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Just bought an iMac 27. I had a program on my PC to transfer DVDs to my iPad? Can I do the same thing with my iMac?


You can buy a program for that if you want on the Mac. Of course, there is the minor problem that current iMacs do not come with optical drives, which means that you will need an external hard drive...

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  • I can't copy video files to my iMac dvd .vob

    I have a video that has been recorded on a dvd from a video camera and cannot find a way to copy it to my hard drive to the Mac i. When I look in the Finder on the file in my external dvd player, it says the film is a .vob file. How can I copy it on my Mac and El Capitan what program should I use?

    As long as this isn't a video commercial and protected just drag it from the DVD in your Macs movie folder, or wherever you choose to put it, and open it with VLC

  • Replacing the CD/DVD with SSD

    Hi, I have a mid-2009 13 "Macbook, and I plan to replace the CD/DVD drive (which it doesn't) with an SSD, instead of replacing it with a new CD player.

    I would move so that OSX and software on the new SSD, leaving other data on my main hard drive. I read that the best solution is to install OSX on the SSD from scratch, since migration it seems impossible, but how then I could remove the 'duplicate' old of my HDD main OSX?
    The entire migration process is not quite clear to me, I wouldn't mind some step by step instructions.

    Thank you in advance!

    1st, I did it on an iMac, so I went through it.

    You can use a utility cloning as Carbon Copy clone (demo fully active 1 month) or SuperDuper free (free for a full clone) to move your boot disk for SSD and it will be fully functional.  In my case, I used Carbon Copy Cloner.  It is even technically possible to use the Applications-> utilities-> disk utility-> restoration as a means to clone the drive, but I find it cumbersome.



    I think you could also just restore a backup Time Machine for the SSD as well (although I did not do that, so I don't know the details).

    You can do a clean install and get rid of any cruft you've accumulated over the years and then install only the stuff that you are currently using.

    Or you could do a clean install and then use the Applications-> utilities-> Migration Wizard move above specific categories of files of initial startup disk.

    After you have the SSD running with your software on it, consider allowing TRIM


    I used OWC <> kit data-Doubler to replace my iMac DVD by an SSD.  They provided everything I needed.  I chose a kit including the tools I needed.  I also watched the OWC installation videos, as well as on YouTube to become familiar with the installation.  And I had a copy of the instructions to disassembly <> and images to print for reference, while doing the installation.  I would have recorded any screws that I removed the instructions that told me to remove that screw then I would make sure I would put the correct screws into the appropriate holes.

  • Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    On my great desktop iMac now about 3 years I was happy until very recently, using gmail, and Apple mail. I chose to not pass beyond OS x 10.6.8 because this OSX allows me to use my Stylewriter venerable and faithful for printing: and I still have a dozen spare cartridges.

    The problem now is that Apple Mail and folders disappeared a month before. No sign an application of messaging in Applications index and found nothing, do a normal search. My listing of Applications index jumps from Onyx to Photo Booth.

    I tried to reinstall Snow Leopard using the 3 original disks that came with my iMac: DVD, iMac OS X installation to installation DVD Mac OS XSnow Leopard and iMac Applications installation DVD.

    But the mail is still missing.

    What should I do to retrieve the Apple's Mail application?

    GoogleMail works well on Google Chrome Firefox & - but I prefer layouts (missing) Apple by far.

    You have a backup, you can restore from?

  • 1 crash / 2.HD - Format without turning off. / 3. problems with reinstallation

    Dear community,

    Yesterday I had to reformat the hard drive of my MacBook Air because of a total crash suddenly. Unfortunately my Creative Suite 5.5. has not been disabled previously. Today, I tried to reinstall Master Collection CS 5.5, but I'm not allowed at the beginning. For installation, I use my iMac DVD player (MacBook Air does not have a DVD player). So far, the installation via drive iMac has always worked perfectly. When you try to install the Master Collection on this path, today, the following error message is generated on my MacBook Air (the error message occurred when I clicked on the icon 'Install'):

    "You cann't use the program" Install "-it may be damaged or incomplete." "

    On iMac "Install program" opens easily, so the DVD is not the problem. The connection between the iMac and MacBook also works perfectly (f.e. I can open the file 'README'.pdf and other file on the MacBook Air). Only install it icon "" does not work. You know why I can not start the installation on the MacBook Air icon?

    The problem has something to do with Creative Suite disabled correctly?

    I would be great to hear your suggestions,

    Copy the installation files in Office directory of a macbook air (using a USB key, for example) or download the installation files.

    If you see an error of activation of the account, which would be related to your disability to disable a previous installation.  in this case, contact support adobe during hourly pst by clicking here and, when available, click on "still need help," and ask a county of activation reset.

    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • Burn DVDs with Imac 2015...

    Hello Forum,

    I just updated my Imac 2011 and bought a newer Imac 2015 and I forgot it doesn't have a DVD/CD player.  Question I'm looking for recommendations on what to buy to be able to burn DVDs, play, DVD and CD.  I have customers who still use the DVD and need to burn and create menus that I am probably able to do with DVD Studio Pro?

    Thank you!


    Apple sells an external USB optical drive specifically for use with models that do not come with an optical drive. You will find in the store.

  • Installation DVD does not recognize my internal HD on a 2008 iMac

    I'm looking for suggestions here.  My 94 year old mother has used the iMac 2008 8.1 for internet e-mail.  We needed to upgrade its OS X 10.5 to be able to upgrade to a new version of safari to access some banking sites.  I upgraded the memory.  Sister has an iMac with OS X 10.6.2 Installation/restore dvd 2010.  I went to update.  I have caused the initial problem because after reading info seemed I could create a second partition on the hard drive of 250 GB and use Time Machine to back up before preceding.  See not all the warnings on the addition of the partition. (Yes, if I had not forgotten my external hard drive I should not try that, but I forgot it.)  Things seemed to make the partition, but time machine bogged down and hung up.  After trying many things, I found myself deleting and resetting on the internal extended (journaled) using HD, recreating a single partition using the guidelines GUID, thinking that I could just do a clean reinstall.  BUT, while I can check/fix delete etc the internal disk utility when HD started from my external hard drive so I boot from the OS install DVD it does not recognize the internal HD.   ? ? ?   Gives cannot update this post Mac.  If I run the Setup from the beginning of the disk upward once again, no offers to go to in the installation program.  I can access everything in THE RUNOFF when the post boot drive.

    Why THE works on the internal HD of the post start up (which was made with the 10.6.2 installation DVD), but not when started to leave the DVD left me puzzled. The DVD is not just see the it.  When it is started from the DVD with the external drive, he sees very well.   You are looking for ideas, thank you in advance.  By the Way the machine had no problem before starting this :) live and learn!

    If I understand what you were doing, you tried to use a Mac installation disc and to update another Mac? Is this correct?

    If I am not mistaken, which simply does not work. The installation provided with Mac discs won't work on another Mac, the original installation discs are machine-specific.

  • How to install windows 8.1 iMac (27 inch, mid 2011) without DVD drive and race El Capitan

    Hello! How to install windows 8.1 iMac (27 inch, mid 2011) without DVD drive and race El Capitan?

    I read everything I could on the subject and could not get the Boot Camp Assistant to create the USB key. Can you help me?

    Boot Camp Version 6.0.1

    If you run the wizard of BC, are you give the possibility to create an installer from USB? Did you change Bootcamp Info.plist file?

  • When I use my super disc to DVD recording, he plays on my IMac, but not on my dvd player.  I'm something wrong or just not do something?

    When I use my super disc to DVD recording, he plays on my IMac, but not on my dvd player.  I'm something wrong or just not do something?

    what you save? How do you save it? What format? what application? what you're trying to read on?

  • DVD playback on iMac with external CD/DVD drive

    When I try to play a DVD in my iMac using the external CD/DVD drive in the Apple store, I bought for this purpose (model A1379), the Player attempts to load maybe seven or eight times and then ejects the DVD. What can I do to make this work? Here are the settings in my preferences to CD:

    Get help with the SuperDrive slot on your Mac - Apple Support loading

  • I do not see a DVD with Airplay of mi iMac

    I can't see a video in my HD TV using my iMac with my AppeTv DVD player. Although I can see the images reproduced in my iMac, video in the DVD is not replicated

    AirPlay of Apple DVD player is locked, you can try the third party software as I like VLC.

  • Using the CD/DVD drive on an iMac used as secondary display

    I'm buying a new iMac and use my current iMac as a second screen.  My current iMac has a CD/DVD player and I am curious to know if I can visualize and burn on this drive, even if this computer will be set up as a secondary screen... Thank you

    It is not that it is possible. Use your iMac as a display with the target - Apple Support Display Mode

  • I changed the my imac with a new drive and I lost the original CD/DVD which came with the new Mac.

    I changed the my imac with a new drive and I lost the original CD/DVD which came with the new Mac.

    and when I go to install the mac lion antiracism apple with reticle logo means error

    what can I do with these

    Please help money

    You can get the replacement system install & Restore CD/DVD of the customer support of Apple - to the United States, (800) 767-2775-for a sum low S & h. you will need to have the model or the serial number of your Mac available.

    If you are not in the United States, you may need to go through the regional Apple Store that serves your location to find the phone number. Here is a list of links to all - , another resource: International Support Phone #s.

  • How can I view a Windows DVD based on my iMac

    How can I view a Windows DVD based on my iMac

    There is no such thing as a Windows based DVD, they can be read by all computers. Of course, you will have a DVD player for your iMac, Apple made one retina or you can find other retailers such as Amazon or my personal favorite OWC (

    But what is important is the content of the DVD, if you can give us a clue it then we can tell you more.

  • Implement the external dvd drive on iMac


    My superdrive drive started acting funny (not eject disks and then do not read), so I bought an external dvd reader/player.
    Everything worked fine until I installed an SSD instead the superdrive.
    Now, when I go to play a DVD in the DVD drive external drive says "there was an error of initialization, a valid dvd drive could not be found."

    Other applications do not recognize the dvd either, as they did.

    Disk utility will find the dvd if it is in drive but you will not find the player if there is no DVD.

    Is there something I can do to recognize the DVD player as the default player for the iMac?

    Thank you

    iMac 24 inch early 2009

    El Capitan updated

    DVD writer Samsung laptop, SE208

    There is nothing to recognize without a disc in the DVD player. It's normal. Apple's DVD player software does not work on my iMac 2009 with the original drive in an external case because I also installed an SSD in the optical Bay. I use VLC to watch videos. My disc burning software, Toast, recognizes external very well.

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    My report was accidentlly deleted. Can it be retrieved, if so how? I get help on how to get back my report that has been saved as a document? It was on Microsoft Word.

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