Images of a unique catalogue on two hard disks can be consolidated for a non-destructivly drive?

My catalogue contains images of two different hard disks. One, my main drive and the other a small external. I want to draw all the files from the outside for the larger hard drive WITHOUT deleting them from the outside. I think that it's impossible to all the research I've done. I can easily move the files moving files in Lightroom, but this removes the files from the original disc. I can't import the files because they are already in the catalog. I can use Explorer to copy the files, but when I do this Lightroom ignoring double because he already knows about the image and where it was originally and still is. This is true even when the external is disconnected.

One idea is to create a new catalog and import all of the photos in the new catalogue. If I do this will I lose any changes that I made in the original catalogue. And I can import the files from the primary drive without in fact to pass the actual raw data that is just say this new catalogue hey these pictures are already in this folder go to find them and then import the files from the outside, by physically copying in the dialog box import to lightroom from outside the main disk. This translates into a large photo file on the main drive with all the pictures imported and named the same way taken by date without destroying the files on the outside.

Cleaning of the mistakes of the past is always much more complicated that take those time and not make them in the first place, but I have not lived my life that way. Thanks for any help.

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I want to draw all the files from the outside for the larger hard drive WITHOUT deleting them from the outside. I think that it's impossible to all the research I've done.

Not true, it is possible.

In your operating system, you COPY the files (and not MOVE) bigger hard disk, then point Lightroom to the new location of the pictures on the larger hard drive using these instructions (scroll down to the section called "Update folder location")

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    Hey Dearborn,

    > If drive C fills the computer automatically switches the D drive?
    No, D: drive will not be filled automatically.
    When installing the program, you will be asked which drive they will be installed. So you can choose between C: and D: drive.

    In general there are no rules the use of two hard disks. You can do what you want.
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    On Saturday, 22 September 2012 00:53:18 + 0000, kevin.coe wrote:

    As I said, I think it's not only not a good idea, I think it's a very

    a poor man. Backup should be stored outside the computer content. Or
    use a service like Carbonite Online backup.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

    What is raid? A large number of people I know use raids.

    RAID 1 (mirroring) is not a backup solution. RAID 1 uses two or
    Several readers, each one duplicate of the other, to provide redundancy,
    no backup. It is used in situations (almost always inside)
    companies, not in homes) where any city cannot be tolerated.
    because the way it works is that if a disk fails the other takes
    more seamlessly.

    Although some people thing of RAID 1 as a backup technique, it is
    what it is, because it is subject to a simultaneous loss of the
    original and many of the main dangers facing the mirror
    your data - serious power, close to the lightning seeds, virus
    attacks, stolen computer, etc. Most companies that use RAID 1
    also have a solid plan of external backup in place.

    "Why the RAID is (usually) a Terrible idea".
    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

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    Find your serial No.

    Download & install instructions can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

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    As far as I know, you can only use one HARD disk in the Qosimo G50 - 11R.

    But you can check this, if you remove the second HARD drive cover (it's the only screw) and there may be a second HARD drive connector or not, so I think.

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    If you choose the first option in recovery then it reformatted only the first HARD drive and it will consider the other HDD as additional storage space, as if it were a memory stick. When you get to the point of recover where you choose the operating system to install, it takes an option for settings or Expert mode. In one of them, I think that you can configure recovery and set up partitions.

    If you want the operating system must be installed on both drives HARD, which is a bit useless, you have to remove one then do the reocvery on the other and then replace the retrieved by another and then to perform the recovery on that one. The only thing that I think this will mess up to comes from the computer won't know what MBR (Master Boot Record) to load, but if this isn't a problem then you can do what I just mentioned.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi guys

    Sam X 200 m/n: PSPBUA-00N007 running a Vista Ultimate operating system.

    I wanted to see if I can get Windows to recognize the two hard drives as a single. I tried to change the 2nd HARD disk to a dynamic and extending of the primary HARD drive, but it doesn't seem to work.

    Can I do this in Windows? Or is the OEM Toshiba which prevents me from doing this?

    Any suggestion would be fantastic.

    Thank you very much


    what you would have is a RAID stripe both of your HDD´s. But is there a RAID controller installed in this machine? I Don t think so and even if yes, then you need to reinstall your operating system, but you must first create a RAID 0 stripe.

    Because the machine (as I know) is not equipped with a RAID controller, then a regular SATA controller you will have no chance.

    Welcome them

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    My XP system crashed and I reinstalled the Windows XP operating system and I have now 2 hard drives, the original C with 76 GB of space and the new E with only 2.5 GB of space and I get a message that says that my disk space is insufficient, and I can download is nothing more nor can I use the system restore because it says that there is not enough disk space.  How can I get rid of this new drive E and keep my old C drive?

    You told us that if you try to install with a CD or a restore partition by pressing an F key?

    The product key sticker is on the side of the hard drive?  It's a bit a strange place for the Windows product key sticker, this sticker is usually outside the computer.  You really need to make sure that you have the product key, otherwise you will not be able to install Windows!  The product key is made up of five series alphanumeric each containing 5 digits or characters in this format: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

    I can only emphasise this point, you better, make sure you have the right key, otherwise you will be up the proverbial Creek without a paddle!  If you can still start the old installation of Windows, I suggest strongly that do you use ProductKey of Nirsoft to retrieve and check the key used for installation, ProductKey is available here:

    How many hard drives you have installed in the computer?  If you have only one disc, and if you use a CD for installation, then when you get to the selection screen of disc and partition delete all partitions on the disk and then create a new partition using all available space on the drive and format it NTFS.  Once you do that and before you start Windows Setup, restart the computer with the CD and then install Windows on the new partition, this restart after you delete and recreate partitions avoids assignments of unexpected drive letter by the installation program.  It goes without saying that all data on the disk will be lost when you delete the existing partitions, and then create a new.

    When you install Windows make sure that only the keyboard, mouse and monitor is connected to the computer, disconnect all other devices such as external hard drives, printers, flash drives, etc.


  • Can I install win 7 pro on two hard disks on the same computer, to be a recovery in case of virus problems.

    I have an older hard drive and a new on my computer, I installed windows over before hard disk, I bought another hd.

    I would like to install the os on the new hd as well as the old hd, in the case of a failure of the system, is it possible?

    You can't, it would be considered separate licenses and cause problems of product activation.

    What you need to do, is keep Windows 7 installed on a single disc and create a backup of your system on an external hard drive to backup:

  • Pavilion p7 - 1417c: how many hard disks can accept to my machine?

    I recently installed a 5 TB disk (E:\) and it works fine.  The drive that I replaced was a 2 TB WD drive. My old 2 TB drive can be installed in the Bay under the DVD drive? My machine is p7 - 1417c, s/n 3CR2460P90. My machine can get 2 hard drives in addition to the 1 with which it came?


    It seems you have two (maybe three-hard to see) berries of HARD disk in the HARD drive cage.

    You can also buy an adapter for the optical drive Bay HARD drive open. Or just join the 3.5-inch HARD drive bay with screws. If this Bay is 2.5 inches, you can use an SSD.

    You have five SATA ports on the motherboard (MB).

    Some of the MB SATA ports are going to be slower speeds of legacy. You might have some ports SATA 1. You may need to use jumpers when installing the disk HARD SATA 3. You may have a compatibility issue back. It's been a while since I had to deal with this type of problem. I'm a little fuzzy on potential problems when using 1 SATA disk HARD SATA 3.

    SATA MB ports five minus the optical drive to the MB connection gives four connections available for HARD disks.

    You also need to supply connections (or will need to purchase the power adapters) from food to run five disks.

    I don't see what you have.

    See you soon!

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    I was doing some courses on my computer until this window came on my screen and playback;
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    Can anyone help please?

    Thank you very much


    What you see in the drive properties in Device Manager has to do with drivers and the drive configuration, not the real state 'physical' the reader.

    First of all, I error side of caution and if sure you have a backup of all your personal files, data, music, photos, contacts, movies, etc., external media (favorite external hard drive).

    Run the check disk (chkdsk); I suggest to run with two checked options, difficulty of file system errors and scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

    How to run the check disk at startup in Vista or Windows 7

    Many manufacturers of computers and most hard disk manufacturers have diagnostic tools free you can download and run to check the status of your drive. Check on the web sites of their respective support.

    Hardware and software vendor contact information

    Computer manufacturers

    Kind regards

  • bad sectors on the hard disk, can't find programs or files

    Has worked on my Toshiba laptop and all of a sudden I got these error messages from Windows on bad sectors, cannot find the files...

    Well, I am unable to find programs or files... well explore works and it seem like windows must work because the computer starts.  I have

    did a scan of spybots and of course we found a few things but that's all.

    I had to start a new user account in order to have access to my hard drive and be able to do some repairs... He showed sound quite complete but unable to show all files or these.

    Tried a restore back a week, but it did not work.  A check on the hard disk and say he can do so that the system is in use.  I have nothing running!

    Don't know what to do next... any suggestions

    Thank you for posting a copy of a report of chkdsk on your C partition select Start, run, type "cmd" without the quotes in the box and press ENTER. Type chkdsk, and then press the ENTER key and a report, stating, among other things, a summary of how disk space is used, is provided. If you want a report on a partition or one drive other than C, you need to go to this partition. To access F, where F is the required partition you type F: and press the ENTER key.

    Copies of the reports from a command prompt can be tricky. Right click and select mark. This allows to highlight the selected text, and then click on copy. You will then open Word, Notepad or similar file, right click and paste. The selected text transfers your Clipboard to open the file. You can paste directly into a response message to the majority of the forums.

  • Drive hard test has failed Hard disk 1 (303) fast for my HP mini 110-3700ca PC.

    Windows 7 32-bit operating system.

    After a tragic accidental "bump" on the table (I think even it's so serious..), the computer begins to slow down considerably, and when I tried to restart it, it shows:

    Windows error recovery

    Windows could not start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.

    He recommend me to launch startup repair, but because the HP mini is not a CD-Rom... It shows the error status: 0xc0000225.

    It's pretty obvious that bumping could damage the hard drive, so I tried to run the disk check, and "hard disk 1 (303) fast" was all that I've got ACE.

    I put a lot of files on my netbook, and I am desperate enough to see that it works again. Help, please!


    Well, it of very sad, could also be due to physical damage. Anyway, please do a HARD test drive:

    1. reboot the computer.
    2. keep pressing the F10 key when appears the HP logo. This will take you to the Bios configuration utility.
    3. Select the Diagnostics tab.
    4. Select the option "drive hard test" and press ENTER to perform the test.
    Note: This test takes at least 40 minutes (with luck)

    Go - the hard disk is not damaged, you can restore the data.
    Fail - the hard drive is damaged and may need to be replaced, no choice.

    Kind regards.

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