 1, then when you move out of the frame 180 you essentially lose the buttons, and if you are relocating to the 180 framework, there is no code to assign a feature of the buttons.

  • IllegalStateException when Date by selecting the second time by using the date picker.

    I didn't think you could add a DatePicker to a field, and the only way to use the component is to use the method. doModal(). So I created a button which FieldChangeListener calls the method. It works the first time I click on the button and select a date, but the second time I get IllegalStateException.

    datePickerButton = new ButtonField("Date", ButtonField.CONSUME_CLICK | ButtonField.FIELD_RIGHT);
    datePickerButton.setChangeListener(new FieldChangeListener() {
        public void fieldChanged(Field field, int context) {
            UiApplication.getUiApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable()
                public void run()

    Thread [Ritis_Maps (181) id = 295359488] (Suspended (exception IllegalStateException))
    SpinBoxDateTimePickerView (field) (Manager, int) .setManager line: 5399
    DateTimePickerDialog$ ConfirmManager (Manager) .insertInternal (field, int) line: 2203
    DateTimePickerDialog$ ConfirmManager (Manager) .add (Field) line: 545
    DateTimePickerDialog$ ConfirmManager. Line (field, ButtonField, ButtonField): 307
    DateTimePickerDialog. (DateTimePicker, XYRect, long) line: 94
    DateTimePickerController.getDateTimePickerScreen (XYRect) online: 332
    DateTimePickerController.doModal (int, XYRect) line: 340
    DateTimePickerController (DateTimePicker) .doModal () line: 255
    AdvancedIncidentListOptions$ 5.run (line): 193
    Line .dispatchInvokeLater (Runnable, object, int) UImain (Application): 1456
    UImain (Application) (Message) .doProcessNextMessage line: 2088
    UImain (Application) (Message) .processNextMessage line: 1530
    UImain (Application) () .enterEventDispatcher line: 1371
    UImain.main (String []) line: 24

    Maybe the datePicker does not clean themselves properly and you must create a new instance each time. I guess that since there doModal there are a few static fields/methods within the class to reiinitialized on each call.

  • How to export a PDF file to make nonprinting objects show but don't print not AND hyperlinks on the top of the page work at the same time?

    Firstly - I work in InDesign CC 2015.

    My problem is, I had this 10 page document, which, on every page, shows an object that must be in PDF format - but do not print. I made this object into a button and unchecked "Printable". On top of this object, I made 10 hyperlinks (separate layer) that point to the page 1-10.

    When you export the document and I use the interactive PDF format , works ' show nonprinting object but do not print ' well, BUT hyperlinks don't. If I uncheck the "layer of nonprinting objects" in the file PDF, then hyperlinks work, but the problem now is that the nonprinting objects are invisible...

    When you export the document and I use a PDF to print the "unprintable object show but do not print" does not work BUT the hyperlinks don't...

    I put hyperlinks to post a link to pages and also tried the link to the anchor text. No difference.

    So my question is: How to export a PDF file to make nonprinting objects show but don't print not AND hyperlinks on the top of the page work at the same time?

    Thank you

    Mette from Denmark

    I swapped my links to the buttons - AND NOW IT WORKS; (o)

  • Distiller will suddenly end/crash the * SECOND * time I open a file for conversion to PDF.

    The subject says it all: Distiller will suddenly end/crash the * SECOND * time I open a file for conversion to PDF.

    But I think I have an idea why this is happening. In general, I use Distiller to convert EPS or PS files as PDF files. In addition, almost without fault, I incorporate the required (only of Type 1) fonts directly in files EPS/PS (using the required format to PFA) so no local fonts on my computer are needed to be looked at to distill in to be embedded in the file PDF. they are already in the EPS/PS files.

    But yesterday, I tried to convert EPS/PS files to PDF using Distiller in which I had NOT embedded fonts Type 1 (PFA format, of course) in the source of EPS/PS files. All first this conversion would work (in which I select "open" and choose an EPS/PS file for conversion), but after this initial conversion, the * SECOND * time I clicked "Open" the file, Distiller would immediately close/crash.

    Then, I searched the web for answers and discovered that some people have trouble distilling to initialize if all their computer system fonts were read-only. So I went back to my EPS/PS files and embedded fonts Type 1 (PFA format) required in them and then - as if by magic - distill worked without a hitch: I could open and convert any number of them in succession, with distilling never close / crashing.

    Then, I found the reason why distilling had been crashing at the second attempted to open a file (once again, simply by pressing the "open" button to find a file to convert, * no * after selecting a file) must have something to do with distilling scanning fonts installed on my computer, when there was no PFA font incorporated to make reference to , and a read only font on my system was the cause of the problem. However, I have looked in both places of logic where my fonts must be located (c:\psfonts and c:\windows\fonts), but found * no. attributes * files fonts defined in 'read only' so, I'm stumped.

    I use Distiller Pro 10.1.1316 (acrodist.exe) on a machine to earn 8.1. I found similar positions, which dates back to 2004, about Distiller crashing immediately after opening when certain fonts are read-only; I haven't found a post about anyone successfully using Distiller to convert EPS or PS to PDF and then have the program crash when the "Open" button is pressed subsequently. The clues, anyone?

    Background: Distiller Server is a product discontinued long - ago - use of Distiller server is now simply prohibited, and LiveCycle PDF Generator is available for servers.

    Since you are not using Distiller Server and this forum is essentially abandoned, I recommend that you try the Acrobat - forum creation (etc.) instead.

  • Keboard and Touchpad 355 G2: Does not work at the same time


    I am trying to configure my laptop for games, but I can't get my touchpad and keyboard work at the same time. I tried to disable palmcheck but that did not work. Anything else I could do?

    Thank you


    Normally, you just have to disable SmartSense or PalmCheck Control Panel of Synaptics - but from what I've seen, it seems no longer works for Windows 10 versions of this driver.

    You too, can be able to work around this problem as follows.

    First, download the Synaptics driver on the link below and save it in your downloads folder.

    Version of the Synaptics driver

    Disable your wireless card (should be f12 ).

    Open Control Panel, open programs and features, right click on the Synaptics driver and select uninstall.

    When finished, restart the laptop.

    When windows rebooted, open your download folder and re-run the installer of Synaptics - when it is finished, restart the laptop.

    Open the Synaptics settings panel, disable SmartSense or PalmCheck , then check if the touchpad works now with a key on the keyboard is pressed.

    If so, turn on your wireless card and use the utility on the following link to prevent Windows 10 to update automatically the Synaptics driver.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

    Note: If it does not, your existing driver are here.

  • Automation error: The object invoked has disconnected from its clients when the exe to exectuted the VB6 for the second time

    Dear all,

    I had this really common automation error when I run an exe file created by Visual Basic 6 for the second time. Whenever I ran the program for the first time that it works really well. But the second time always fails. When I ran in debug mode in Visual Basic 6, sometimes it worked. I checked the code and found it would be discontinued in the next part - CommonDialog1.ShowSave.

    ReDim SelectedVar (1 NumSeleVar)
    ReDim SelectedVarTxt (1 NumSeleVar)
    I have = 1
    For j = 1 To NumVar_GasPlants
    If chkOpt (j - 1). Value then
    SelectedVar (i) = j
    SelectedVarTxt (i) is chkOpt (j - 1). Legend
    i = i + 1
    End If
    Next J

    'Get the name of the export file.
    If not g_RunOutputMacro then ' check-out
    CommonDialog1.cancelError = True
    CommonDialog1.InitDir = curCasePath
    If IsMonteCarlo then
    CommonDialog1.FileName = "HourlyData_GasPlants_" & cmbYear.Text & "_" & cmbMonteCarlo.Text & ".csv".
    On the other
    CommonDialog1.FileName = "HourlyData_GasPlants_" & cmbYear.Text & ".csv".
    End If
    CommonDialog1.Filter = ' (*.csv) | * .csv.
    CommonDialog1.FilterIndex = 1
    SelectedOutputFile = CommonDialog1.FileName
    On the other
    SelectedOutputFile = g_Output_FileName
    End If

    I have been tormented by this problem for almost a month. Any suggestions or ideas would be very appreciated!

    Thanks a lot guys!


    This problem would be treated better in the MSDN Visual Basic forums. Expertise it can help you with this problem.


    Thank you

    Stephanie Podder

  • How to put in place two sound devices and make two of them work at the same time?

    I am on Windows 7 Ultimate and I have a problem...

    I downloaded the SRS Audio Essentials software that improves the sound quality

    And I have Realtek audio device which is an audio driver that come with bulit in sound card

    But the problem is that I can choose only one of them as the default audio device

    When I was with Windows Xp, two of them worked at the same time...

    He is the captain:

    http://www.Flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8812378555/

    Help, please!

    PS: Sorry for my bad English... ^_^


    Unfortunately this does happen, as it is by design,

    Here, a single device can be marked as default device, follow these steps below for more information.

    a. Click Start, type Sound in the box to start the search.
    b. click sound in the results of search at the top of the start menu.
    c. click the reading notice the check mark next to the default device.

    For all windows questions do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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    My father who died left tons of slides and negatives of when in 1942, he joined the Army Air Corp.  I have boxes of slides that must be examined to see what they are and negatives he took during the period 1942-1956 while he was in Europe.  All sugge

  • lack of newspapers!

    Most of my February 2010 chat logs are missing (I did not remove). Rest those who remain are only up to 3 Feb. I have some important personal conversations during this period and I'd like back them. So all opportunities, Windows Live store our logs s