illustrations of 12.5 iTunes no sync for iPhone & smart playlist in disorder


I've updated to iTunes 12.5 and I have two problems, the work which has come mainly from apples when Sync you to my iPhone ios10.01 it synchronizes approximately 10% of the covers...

the second thing is on the smart playlists, I can't find a way get the list of reading to stay in the newer supplementary order. You add a new song, and he ends by below, rather than above

I have the same problem on the cover art not sync... I got it in the last 3 betas, I would say. Expected to get fixed for GM, but it didn't. I tried to reset my iTunes (copy my media on the desktop and delete the "iTunes Media" folder, and then add it again any music) with no luck... I pointed out twice in the application of your comments also. I hope that someone will find that a fix/Apple will fix it soon...

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