imageCLASS D530 printing side two

My new D530 is set to print front and back like OFF but it still prints front and back even if no instruction to do so.

This could be a driver problem?  They told me my driver sent with the printer is not correct for Windows 8.  I tried to download one of the view.  There is no charge.  I can print but stuck to the double-sided mode while OFF.  Any suggestions?

My printer is not 500, but rather of 530

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  • Office jet HP8630: printing side two

    How. I'm print.from two original. An original two-sided

    I have the duplex

    device. installs

    You want to make a copy of two pages only faces to a page double-sided?  Is load so that the two pages face up in the automatic document feeder.  Touch the front panel to wake him up (in the case of sleep), press copy, tap option 2 face in the Center.  Then select 1-Original 2 - Sided, copy, and then press black or color to start.

  • How two A5 pages to be printed side by side on a sheet of A4 one?

    How two A5 pages to be printed side by side on a sheet of A4 one? I tried most of the ordinary printing options without success.

    Hi timt28645485,

    You can make a pdf and print from Acrobat. Under size Page and handling, you can print multiple pages per sheet. Your printer must be able to print double-sided.

    Click file > print > multiple > Pages per sheet > 2

    Let us know if you face any problem.

    Thank you!


  • HP Deskjet printer 6700: Duplex is enabled but I can't always double print side

    Hi - I have been using the printer HP 6700 on a PC for the last year, printing options have always been very simple to follow, with menu drop-down offering different options such as printing side single, double side, short/long term etc. of boxes. I recently bought a Mac, and as a new user I must say that I find it extremely frustrating to do the simplest tasks on it.

    My problem right now is that I see no option to select double side printing when I want to print a document.  I have installed and uninstalled several times, tried all the things suggested in various forums online, including do not select the print option to fire air upward, and even though I selected the option copy double-sided on the setting of the page (which was not available when I installed with air printing option), my documents are still printing single-sided and no option is provided at any time during the process of print selection.

    Please help it's driving me crazy, I spent 2 days reading various things to try, and nothing works - I'm regretting buying a Mac, they seem so much more complicated than anything do on a standard PC.

    Hello Drakster - coincidentally I think that I managed to untangle why I couldn't see the box "Show details" which allows the possibility of two-face.

    Today I had to download a document in PDF format on the internet for printing, when I click on the PDF file, it gave me the option view details that I used to double side of the document, it also gave me black and white, project and printing color option.

    I have while I would try to print a Word document by clicking on the? Box in PDF format in the left corner of the box of the impression, when I went back to file and chosen the option to print again while in PDF mode, I got the box show details appears.

    Here is the process I have applied, I tried only in Word it is the program that I need for most next double printing of: (PS. "I never got the chance to figure out how to turn the capture into a JPEG of the screen but will continue to try, as a newbie to Mac, I spend a lot of time to learn to do what seemed like simple functions using my old HP PC).

    ' Print double side and/or bl/wh -click on file, then print then the left button down PDF, select 'opens in PDF mode', then click new file and print should be displayed at the bottom on the list option, click on this and you will have then retrieves the options on the right of the double screen side nex to the option Copies (check the box) and click Presets to choose bl/wh or color printing options.»

    Thanks for your help and your patience

    best wishes SueW53


    When sending faxes using the autofeed on HP officejet 6600 the printed side going upwards or downwards?

    Hi PLUGGER68,

    Big question, when the fax, scan or copy from the page document feeder must be facing up. I remember like that, on the upside, glass on the top face upward!

    Send a fax from the Scanner glass or in the automatic document feeder

    Hope that helps.

  • ENVY 5530 e-all-in-One Series: My ENVY 5530 e-all-in-one prints only two pages of a multi-page document.

    My newly installed (Jan 2015) ENVY 5530 e-all-in-one prints only two pages of a document with several pages of my HP desk top 500-123ea, windows 8.1. Message on PC "Unable to print document", it's even on Double or single sided printing.  A ran Scan doctor, OK; reloaded software and Firmware from the Hp site. He spent hours and hours of reading the elements of list of support HP; Impossible to talk online with HP. very in angry and frustrated. This HP product seems not as "fit for purpose". I will give HP Feedback after this announcement and rate accordingly. I beleve others have similar experience of this problem. HP is aware?  Is anyone out there that can help?

    We gladly invite you.

    A Roll-up update is already available since December, although it seems that the description is not being updated accordingly.

    Follow the section "get the hotfix rollup for Windows 8.1"in my previous link, which can be obtained by installing the package or by using Windows Update, this is the update that the articale refers... ".


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    Why the results research print in two color blue and black fonts?

    In general, the files and folders shown in the Explorer with the blue text are files and compressed files.  Black text indicates a normal file or a folder.

    writing in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    Why the results research print in two color blue and black fonts?

  • Windows 8 does not recognize Canon Imageclass D320 printer. How to install 64-bit

    Windows 8 does not not in the Canon Imageclass D320 printer.

    How can I install the driver?

    See .

    Install the driver before Plug and turn on/off the printer.

  • HP laserjet MFP M126 nw pro: the two printed side

    I use HP laserjet MFP M126 nw pro, how do I get the two side printing on one page automatically?


    For small businesses:

    and more (in English):

    Kind regards.

  • Changing default print on two sides to page 2 printing standard

    Every time I print a document, I uncheck the print on both sides of the paper box.

    I don't want to have to do this EVERY TIME...  I very rarely want this option.

    Can someone tell me how to disable this default setting.


    Hey HeatherDow,

    Open the drive, go to the Help menu and repair the installation.

    Try to uninstall & reinstall the latest drivers for the printer.

    Kind regards


  • HP 6700 Premium: HP 6700 Cancel double print side

    Our printer is automatically double siding each element that copy us. How can I change to print only on one side?


    From the front panel of the printer, click on copy, then click on the settings button.

    Set two-sides as 1-Sided Original: a copy front and press OK.

    Then, press Set as new default at the bottom of this menu to save the settings to migrate as a default for all following copies.

    Kind regards


  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus: Scanner/Fax, printing of two black lines on documents

    When you use the document for scan, copy, fax feeder, etc. the document always ends with two vertical black lines in the middle of the page.  I read a few other posts similar to this and tried all the advice, and nothing seems to have worked.  So far I've tried: cleaning the machine reset, turn it off for a period of time and again, disconnect it from the power supply for five minutes and by him plugging plug (which were the advice given in other posts).  Thanks in advance!

    Hi @JHurkett.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that you found lines in the scans and faxes of the ADF. I would like to help.

    If please examine this message and try the steps that you have not already done so. HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-all-in-one and Photosmart 7520 e - all-in - One Printer Series - band vertical, lines, or streaks in the Copies, faxes, or scans

    If you have any questions, or if this does not resolve the problem, let me know.
    If it solves your problem, please click acceptable Solution. This will allow other people with the same problem the solution easily. If you want to say thank you, feel free to click on the laurels.

  • M476dn: Printer in two different networks - is it possible?

    I got the following requirement:

    Printing from iPad should be possible on one of our network printers. As known, Apple Airprint is available only via WiFi. Question: Network printers are in another network than iPads.

    My idea:

    -Buy a Wifi capable HP printer network (for example. M476dn)

    -Configure the LAN port for normal office network (printer connected to the network via a cable)

    -Configure the printers WiFi interface for the Wifi network, which is used by iPads

    Then the PC and laptops should be able to print via normal office network (print server) and iPads via Airprint.

    Question: Is it possible to set up a printer HP in this way, so that it is located in two different networks? Especially the M476dn this would support? I would like to clarify this point of course before buying a ;-)

    In fact the user must move the network for printing.

    It is the only possible option I can think, other then get a different printer for each network.

    Kind regards


  • Analyze the capacity of 5520 e-all-in-one printer to two computers

    I have an e-all-in-one printer Photosmart 5520 initially, I installed on my PC (windows). I downloaded the software for it on my MacBook Pro (snow leopard) successfully and print but having difficulty scans to my laptop. I activated the web analysis and can scan & e-mail scan from my laptop. When I tried to "Add a printer" (my laptop) on the HP site and entered the code request for the printer, I received a message that the printer has already been added to another computer and is limited to one account.  I have the HP Utility icon on my laptop computer desktop, but not the printer HP 5520 icon series that I have on the desktop PC that I would choose to get the print screen & scanning.  How can I configure my laptop up to be the same as the PC?  Thanks for any advice you can give... I'm lost :-(

    Try scanning from your Mac. Use Image Capture app in your Applications folder.

    Click once on the scanner on the left side, and then click Show details on the background. Along the right side you will see MANY options for scanning and recording.

  • Same printer wireless - two locations

    I travel between NJ & Florida, and for the sake of simplicity, I bought a C4795 HP for each location. I configured the printer to print wireless in New Jersey, but when I went to Florida, I had to uninstall all the HP software and start from scratch. Is it possible to install two C4795 separate printers - NJ in one and the other in Florida?

    OK, rename them to something like C4795 NJ.  Control Panel > devices printers & - right-click - Rename.

    Now, install the other when you go to FL, giving it a unique name.  You will find yourself with two printers on your list of printers and you just choose them as you wish.

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