Illustrator CC open and save the file windows crashing several times

I have an incredibly frustrating time with Illustrator CC. open and save the file or the other crashes immediately when I click on a folder to specify the file to save or open location. I'm running the Mavericks on my mac, and I have a feeling that is the culprit. I updated the app yesterday hoping that would solve the problem, but it only got worse.
Work is piling on me and it is really hard not not to be able to easily save/open/export files.


Solved the problem by disabling the spring loaded folders in the finder and finder to the block list preferences discovers only

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    why I can't download and save the files to my laptop... it disappears in the air... I have windows vista and ie8... Please help I'm going crazy... this laptop is my work tool... Thank you.

    Hello locness2411,

    Have you checked your download folder? Also you can put where you want to save a file to the desktop as, for example. Take a look at these links: or that can help you in what you want to change. Hope this helps you. Let us know anyway. Make it a great day!

    "And in the end the love you take, is equal to The Love You Make" (The Beatles last song from their latest album, Abbey Road.)

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    Hi samanthac39242619

    You must register to organize PDF service & use PDF tool organizing to turn the pages at all times.

    Kind regards

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    I hit the download button and, normally, a pop-up window appears asking me to open or save the file. An empty box appears briefly and then disappears.
    The problem may be with Internet Explorer 6.
    However, I tried to update to IE 8 and the same problem above occurs on the Microsoft Web site.
    I think that there is a little lack of IE 6.
    Any ideas?
    Thank you

    Thank you.
    In the end I had someone send me the file installation and it worked.
    Thanks for your time.

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    Thank you

    Hi Mike227,

    I couldn't find a way to immediately make the bat. I guess you need to mess with ActiveX to do. I found an msdn page that could help with this.

    Have you considered simply concatenating the name of the file and the time stamp with a path of the file and save the file when you create it, without inviting the user?

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    my code are, could someone tell me where I'm wrong?

    char resultsArray [5000];

    viPrintf (hSpectrumInstr, ": MMEMTORCR ' CIMAGE.") GIF "\n"); "
    viQueryf (hSpectrumInstr, ": MMEMATA? '") CIMAGE. (' GIF'\n ', '%t', resultsArray);
    printf ("%s", resultsArray);
    GetChar ();

    as you can see your code is not readable, can you post a screenshot or, as before, a Word document?

    When you use "%b" table must be of type ViInt8

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    Some mobile devices won't be able to open it at all, but if it is open, the quality is not affected.  Please note and understand the warning you get when you set security: indeed, it is largely ignored by many apps.

  • Adobe Illustrator CS6: Can not save the file as an EPS file.  Could not save the picture. Cannot print the illustration. Message

    In Adobe CS6 on a PC I can not save the file as an EPS file. I reinstalled the software and made a new document with a simple square in the file, but the error remains. I can save the file to any other format except in EPS format. The error window I said "can't save the picture. Cannot print the illustration. »

    error sc.jpg

    Illustrator needs a printer.

    If you haven't set up the print to PDF format or something in the system.

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    I appreciate the effort you have put in to solve the problem.
    I suggest you review the process in the document to ensure that nothing is missed.
    Link: Sharing files and printers in Windows Vista:
  • File placed in Mac server with read/write access to all the world, but when a Windows machine changes and saves the file, it becomes read-only

    Original title: Excel file permissions

    At my work, all except 2 computers are Macs. I'm one of the only Windows machines. I created an Excel file which I want everyone at the office to access and modify. We have put on the Mac server and changed the permissions for everyone to read and write. I also had that done on the Windows machine before placing it on the server. However, people on Mac machines can open, change it and save it without problem. But if one of the machines Windows opens, modifies and saves, it restores the Mac machines to read-only. Anyone know how to fix this?

    Hi amber,

    Please contact the Microsoft Community.

    I would have you post here for further assistance.

    Let us know if you have any other problem with Windows in the future.

  • cannot open HTML file firefox opens new tab and continues to set open or save the file ran malware bytes no problem found

    Trying to open an html file firefox guard opens the dialog box open the file in a new tab. I ran malware byte without success.
    The file never opens.

    Finally refreshed Firefox problem resolved...

    I am happy to hear that you solved it will lock the thread.

  • File/folder preserved but can still edit and save the file

    Nice day

    I just want to ask how to protect a file/folder on Windows 7 from deletion, but I can still edit and save to the same file... (the file/folder is shared on other computers)...
    Thanks in advance...

    You can go in the advanced security settings and explicitly deny file record all users "deleting subfolders and files" and "Remove" permissions, make sure that you propagate permissions to all child objects.  But, as mentioned by another poster, if users can change the files they can damage or save them as empty files.


  • Change to save the file windows updates 8

    I have an SSD of 24GO on which I have installed Windows 8, but the problem is that the drive is not large enough for its updates, so I was wondering how to change Windows update record the location of the file on another hard drive?


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you want to change the update of Windows save the location of the file on another hard drive.

    I wish to inform you that there is no option to have Windows Update files to a location other than the system files. It is necessary to have Windows Update files to be saved on the same drive and the same partition as the operating system.

    However, as you have limited space on your SSD, you can choose to disable the automatic updates of Windows and install only those who are well kept.

    You can follow the steps described in the article below to turn off the automatic updates of Windows or to manage the way that Windows provides and installs available updates on your computer.

    You can also check out the article below.

    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need additional assistance. We will be happy to help you.

  • Someone at - it managed to open and use the white window workaround plugin?

    I just upgraded to El Capitan on my Mac to find that I now have problems using my Tablet Wacom with Photoshop CS6. Looking at the discussions on this forum, I find that the sensible and apparently permanent solution is the white window workaround plugin. I found the link but it just usually open and install. CS6 open custom it and none of the applications on the app store's free zip entertain you it. I'm no whizz IT, but I'm not stupid either. Other people have this problem. Can anyone help?


    You need to download the first to your mac

    and then double-click the file to extract the plugin since the zip.

    Just click the link once and then pass your download folder.

    You have no need for any third-party zip apps do what os x can do it herself.

  • Open and save the screen show just a second then disappear.


    First time posting

    I can't save or open projects on the opportunity. The registration window will display for a second then dispear. same thing when I try to open a project. The window will then appear to disappear.  I edit on my iMac and my macbook pro.  This only happens when you are working on the iMac. The only way that I can work in Minister today is by opening a "new project". No problem on the macbook. Any ideas?

    Data sheet:

    running Adobe CC

    Operating system: X 10.9

    3.4 Ghz processor Intel Corei7

    32 GB memory at 1333 MHz DDR3

    NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB

    Thank you

    Hi HishamTheMachine,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Please create new profile and check if you are able to launch the program in it. Please click on the link below and create a new profile. Restart your machine we have created the profile and then start the program in it.

    If you are able to launch the application and work on it, then you may need to fix the permission on your old profile.

    Kind regards


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