Images JPG, stored in DB, are not displayed on the screen/image.

Hi friends,

I have a form to save and retrieve images (JPG, GIF, TIF) to and from the DB, using WEBUTIL_FILE_TRANSFER. CLIENT_TO_DB and CLIENT_IMAGE. WRITE_IMAGE_FILE respectively.
It works fine, but with few JPG images, it stores in DB, but not displayed on the screen/image.
Second, if I try to retrieve and write the JPG to the operating system (using CLIENT_IMAGE. "" WRITE_IMAGE_FILE), he invited error "FRM-47101: cannot write the file image.

Forms [32 bit] Version
Operating system XP Pro 2002 SP3
Oracle DB 11 g Enterprise Edition rel. - 64 bit

Any help will be much appreciated.


Some recent JPEG formats are not supported by the forms. I can't tell you exactly what, but I have already noticed that some images could be made only by the forms. The only solution is to save the images with another program to transform the internal format to a recognize an or use a Java Bean able to read all of these formats.


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    Method 2: If this does not help, connect your camera in a different USB port and check the status.

    Install a USB device

    What to do when a device is not installed correctly ' t-installed-correctly

    Method 3: follow also, troubleshooting of this article:
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    Follow the steps and let us know if this helps.  If the problem persists, answer and we will be happy to help you.

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    Thank you

    Hello and welcome,

    You can try to re - install the driver included in the establishment of lenovo

    cordially KalvinKlein

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    In windows mail images also do not load and are left with empty space.  This became annoying when links are included in the images.

    Wasn't internet Explorer or whatever it is in the same direction.  It has also affected Mozilla Firefox and it affected things offline as well.

    I actually thought things on my own by poking around.  It proved that under the "accessibility" Menu background images have been disabled for display by a person of limited view.  It had been activated, and it turned out she had a far greater effect disabling more than background.

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