Im having trouble with my iphone 16 GB ios 9.3.3 5s (G 13, 34) receive error code 22 tries to connect to the server, and nowhere suggestions?

Im having trouble with my iphone 16 GB ios 9.3.3 5s (G 13, 34) receive error code 22 tries to connect to the server, and nowhere suggestions? I have tried almost everything turn power switch wifi in the middle and doing it to try to track down the problem in the Device Manager and im completely disgusted

Have you tried turning off and back on again?

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  • My 5s iphone suddenly showed no service, then I made an attempt to update to ios and itunes connected, now iphone is not enable and display cannot connect to the server and in itunes it shows unable to check your device.please help me

    My 5s iphone suddenly showed no service, then I made an attempt to update to ios and itunes connected, now iphone is not enable and display cannot connect to the server and in itunes it shows unable to check your device.please help me

    Assuming that you have a valid SIM card in the phone, it is more often symptomatic of a phone that has been hacked or jailbroken to unlock.

    Where do you have the phone first?

  • Adobe installation crashes with "trying to connect to the server.

    I hit the download button for Photoshop, which downloads a file "CreativeCloudSet - Up.exe" on Windows 7.  When I run it, it hampers is with "trying to connect to the server...". ».  I tried the tips 'troubleshoot Creative cloud download and install questions', there included connectivity test questions (three URLS for server access work directly in the browser, i.e., there is no proxy).  There is no other error message.  Where should I go from here to debug this?

    Found the problem with the proxy settings.  Debugging instructions above shall include the evaluation of the parameters of proxy (true/false).

  • I have Dreamweaver CS5 with Windows 8, and it will not stay connected to the server and it says: I need flash plugin, please help

    I have a Gateway with Windows 8 computer is installed.  I installed Dreamweaver CS5 to manage my Web site, and it will remain not connected to the server.  Also, it will not play flash and said I need a flash plug-in.  Help, please

    #1, try the FTP mode passive switching power in the definition of your remote server site.

    #2 with the exception of a handful of gaming sites, Flash is a web technology dead.  It is not taken care of by iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android, etc...  I don't recommend to use Flash for anything these days.  Better to use HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS level 3.

    Nancy O.

  • Hello! I just bought the dollar 10 a matter of months, and I get a message that says "trying to connect to the server". "." I restarted the download 3 times with the same results... How can I fix?


    Only, I bought the 10 dollar a month option and has started downloading. It gets about a quarter of the former way through, said "try to connect to the server" and freezes there. I restarted the load down 3 times. How can I fix?

    Thank you!



    Please see the Sign in errors, activation or connection. CS5.5 and later, Acrobat DC

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • Unable to connect to the servers of SnapChat. IOS 4.2.1. iPhone 3G. Error message: unable to connect to the server. Please try again later.


    I can not connect to servers SnapChat

    IOS 4.2.1

    iPhone 3G

    Error message:

    Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later

    Thank you for your time and understanding.


    It seems that you can not use your SnapChat the way app which you should be. I would use the troubleshooting steps in the following article for third-party applications. You may well reach out to the developer if the problem is not solved by the article though:

    If an application you have installed unexpectedly closes, unresponsive, or does not open

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • With both internal customers and external view of the Horizon, I do * have * to have at least a connection to the server by type of connection?

    If I want both external and non - VPN and LAN users internal to access desktops from view, I need to have a connection to the server dedicated to external users and another for internal? Right now I have one pair of Security Server-connection to the server and external connections work fine, but the internal connections are not. I have to get up at least a connection replication server and change the URL HTTPS Secure Tunnel for internal users only?

    Apparently, you don't need a connection to the server dedicated to internal users if you also external users and a security server. I found this during my troubleshooting. The URL of security server will be configured as administrator mode that external URL can be resolved and accessible while the URL to connect to the server will be configured with a URL can be resolved internally and is accessible in administrator mode.

  • Unable to connect to the server with ttisqlcs, failed to retrieve IP address of the system

    Please help me, I have installed timesten server and client on different machines in the LAN, but with the same user and group - ttadmin:ttgroup

    When I tried to connect to the server with ttisqlcs - connStr "DSN = sampleCS"

    The result gave me errors like below

    Connect "DSN is sampleCS ';.

    S1000: Unable to retrieve the IP address of the system. System error:-2

    The command failed.


    The related part in sys.ttconnect.ini is defined as below


    Description = TimesTen Server

    Adresse_reseau =

    PORT_TCP = 53397

    And the sys.odbc.ini

    [ODBC data sources]

    sampleCS = TimesTen 11.2.2 Client Driver



    TTC_SERVER_DSN = nredb_ds

    That wants it mean by 'recovering intellectual '?

    He is trying to resolve IP by hostname even when I already gave him the ip address?

    Either way, I can ping and telnet to port 53397 without problem.

    Please help me, thanks ~

    It does not matter that they are VMs (I use between virtual machines all the time), but "Networking" of VM, of course, must be set up correctly. But if you can ping and telnet between VMS so that shouldn't be a problem.

    On the client computer, you have an entry in/etc/hosts for the client machines and the server? Even on the server? Please check that and add entries if they are not there and see if it helps. If not then we need to find the client using 'strace' to see which system call fails. Please try and after the release (or at least the last part that leads to failure).

    Thank you


  • I'm having trouble with the serial number

    I'm having trouble with the serial number

    If you are hearing 3 or an earlier version, the activation server was arrested.  Take a look at this page, Download Adobe Acrobat 7 and Adobe Creative Suite 2 products for instructions on how to download another copy of AA3.01 and use a generic serial number.  (For the purpose of the present hearing 3 counts as CS2 even though he was not part of the Creative Suite then.)

    However, if you are using a later version of the hearing (CS5.5 until the current 2015 CC) while the others are right... you will need to contact customer support Adobe because only they have the serial number details.

  • Beginner jQuery is having trouble with the links and the page redirect and page caching.

    Hi all

    I'm trying to update an old legacy of multipage site (each page has headers html etc.), adding jQuery Mobile. Most of the time it goes well, but I'm having some problems with the links, the redirect of the page, and caching.

    I write javascript like this...

    < script >

    -do things - then-

    Window.Location.Replace ("Page1.html");

    < /script >

    and links like this

    < a class = "-ui ui-btn-b btn tsize1" href = "page2.html" rel = "external" > page 2 < /a > "


    On many pages - such as those that I have problems with, I've added no caching of code as...

    < head >

    < META HTTP-EQUIV = "Pragma" CONTENT = "no-cache" >

    < META HTTP-EQUIV = "Expires" CONTENT = "-1" >

    ... more...

    < head >

    Problem: for example, I can go to Page 1 and click on a link to go to page 2 and page 2 has the lines "no cache" header. The problem is that a fresh change of page 2 does not appear even with no cache lines above and even if I hit refresh in the browser that I thought it was supposed to reload the page (live get of the site). On the contrary, it seems to continue to see the old content before the update.

    In another case I could be on page 21 and click on a link that goes to the publicationfootnote22 and made a few treatment database and then goes to the page33. In this case, my fees top22 updates are not appearing and showing just the old cache data.

    Q: what is the best way, at least while I am writing code, to force the Page to refresh (non-cache), I can see my updates all the time, because otherwise it becomes very confusing because I'm sure you know.

    Thanks in advance: Dave

    Hi Dave,.

    Are you handy with your developer tools? It's always where I head when I need to look inside something. Before getting anywhere in addition or developed, check the response code you get for the page request and see what is the numeric code. If it is 200, you get a new copy. If it is 304 then your browser is striking the same content or something in your UI is to preserve the previously loaded document fragment.

    Photos make it easy, Chrome this is grabbing a small page for the first time and with disable cache enabled, and we get the status code 200:

    If I keep refreshing with "Disable cache" activated so I keep getting GET/200, copy fees.

    However, delete the "disable cache" to speed things up and the server and the client negotiate and check if she even needs to send you the document (if she thinks she's changed), and if not, of course you GET/304, or "load cache:

    Whenever I update I get GET/304, hitting the cache.

    Make sure your requests are GET/200 if you expect not to be cached.

  • Trying to understand HT203325: cannot connect to the server with the account of the user of a network

    It is a kind of home network issues.  Basically what I want to do is set up a unified environment with the profiles of school boards.  I have a couple of iMacs, a couple of the MacBook and some iPods, iPads and iPhones.

    I would like to run the server on one of my iMac, but this note from Apple shows that I'm having problems.  I don't have a machine that I can run like a dedicated server, I need all machines to be accessible by all users of the Open Directory.

    More I read the note, less I seem to understand.  Forgive me, I'm not an IT professional.  I put in place quite a while Apple (10.4 & 10.5) servers and we had no problem with network users that connect on the real server.

    It was that home directories have been shared with AFP or NFS.  I thought that I saw that they are now shared with AFP or SMB.  Note trying to tell if the server is editing on the one hand, that no other client can mount and access a share until the server has removed it?  This seems to contradict the network share point.

    Is there anyway to overcome this problem?  I tried google, but I see a lot of messages that point to the note from Apple, but not really one that helps solve the problem.  Could I run the server on the two iMacs, put on an OD and share the home directories of the other?  So I think that it would be the base directory is never hosted on the same computer where the authentication takes place.

    Any clarification would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    PS: My Mac is fairly new, so I can update all 10.11.2 & I didn't buy server, so I would get the most recent and for that, too.

    Try it.   But I wouldn't expect that you are trying to do will be reliable, and I would not recommend using a server as an interactive workstation - the two tasks are usually in opposite directions.

    If you want to store shared files, that activate the OS X client, or install and use a NAS box.   There is no server need, if networked storage is the goal.

    Running a server means implementation of DNS services locally and many other tasks.   It was possible to get out for the most part without doing that, but 10.5 started to get flaky without services local DNS and security and network authentication are now commonplace, and this does not at all well without local DNS.

    Servers should also be available at all times, and - as often happens - shared systems may be rather less stable that software is modified, the systems are closed down, or otherwise.

    NFS is available on OS X for several years, and some people have manually configured access remotely via NFS.   It is much more common to see the AFP and increasingly used CIFS/SMB, however.

    Of HT203325: users can be local, as is typical of most of the OS X client configurations, or they can be so-called network users - users with their connection directory located elsewhere and often with access and the same password on multiple systems.   If users are configured as users of the server network, then do not allow users to connect directly to the server.   Who - is the server that serves files and directories of itself to itself - is not reliable.  Not in this technical note, and not by what I saw.

  • iPhone cannot connect to the server to iCloud


    My son IPhone cannot connect to the server iCloud. App Store is not available. In the iTunes and App Store from the settings app, I can't log in. IPhone resetting is not possible. Restore from iTunes on Mac is not possible, because find my iPhone is active on the iPhone, and it cannot be turned off, because in the pane of the application of the iCloud settings can't do anything until I have to accept the new terms and conditions, which cannot be made.

    WiFi on the phone works great with Safari, Mail, but cannot get new e-mail messages. The weather application does not connect.

    His iPad that is connected to the same iCloud account has no problem and there is no problem to connect to his account on

    I tried to restart and reset hard iPhone and updated to 9.3.4 via iTunes on Mac (which went without pain, but doesn't change anything).

    Any help much appreciated!

    Does anyone have advice at all...? Aside from throwing the thing?

  • Not able to connect to the server with modem 56 k

    I try to connect my Tecra via modem 56 k Internet.
    Also, I tried with another computer laptop with the same details and that worked.
    But when I try it on my Tecra I get an error that is not able to connect to the server.

    So I think that it is a parameter that is not defined correctly for the modem.
    (If you compare it to another laptop all parameters are the same as windows).

    Thanks in advance,


    Hello Theo

    Please remove the Dial-up connections all created and after that, remove the modem from Device Manager. Restart the device and initially ensure that the modem is properly configured (query modem Agic under Diagnostics). I put t know which Tecra you have, but many of them have preinstalled TOSHIBA PC Diagnostic Tool. With this tool, you can see all the equipment including modem.

    After having it set up new Dial-up connection and check the functionality. Be sure to wait for the tone option is disabled.

  • I get an error message when I try to log into ExportPDF with my Adobe Reader software. "Network error has occurred trying to connect. Can someone help, please?

    I get an error message when I try to log into ExportPDF with my Adobe Reader software. "Network error has occurred trying to connect. Can someone help, please?

    Hi Simon,.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems connecting to ExportPDF by the reader. I checked your account and everything is fine there.

    To start, please make sure that you have the latest version of the reader on your computer by choosing Help > check for updates.

    If you still have problems to connect by the player, please try to connect to the web interface at

    Please let us know how it goes.



  • Unable to connect to the server with Smart View essbase


    I'm having trobules connection Smart View to make ad hoc analyses, but perfectly I could establish a connection with planning and navigate web forms in Excel.

    The address that I use to connect to Essbase is: http:// < server >: 19000/aps/SmartView and planning url is http:// < server >: 19000/HyperionPlanning/SmartView

    I have already used these URLS in another server with the version 11.1.2 but now that I'm trying to connect to a server with v11.1.1.3 I can't. Whenever I connect to planning to see forms a prompt appears with the message saying that "I connect to a server with an earlier version" but I could work perfectly with the forms. When I connect to essbase, I can see the apps but I can't just do any analysis adhoc.

    Could someone has an idea of what could happen?

    Thanks in advance

    Published by: user9143843 on January 13, 2011 04:58

    SmartView 11.1.2 is not compatible with Essbase

    Reference -


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