Im trying to install Windows Server 2003 R2 optional components

Im trying to install Windows Server 2003 R2 optional components, but the installation wizard, says "the file 'clusnfs.exe' on Windows Server 2003 R2 is necessary". Can I download it online? I'm just trying to choose the optional component which would allow a computer MAC share files and the printer connected to the server.



As the problem you posted is related to the Windows Server operating system, I suggest that you post the question on the link provided below for assistance.

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    I tried to install windows server 2003 on a few servers, I received a few weeks back.  The RAID put a system in place and turned but when it tries to install WS he says that there are no hard drives.

    I tried to download "server Dell Power Edge update through bootable media / ISO ' but there is no download for a 2850.

    Also I tried to download this "Dell systems build and Update Utility" but most of the time it stops and says failed download...


    Also visit this link

    This link is the user's guide.

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    I bought a 2950 on Ebay the month last but never had the intention on the installation of a Windows operating system, but I downloaded the ISO of DVD here file and installed without any problem they send you a key to save the operating system. I updated the bios after this and no problem. You never said how many hard drives you have, but make sure that you have two or more. So far, I've installed VMWare ESXi which was supported on 2950 but I settled with XenServer 6.5.0 and I 2003 server running as a virtual machine which works very well.

    I have a Dell XPS workstation I have recently reinstalled Windows 7 on it but I had only one drive is connected and the operating system could not see all of the hard drives. After that a second device and do not use raid on this machine, I was able to install Windows. I tried the ISO Live Dell 2850 version but it is not a. Which includes diagnostic tools. When you by a Dell there pre installed in a hidden partition on the disk utility, you can run, but it really isn't anything I know install that. Usually the F12 key will give you a list of items to boot from and if she isn't here the disk, it cannot run. The diagnostic utility that is.

  • Problems installing Windows Server 2003 on a T61


    I had installed Windows Server 2008 on a T61 and it was an installation smoothly with minor hickups.

    But some of the other required packages Windows 2003 Server (they do not support Server 2008 yet!). So I started to install Windows Server 2003 and that's where I found a lot of questions:

    1. I had to change the SATA in compatibility mode (Windows installation has complained that no hard drive found).

    2. I installed Windows Server 2003.

    3. I can't get the wireless network adapter to work. I tried the drivers for Windows 2000/XP on the Lenovo site, but the system does not recognize the card.

    4. the Device Manager lists the devices unrecognizable following three:

    Network controller (must be the wireless card. Properties/Details says "PCI VEN_8086 & DEV... »)

    Controller memory PCI (properties/details says "PCI VEN_8086 & DEV... »)

    Unknown device (properties/details says "ACPI\ATM1200\4 & 374CCB25 & 0")

    5. when I insert a USB key, it is recognized and a new disk is assigned. However, I have an external USB drive and when I plug that in, the system does not recognize the drive.

    Help, please.



    Yes, the wireless works on my laptop. Send me a private message and I can send you the driver that worked.


  • I am trying to install Windows Server 2008. When I get to the part where I should choose where the operating system is to be installed, it is blank.

    I am trying to install Windows Server 2008. When I get to the part where I should choose where the operating system is to be installed, it is blank. He told me 'No device found drivers. We see the SATA HDD in BIOS, and if I browse for the drivers, the driver is displayed. I used the command line packaged with the installer to format the drive, just to be sure. It is formatted in NTFS.

    original title: can not select the HARD drive to install on

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  • Problem installing Windows server 2003 on Poweredgeedge R510


    I want to install Windows server 2003 R2 SP2 32 bit on R510 server.its gives me the error of the disc is not present... How ever I have successfully installed windows server 2008 R2 sp1 on the same server. Yet once again, I installed server 2008 that it has been installed without any error.

    Can help me please out.why his error on Windows server 2003.

    You will need the drivers of the controller to present at the F6 prompt.  They are native to the Server 2008 R2 DVD, but not in 2003.  Download this DVD ISO to help load the drivers of the controller for your server and load the operating system:

    Kind regards

  • ESXi 3.5 and when trying to install windows server 2008

    I installed ESXi 3.5 on my server and successfully created a first virtual computer on which I am trying to install Windows server 2008 standard. I use VMware Infrastructure Client 2.5 from a Vista machine to access my virtual machine console.

    Installation of Windows server is an ISO file located in the root directory of the ESX Server data store. Everything went well with the installation until one last server restart showed a screen stating "the password must be changed before logging on the first time' by clicking on 'OK' present a login for 'Administrator' screen, asking me to enter a password for the 'new' and 'Confirm password '.

    Any attempt to enter a new password results (up to 14 characters, mixture letter & number) in a message "unable to update the password, the value provided for the new password does not meet the requirements of length, complexity or the history of the area.

    As far as I know, I'm not usig a specific domain, have never been able to access Windows server 2008 to create an admin account. I don't know how to solve this problem. I am new to VMWare and Windows server 2008.

    Any suggestion to move forward and allow me to have access to the server via the console?

    Thanks in advance for your help, Claude

    This isn't really a problem with VMware, but more of a problem of Windows 2008 password complexity requirements.

    The account that she is not asking that you must change the password is the local administrator account.

    And you have tried in upper case, lower case, numbers and special characters?  Something like [email protected]#$ maybe?

    Jase McCarty

    Co-author of VMware ESX Essentials in the virtual data center

    (ISBN:1420070274) Auerbach

  • Can I install windows server 2003 on a computer laptop i3/i5 processor Intel?

    I am told that Windows server 2003 is not certified on these processors.

    The reason to install the older Windows OS Server, I want to install Oracle E * Business suite R12 on this machine.

    Oracle E * Business suite R12 is not certified on WIndows server 2005/2007

    Hi NageshMandalik,

    Since your question involves the use of Windows Server 2003, please join the TechNet community for assistance. They specialize in THIS type of environment Pro and will be better suited to help you

    TechNet Forum

    Best regards, Ajay

  • VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.5.0 build-1362012 - unknown internal error trying to P2V Windows Server 2003 SP2

    I have a box of Windows Server 2003 SP2 Standard that fails to convert using vCenter Converter Standalone 5.5.0 build-1362012. After you submit the task in the wizard's GUI, I get "a general error has occurred: unknown internal error". A virtual machine is created and deleted and then a few moments later.

    Create the virtual machine


    Search entity by UUID


    Search entity by UUID


    Remote disk open read-write


    Search entity by UUID


    Remote disk open read-write


    Search entity by UUID


    Delete the entity

    SRV-cspnsn. CSPNSN.local


    The destination is VMware ESXI version 5.5.0 build-1623387 managed by vSphere Client version 5.5.50 build-1618071. The destination data store is a 5.60 VMFS volume with block size of 4 MB, on a local SATA HDD with 923, 50GB.

    Both machines are in the same network and have no any King or firewall or ACL in switches.

    In the log file, the only error is "error"Ufa.HTTPService"] Impossible to read the application; "flow: io_obj p:0x03403f24, h:-1, < tube"\\.\pipe\vmware-converter-server-soap">, < pipe"\\.\pipe\vmware-converter-server-soap"> >, error: class Vmacore::TimeoutException (Operation timed out).

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi all

    Once the converter VMware-converter-en - 5.5.1 - 1682692 does not work, with a touch of friend uninstall the 5.5 version of Converter Standalone Client, look for the VMware converter version - 4.0.0 - 146302 and install this version to the other machine. No not that I had to be Converter, but the windows 7 Pro 64-bit.

    After this race, the Standalone Client 4.4 Converter and everything work fine.

    Now I have the P2V converted and good machine, as was the real operation!

    I thank all of you.

    Best regards


  • PowerEdge 2850 - trying to install Windows Server 2008 R2 from USB


    Let me start with this: they gave me this server by a friend, and I thought it would be a very rewarding experience.

    I want to install Windows Server 2008 R2 from a USB key. I already formatted the USB drive by using diskpart and implemented the fat32 file system. Then I went on the Windows site and downloaded Windows Server 2008 R2, which is a NTI .iso file and which resulted in the new format USB key

    On the server, I already put 'Manage USB Controller - with bios' and changed the sequence of drive for the "emulated hard disk USB flash drive" at the top.

    Now on the screen of boot sequence, after the press for installation of BMC, he says ' remove disks or other media. Press any key to restart"

    What's not here? Shouldn't I see a Windows Server set up the screen? I'm not there is something very basic I'm missing, but any help is appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Remove the USB when it restarts the first time :)

  • WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2 in the Windows Server 2003 downgrade option

    Dear all,

    This Kumar Mahesh of delhi, in India. I bought the standard windows r2 server with 5 CAL. But I do not use it, instead I am using windows server 2003 ent. (pirates). The reason for this. I also, novel netware version 3.21, which does not connect with windows server r2. So I'm going with pirated Windows server 2 k 3.
    Now, I have two questions:
    1. is there a procedure that I was able to connect windows server r2 with my novel netware 3.21
    2. can I download the old version of the server to windows server 2003. or downgrade my existing version of windows.
    Please help me out of this.

    Support is located in the Windows Server Forums:

  • Tecra A10 - 12O: installing the driver network card in Windows Server 2003 R2 Std


    I received 6 laptop Tecra A10 - 12O, and we need to install Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition with SP2 in all these six machines. Windows Server 2003 has been installed perfectly, but now we have only the network LAN card to work but we are unable to install its driver. When I installed Windows XP from the supplied DVD for Toshiba, it says Intel 82567V Gigabit network adapter. I tried to download the drivers for this adatpor of drivers Toshiba, Intel Web site, but it will not install in Windows Server 2003. I also tried manually force to choose and install a driver from the list, I choose that it will install but shows yellow question mark in Device Manager means that it does not work with this driver.

    I also tried the same Intel 82567V drivers from some sites non-Toshiba, of these models using the same network card, but is not truck drivers at all.

    I understand these laptop computers does not support Windows Server 2003, but these were ordered to be used as servers with Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and I am required to make the Installer only with activated and installed network adapter.

    I try last week and exhausted all means to get the installed network adapter driver, but all have failed. Can someone please help with this? All support will be highly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    Hey Buddy

    If I m not wrong Windows Server 2003 uses the same drivers as Win XP and I guess that it s driver problem not a LAN, but perhaps also the problem of Windows Server 2003 installed.

    You are right; the LAN chip seems to be Intel 82567V and the LAN driver downloaded from Intel page should work 100%.

    In your case, I would recommend installing the chipset driver.
    Remove the LAN card from Device Manager, then restart the laptop.
    Then go back to Device Manager and update driver in pointing devices Manager to the place where the driver downloaded LAN was stored on the HARD drive.

  • Which laptop model can be installed in Windows Server 2003 and PIA?


    Hello. The PIA (Weblogic and Tuxedo and SQL Server) and the PeopleTools are compatible with Windows Server 2003 or 2008. But it is not compatible with Windows 7. Because my HP laptop is installed with Windows 7 and can not be installed on Windows Server 2003 or 2008, I need to buy another laptop to install Windows Server 2003 or 2008 PIA and PeopleTools.

    I need to know what model of laptop computer can be installed on Windows Server 2003/2008 and double boots several operating systems. Everyone installs Windows Server 2003/2008 and PIA in any laptop? Please tell me the model of the laptop.

    Thanks in advance.


    Any modern laptop with lots of RAM (> = 4 GB) and hard disk space, within capablities of 64-bit virtualization should be well.
    Even if you have Windows 7 OS to host, you can still install a virtual machine software installable on top of your operating system (for example, VMWare), then install an operating system supported as a virtual machine (called guest operating system). You will work on this virtual machine, exactly as it was a server, waiting for your host what OS is also running, no need to dual-boot.


  • Satellite A200 - Installation of Windows Server 2003

    Dear Sirs,

    Recently, I bought a toshiba Laptop which has Vista Home Premium operating system. In the free space on the hard drive, I intend to install Windows Server 2003. When I insert the CD, the "install Windows Server 2003" is disabled. It does not run the application installation, and as such, I couldn't install this operating system.

    I even tried to start the insttallation put the DVD drive as a boot preference. Still it I cannot install the Windows Server 2003 operating system.

    Can someone help me in this problem. I wanted to install the Windows Server 2003 next to the Vista operating system.

    Thanks in advance.

    > When I insert the CD, the "install Windows Server 2003" is disabled
    What do you mean by people with disabilities?

    You are not able to boot from the CD?

    In these cases, please press the C button immediately after switching on the laptop. This should allow booting from the CD/DVD drive.
    Alternatively, you can try to press the F12 key instead of the C key. This should allow the start menu. Then you could choose the STRANGE as boot device and might try to boot from the CD-ROM Server Win.

  • DVD player not recognized after starting in windows server 2003 r2

    I installed Windows Server 2003 R2 Std on my HP DL180 G6 by using the internal DVD player, but after booting into windows, the DVD drive could not be recognized and it's showing in the 'PCI device' Device Manager under "Unknown device" with a yellow question mark. I googled and tried some of the solutions, also tried to reformat and reinstall Windows, but still facing the same problem. HP support gave me some solutions like updated BIOS, erasing the CMOS memory, unplug and plug back the sata cable, but always without success.

    Hi Lilida85,

    The question you have posted is related to Windows Server 2003 R2 and would be better suited to the TechNet community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the best support.

    Windows Server

  • Windows Server 2003 STD Installation of PE 1950 freeze


    I have a PE 1950 I'm trying to reinstall Windows Server 2003 STD. There a PERC 5 / i controller SCSI with a Raid 1 configuration. I've updated the Bios Dell 2.0.1 and the PERC 5 / i firmware to version 5.2.1 - 0067. I created and initialized from cd Dell Open manage Cd (V 5.2.0) and go through all the instructions. It copies the files from the Windows CD-ROM server hard disk, so he asked to restart. So I do, then the Windows installation screen rises, and the server hangs. The gray bar at the bottom of the installation is not upward to install a 3rd party SCSI driver. If I restart the server, it freezes again at the Windows screen.

    I ran an extented diagnostic systems on it, but she came back without error.

    I'm running out of ideas on how to get Windows Server 2003 is installed on this server. Ideas or comments will be appreciated.

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