Image resolution Question 150dpi vs 300 DPI in the final layout

In the final a file offset color printing, does make a difference if the images in the document are 150 dpi or 300 dpi? I know that they should not be less than 150, but making it more IPR makes them really better? Or is it just that the larger file? If you think that it makes the image more, please let me know why. I would be particularly interested to hear from someone who works with a printing press. Or if there is something on the Adobe Web site, addressing this issue, please add the link.

Thank you


I would not, as a matter of course, save a picture which was dimensioned for its final dimensions less than 300 ppi, unless there is not enough pixels to do without increasing the resolution, in which case I would put to the best resolution pixels will build at this size. It is easier to downsample later if you find that you don't need a resolution that many do not have the data you need.

Tips for talking to the printer are not reserved for books. It will tell you what type of resolution of the image you need for any project, and it may very well have a set of custom options PDF to give you.

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