Im just get a blue screen, where the image should be in the develop module. What is happening with the Raw and Jpeg images. The display of the preview in the toolbar. Any ideas?

Im just get a blue screen, where the image should be in the develop module. What is happening with the Raw and Jpeg images. The display of the preview in the toolbar. Any ideas?


Disable GPU acceleration. Under preferences-> Performance, clear the check box

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    I just downloaded LR6 from CC Adobe on my new computer laptop > it worked fine on the old laptop, but now I have a problem. I imported the photos that look very well, but when I try to open on (one) in the develop module I get a blue screen in the main window.  The image appears in the navigator Panel. I use Windows 10, which I never used before LR.

    Lightroom preferences-> Performance tab, disable the GPU option. It may be necessary to restart Lightroom.

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    Enter your bios usually with keys F2 or delete to the first powered

    Use default Optimize can be the F5 key and save and exit,

    Insert your installation disc or flash media and press F8 or F12 to boot on it

    Then use the recovery tools to run the Startup Repair tool.

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    The 'Raw' State is not necessary, it is the State of any drive (SSD drive or hard drive) would be in if you just remove a disk new in box and will need to be "initialized", since you have already used the player already initialized sound.

    Do not format the drive, rather than delete all existing partitions, (the SSD shows then as being "unallocated"). Now you are ready to restore the backup Image you created. During the restore process Acronis will recreate the partitions that were on the hard drive on your SSD.

    J W Stuart:

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    What is the stop code that is displayed on the blue screen? Also, you can check if the server is updated in the BIOS, iDrac, controller of life cycle, as well as the raid controller in the server? If some of them get obsolete now, it can cause stability problems. Let me know what the stop code is that you see and I will be able to better understand what is causing the problem. In addition, what is the OS you are using?

    Let me know.

  • the pc switches work and I get a blue screen when the driver is installed


    I have re-installed windows xp pro several times and everythong is going fine until I install the drivers from the disk. pc switches work and I get a blue screen with a RECOVERED FROM A GRAVE... message. I also have a xp(not professional) of windows disk, it works with the drivers, but the pc doesn't seem to work as well. I want to run xp pro version, that's why I bought it. Help, please.

    It makes no difference, what version of Windows XP, you install, it will make no difference to his execution, or use. (with the exception of you want to join a domain)

    If your PC boot after installing winxp pro, visit your PC manufacturers site, or the site of the motherboard and to get the latest drivers for Windows XP a go from there

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    Hi leonardhurley,

    Since when are you facing this problem?

    You did changes before this problem occurs?

    What is the exact blue screen error message you received?

    Method 1

    I suggest that you perform the last good known Configuration

    Method 2: disable automatic reboot in order to collect the Blue error screen, so in case the blue screen just flashes and dries on.

    Method 3:

    I suggest you to follow the article below for the Blue error screen.

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    1 how long have you been faced with this problem?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before this problem?
    3. what browser do you use?
    4. What is the accurate and complete error message on blue screen? If the system restarts immediately and then use disable automatic restart in case of system error.

    In response to the questions above could help us help you better.

    Steps to disable the automatic restart in case of system error:

    1. reboot the computer
    2 start typing the F8 key
    3. you get it anticipated the startup option window
    4. Select the disable automatic system failure reboot

  • Only get a blue screen on the desktop after starting the computer.

    Original title: after the empty office startup

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    Ideas: Windows Vista operating system - why only empty office display blue screen with no program icon shows the office after the computer starts?

    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Hi osterjo,

    1. When did you start to question?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer before this problem?

    I suggest to start the computer in safe mode and check if it works very well.

    To boot to the desktop in safe mode keep tapping key F8 during restart. Once you see the option to start in safe mode select and press to enter.

    Check out the link for more information on starting your computer in SafeMode below:

    Start your computer in safe mode

    Please return back with the results to help us continue with troubleshooting.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • In Lightroom development Mode, I get a blue screen when the photo should be

    I have a new Dell with Windows 10.  I installed only creative cloud, Photoshop and Lightroom so far.  Camera Raw is also referred to as a current version.for my 7 D Mark ii.  Photoshop seems to work very well.  When I go to windows, and import a jpg or Canon raw files, I see them well in library mode but when I click on the mode to develop, I get blue by filling the entire section that the photo should appear.  Nobody knows what will fix this problem?

    Disable the "use of graphics processor" in the Preferences/Performance tab.

    See other messages-

    Lightroom and Photoshop blue screen with white X

    Re: Mounting of scene from 'Developing' Photos

  • in the develop module, I get a blue screen when the image should be. The peak is disabled on the side, but not in the big box

    All I get in the design module is a blue screen. Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Stephanie, please see:, let us know if this helps.

  • I get a blue screen in the middle of what I doing a = m

    blue screen popping up all the time

    How to diagnose and resolve blue screens (BSOD):

  • When I try to develop my photos I get a blue screen, but the browser will display my image?

    I am running the latest version of lightroom, but I don't see my image in the pane to the point, it shows only a blank blue screen, however you can see the image on the part of the browser on the left?

    Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

    Hi andrewa.

    It seems to be a problem because of the graphics processor.

    Go to the Lightroom preferences > performance > uncheck 'use graphics processor' and then check.

    Kind regards


  • Get error blue screen at the opening of Lightroom "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE."

    Bonjoiur, this is the first time that I post on the forum

    suddenly every time photoshop cc text or another version, I find myself with a blue screen marked "KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE", once photoshop uninstall I encounter more this problem, despite the fact that I've got resets the system function factory problem persists, thank you very much for your help, I never had this problem before, very cordially

    * Hello, after many check is the new update of the

    Nvidia driver "361,43" that there were problems so I handed my

    old version "353.84" and after several test yesterday and today.

    I have more problems, this will certainly be one other

    people of the Forum, cordially. Kelyas (Hello, after many)

    the audit is the new update of Nvidia driver '361,43' which

    been a problem, so I gave my old version "353.84" and after several

    test yesterday and today, I have no more problems, it will certainly

    has others in the Forum, cordially. (Kelyas *)



    On 26/12/2015 14:12, Jitendra Khatwani wrote:


    Hello I'm present dominik, suddenly whenever

    text photoshop CC or another version gives me screen

    blue marked "kernel_secrityure, I've never had this problem.

    previously, once photoshop uninstall problems

    Thank you a

    created by Jitendra Khatwani> in /Photoshop

    General discussion /-see complete discussion>

  • When I send a picture to Lightroom Develop module, image Navigator shows very well, but not not the image complete.  All I get is a blue background, where the image should be. What is happening with this?  I just installed Lightroom and Photoshop CC on a

    I used Photoshop and Lightroom for years and upgraded to CC about 6 months ago.  I just got a new computer and downloaded Lightroom and Photoshop CC on the new machine.  In Lightroom, when I send a picture to the develop module, all I get is a blue screen, where the image should be.  The navigation signs and develop panels show very well, but the image does not appear on the main screen.  It appears in the browser.  What's up with that?

    Disable the CPU graph use in the performance of the LR preferences tab. Blue box will be gone, Image will show.

Maybe you are looking for

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