Image missing rollover option?

I try inserting a rollover image. When I click on insert, I see the option for "Image Ctrl + Alt + I", but there is no arrow with a withdrawal menu where I can choose "Rollover Image". I watched the tutorials and they all indicate that there should be an arrow that leads to the image as a rollover image options. Am I missing something?

I did the flight path images many times in the past with CS5 and CS6, but since I installed CC, the option has disappeared as if by magic.

Dreamweaver CC (2015)

Windows 7

Just installed Dreamweaver today.

Not sure if it is 64-bit or not, but my machine can do.


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    I recently spoke with someone from Apple support and they confirmed that displaying the name of the file Image is a present feature in iPhoto, but was lost in the update photograph.  Their suggestion was to send feedback to Apple.  He said that it is the most effective way to get results and more of us than that best the chance we have to see this feature in a future update of photography.  It was my return to Apple:

    "Thank you for the update photograph... I appreciate some of the improved features that have been made for him. However, I would like to note that the absence of the names of files that appears under the image is cruelly.  I find this information very useful as I get pictures from other sources and helps determine the ownership of the photos.  Now, I'm a little lost without her.

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    To better help you with your question, please provide us with a screenshot. If you need help to create a screenshot, please see How to make a screenshot of my problem?

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    Later, I found that updates for Office 2010 are starting to fail, some are bleow;

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    Update of security for Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (KB2553185) 32 - Bit Edition

    Update of security for Microsoft Visio 2010 (KB2553374) 32 - Bit Edition

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    Would appreciate advice.


    Prabir Mittra



    If the steps described in the adobe article cannot be implemented because of the error, then you need to contact adobe for assistance because they would be able to guide better.

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    The SHARED_UNKNOWN_ERROR:22 is because your Business Catalyst are also incorrect

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    Kind regards


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  • Change the size of the image on rollover in Muse

    Hi eveyone,

    I'm setting up a website for an art gallery and change the size of the image on rollover. Ideally, it will look like an accordion to image with all the compact boxes, bearing that will be open, pushing others too (but always compact) then when the bearing is moved off the coast of the image have all compact images again.

    I saw a Web page for this tutorial to a point and can't find it now not sure if there's a widget for cela I haven't met a still.

    Thank you!

    It looks like a "Jquery Carousel"... There are many types arround but start here for a 'how to' on making them. Slick - the last ride you will ever need

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    I'm new to edge host so I apologize if this has a simple solution. I'm trying to understand how to move images on rollover. For example, if I have a picture of a House and a picture of a car, if I have the image of the House how to enable rotation change this image of the car... In other words, theres a symbol or a picture of a House on my site and someone flat image I want to go to the car. Thank you!

    Hey Matt, I'll go over the code used in the example of Florence.

    sym.$("img"). attr ('CBC' ', ' images/Mickey-Christmas - icon.png ");

    The source image of the symbol img attribute is changed on the mouseover/mouseout/mouseouthandler(). To do this on the image itself all you have to do is:

    • Add a mouse action to your picture of the House.
    • Insert the code in this action, it will look something like this - . sym $("img") .attr ('src', ' images/car.png');

    If you want the car to turn around in a House, once the mouse leaves the image, add a mouseout/mouseouthandler() action to the picture of the House.

    • Insert the code in this action, it will look something like this - . sym $("img") .attr ('src', ' images/house.png');

    I hope this helps,


  • 5.5 HP u2 - rules tab seems to be missing some options


    I remember that I used to be able to add host (Dungeon vms on the single host) affinity rules.

    I just went of for again (the last time maybe a year ago) and I'm not able to determine how do.

    I followed the instructions of vmware and the internet operating instructions and it seems that I am part missing

    Rules tab options.

    My rules tab is attached as an image.

    I compared with that which is at:

    One of the many sets of instructions, I'm following is: KB VMware: affinity or a DRS anti-affinite rules are not applied during a virtual machine market

    I don't know if I'm following the instructions on the right or missing from my HP 5.5 U2 ESXi build something.

    Thank you

    As far as I know, there is nothing which changed by OEMs like HP basic functionality.

    What options you see when you open the menu drop-down?


  • Display image with rollover caption

    Hi all

    Newbie here and I was wondering if there is an option to display a picture to go with a rollover caption. I want the user to mouse on a place and have the legend and an image to display. I played a bit with variables and advanced actions, and it has not worked yet.

    Thank you.


    Have you tried the slidelet? You can put the image and text in there.

  • Missing driver options

    Product: HP Officejet 6500 E710n-z

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    Freshly installed and put Windows up-to-date.

    It is quite frustrating.

    I just installed this new officejet brand, with the latest drivers from the HP website (the full suite of driver).

    I can't understand why, but miss me all the great options print (for printing poster example) that were available with my old officejet.

    The only options are "Layout" and "paper/quality".

    Am I missing something?  Or I'm just pretty much downgrade with this new purchaise?

    Kind regards


    The software on the Deskjet printers, Photosmart and Officejet latest is somewhat reduced from previous versions of the software. However, some features that were there with older printers went with the most recent. The function "Print custom size" is one of them. You can still use a custom print sizes by using a different printer driver. The link below will guide you through a subpoena. Hope that helps.

    How to assign other print in different Versions of Windows drivers.

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    I went to copy the image to a disc, which I was able to do before, but now that the option does not appear yet in my fall down.  How can I burn photos to a CD now?


    ·        Remember to make changes to the system?

    ·        Do you use on the system burning software?

    ·        The blank CD is recognized by the system?

    ·        Outside burning, you are able to use the CD to see photos etc. on the system?

    ·        Are you able to burn other data files or music outside photos on the CD?

    I suggest to try with another CD and check if you're able to burn the pictures on the CD.

    I suggest running the fix which is present in the article below and check if the problem is resolved.

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    Thanks and regards.

    Thahaseena M
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer.
    Visit ourMicrosoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    How to remove and restore the default context Menu items 'New' in Windows 7 and Windows 8

    Tip: When you save the text in Notepad, the default file format is .txt. Replace all files.
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    In the Options of SmartView, removing NoData / missing / zero columns does not work. You refresh the worksheet and columns remain.

    I think that it was an old bug, but I'm now on version (Build 082)

    Is it still a defect known and unresolved?

    What data source?

    If it's Essbase, the columns option is not supported - see the data Options (table 23)

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