Im trying to find a Messenger that works under linux with video and voice

I recently installed linux on my aspire 1 laptop. and now my yahoo messenger just that in beta that I cannot use my webcam or a microphone.
is there a Messenger available that will allow me to use my webcam and microphone on linux? Ive looked and can not find one that will be downoad easily.

Skype works for me very well for video and text.

Heck I even use a PS3 EYE camera (since I already had) as it has been supported since the 2.6.29 kernel.

If you make only the text chat, then there are many like

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    Is that Toshiba does not support Linux and so there is no information on the problems of Linux.

    However, I put t think that the refresh rate has something to do with this problem.
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    I use a Y410 with OpenSUSE11.0, it supports my webcam, very good and better than Windows...

    As you said nothing about the linux distribution that you are using, I suggest you go to OpenSUSE11.0 and I hope that your webcam should work fine...

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    The webcam software used in open SUSE11.0,'s 'CHEESE', it should be available for other distributions as well...

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    nothing about the way it does

    If the sellers say how it does, they could end up bankrupt.

    Just to give a simple explanation, vshield allows virtual machine drivers, these drivers have the understanding of the corresponding API call that. These API's endpoints of suppliers. The main communication is done via vmware tools.

    That said, consider instead of having to install an antivirus on all THE virtual machines, you can install the AV db in a virtual machine and have the corresponding management software to use agents to get information about the virtual machines on which files have been modified, perform analysis of all files in the virtual machines.

    While it is a very simple explanation, look at the jpg attached for better understanding.

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    You will need to look for a pen that works with a capacitive touchscreen.  The Active pen requires special technology that the 7 flow has not.

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    Their adviser is false - Microsoft creates no drivers, is the manufacturer of the equipment.  So if Epson does not offer drivers so there is zero and the unit will not work under Windows 7.

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    If you're frustrated by research (aka Desktop Search), you are not alone. Click the Start button and type find and click the button 'change the way Windows search'. Now click on the Advanced button and select the tab file types scroll down and find your type of file (in your case .php) and make sure the radio button "index properties and the content of the file" is selected for the file type.

    Out the form by clicking on the OK button, but do not close the form when you click the Advanced button.

    Then, you may need to change the indexing locations. If the folder where your files are located is not known for indexing search, then search is not even bother looking for here (a source of frustration for many users). Maybe your files are located on another drive or partition without the knowledge of the indexing engine. Using the options icon and select/deselect expand, make sure that at least the files of interest are included for the indexed locations. I hope this helps.


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    It would be best to check with the help of the manufacturer of the device.

    SuperChips - contact us


    Other methods would be to use methods of compatibility to run on Windows 7.

    These should help:

    Help with Windows 7 compatibility issues

    Make older programs in this version of Windows

    How to run a program in Compatibility Mode in Windows 7

    Using Windows 7 or Vista Compatibility Mode

    Open the troubleshoot program compatibility utility

    Try the Compatibility Wizard:

    Program Compatibility Assistant: Frequently asked questions

    How to enable or disable the program compatibility Wizard Windows 7

    Disable the compatibility of the program Assistant

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • The modules that work very well with FF3.6.13 in WinXP SP3 computer 1 do not work in this same model machine.

    Among the installed add-ins are Ghostery, shortcuts Google, IE Tab Plus, InformEnter, Lazarus, NoScript and ZoneAlarm Toolbar. In the other machine, most people put icons in the status bar; only the last is here (although I've said to others). I guess that the 'problem' is with Firefox, not the individual modules.

    Also (related?) all the tabs are very small, showing only the icons except when the mouse passes over them.

    Try the section on extension files corrupt in the article of modules cannot install add-ons (extensions and themes) , if none of these mentioned files are corrupted it can cause problems with Add-ons does not.

    In regards to the size of the tabs, you have a couple of set of preferences that will force the tabs are low. To restore the value default settings follow these steps:

    1. Type of topic: config in the address bar and press on enter
    2. Accept the warning message that appears, you will be taken to a list of preferences
    3. Locate the browser.tabs.tabMaxWidthpreference, right-click on it and choose reset
    4. Locate the preference browser.tabs.tabMinWidth, right-click on it and choose reset
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    Can someone help me?


    I get the Webcam work properly in Fedora 22 core 4.0.6 (Incidentally, kernel 4.11 does not yet exist, so what kernel do you use )
    I suggest therefore that you check the software for the Webcam settings is not simply disabled:

    F2 at the STATION
    Go to advanced > system configuration
    Make sure the Webcam is turned on.

    Tom BR

  • How can I find the driver for a DVD PC with XP and Service pack 3 Player

    24/07/2012, I bought Microsoft Office 2010 home and student.  The DVD on my PC wouldn't read the disc to install Office.  I called Microsoft and technology who have downloaded it told me that the driver did not work on the DVD.  I looked at everything on my computer and it all States that everything works correctly.  I need to know how I can find the drivers on my computer.  A search provides all kinds of things to sell to download, but I couldn't find anything to tell me how to locate the drivers.  Is there a way I find them and archive them without having to buy something or to download something that I can see what who and where they are and determine whether any of them are defective?

    Thank you.

    It is not a problem for the responses of the Office forum, but try this:

    The computer can play other DVDs besides the desktop with what drive it is having a problem?  If not, it's a player or a Windows problem.  If Yes, then this particular desktop drive might have a problem (dirty, defective, etc.).  If it turns out to be a disc problem, MS supports will replace him.

    Or, just to work around the problem by downloading the installer here:

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    It includes don t work using Linux, because there is no Linux drivers and tools that could control the features of the laptop.

    Sorry, nothing to see...

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    I created a simple java program that uses the printf method to print the results to stdout.
    I found it would not work correctly under Linux (Debian) as it does on Windows. Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fix it?

    [Screenshot of running on Debian |]

    [Screenshot running on Windows |]

    Best regards

    You use "gij" and any resemblance between it that a Java tends to be purely accidental. You use openjdk or Oracle's Linux JDK.

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    ORA-27370: slave to the job could not launch an EXECUTABLE type work
    ORA-27300: dependent operation of the OS: access enforcement officer failed with the State: 2
    ORA-27301: OS Error Message: the system cannot find the specified file.
    ORA-27302: an error occurred in: 6a sjsec
    ORA-27303: additional information: the system cannot find the specified file.

    Doing some research, it seems he's trying to use the DBMS_SCHEDULER but the Windows service is not enabled or configured. I will try to find jobs 139498 but it doesn't exist - can someone please tell me how I can find this job?

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    Select the State, count (*)
    where the State is not null
    and status! = 'SUCCEEDED '.
    Group by order of status by 1

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