I have a problem (again) with entry of a password to my Googlemail account in Thunderbird (used in a Mac). First of all, I must admit being very confused by googlemail v. gmail (I am a retired person and it is easy to do, in my case). I had no problem receiving emails on my account googlemail until recently, when I was asked to enter a password for imap. I put all the passwords I could think and I just changed my Google account password and put it in, nothing works. Nothing seems to work. Googlemail is one account I have in Thunderbird, but my google username seems to be [email protected] I am totally confused and do not know what are the components. Can someone clarify this for me please (I mean specify, I won ' be able to understand anything too complicated). Somewhere along the line when I was trying to fix it I received an email saying "Google will continue to block attempts to connect to the application that you use, because he has known security problems or is obsolete. You can continue to use this application allowing access to less secure applications, but this can leave your account vulnerable. "but obviously, I don't want to have an account that is vulnerable. What should I do? Ideally, I would like to have the same password for both, which would allow me to save a lot of trouble. Thanks a lot.


Make sure that you allow cookies for in Thunderbird.

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    I recently changed my googlemail password and saved a nine on Thunderbird. However, when I try to delete mail messages or my project all the files they reappear again and I have to go in googlemail to remove. I can delete in the Inbox and sent folders (even if I was prompted to enter the password for each of them at the start, but I have received no invitation for projects and all messages. I don't want to change the settings regarding where these messages are stored.

    I thank very you much for your useful replies. I checked all the settings and they were as you described. Removal of all mail is not important and can be done, if necessary, from Gmail. I have overcome the problem of the drafts folder by changing the destination folder in the drafts IMAP that allows me to remove both Thunderbird and Gmail at the same time, which is what I needed. However, I still do not understand why change my Gmail password should have caused the problem in the first place!

  • Why do they ask for a password for imap etc.

    I got a new computer and have implemented the Thunderbird for email. I tried to write and send, and it requires a password for SMTP and imap, I do not have a password, what do want. After clicking on send it went on & on it was current until I cancelled it.

    All e-mail accounts have passwords. If you don't know what yours is that you must work with your email provider to reset it to something you can remember.
    Go to the web mail providers or email help page and look for a link reset a forgotten password.

  • I'm unable to use the email as my iMap password is incorrect - how to reset?

    I'm unable to use the email as my iMap password is incorrect - how to reset?

    You need to reset your password to email through the email provider. It is not a specific device parameter. Your password is related to your e-mail account. Seek help from your email for this provider.

  • iPhone is disabled and ask for password for restore and backup

    my iphone screen is showing that the iphone is disabled and asking the password for restore

    I tried several times but each time the process, says need to access code for iphone restore

    pls advise.

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • How is it safe to type the password for the Mac in while net surfing?


    This question, I hope a little more am react.

    Mac (not the apple account password) password is required to type to make big system changes. I started thinking, how easy is to villains to steal? I was surfing net to find answers to a problem and then typed in command in And then started worrying - could he was reading / stolen by some site that I had to open this time?

    Noticed that terminal needed no password minute later when I added the new command. I hope he didn't mean that his record here and outside the source able to read?

    Sorry I don't know much about tech. I hear passwords remain safe and it worried me. Ease is even steal password of Mac by external sources (hoping that I am not infected with what either).

    If your Mac is protected by a password for admin (connection) anything can happen, so I hope you can be one, one good and that use you it.

  • iCloud suddenly ask for password for public calendar shared

    I'm on a mac, my Windows 10/Thunderbird woman. I have a public calendar to which it subscribes. When I upgraded to Sierra, suddenly iCloud requires a user name and password for this public calendar. The message we receive is:

    A user name and password are requested by The site says: "MMCalDav."

    My name of user and password does not work. The calendar is certainly defined as public, marked like this on my mac and iPad. What can I do so that she can see my calendar?

    Thank you very much


    You turn on two factor authentication when you updated?

  • password for a restore of backup?

    I'll have my iPhone 6 repaired and so after backing up the phone I tried reinstalling this backup on my spare iPhone 5.  It's iTunes asks me the password for my backup but I did not indicate an and so obviously have no idea of what the * your password?

    am I stupid here? no idea what to do now so any help would be apprecited

    Thank you very much

    iTunes can not set a password for a backup, you need user intervention. If you don't remember the password for the backup, you will need to delete the backup and restore the phone to the factory. This is the only way to recover that. You will not be able to use the backup because it contains the password. See this support document. On safeguards encrypted in iTunes - Apple Support

  • Why I have to return my password for each song I buy on iTunes

    At some point, iTunes began to requires me to enter my password for each song I buy.  Usually, I do the search and buy on my Windows 7 desktop.  I scoured my account looking for an explanation on why he has changed, but I think not all the controls that I maybe changed.  Always in the past, once that I registered on my account, I could buy all the pieces I want without another password to sign in.   This change took place a few months ago.

    Thank you


    This article may help:

    Manage your iTunes Store and App Store - Apple Support password preferences

    Read very carefully to see what password of the options you can set (especially with the Touch ID).

  • Lost password for Microsoft Outlook

    I use Microsoft Outlook 2011 in El Capitan for email. I lost my password for the e-mail account and can't seem to be able to retrieve or create a new.

    Can anyone help.

    Thank you

    Who is your email provider? You will need to re-defined using automated password reset facility they offer or contact them for support.

  • Hi someone help please I am signing the apple tv correctly and it says the password for itunes that is incorrect. However, I am now connected from my computer and it is OK

    Hi someone help please I am signing the apple tv correctly and it says the password for itunes that is incorrect. However, I am now connected from my computer and it is OK

    Have you tried to reboot your router, correct your location settings, you use audit stage 2.

  • My new iPhone is nagging me to enter my password for an Apple ID, I have not used for years

    I have been using my current Apple ID for about 5 years with no problems until now.

    Having lost my old iPhone and bought a new 6s, I launched a de-iCloud-backup restore on, this new phone is tenacious in all sorts of random times on my previous Apple ID.

    He cites this ID and asks me to enter the password for it.

    I don't remember what it was. I just don't want to be asked. I couldn't care less about this former Apple ID, or any apps that I may have bought with it.

    Apple tried to help, but were of no help at all. They made me tell them a number credit card used the old Apple ID. That was years ago! I don't know what it was.

    Please, can someone tell me how to kill these requests for password and kill this old Apple ID?

    Settings-> iTunes & app stores


    Settings-> iCloud

    Make sure that the former appleID is not set

    and any application downloaded with the former appleID should be deleted and redownloaded

  • I forgot the password for iphone

    Forgotten password and iPhone locked out.  How to regain control?

    If the device is already disabled, you will need to restore the device using iTunes by putting it into recovery mode.

    If the device is not disabled and you had find my active iPhone, you can erase it remotely

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your...

    I hope that you had an iTunes or iCloud backup, otherwise you will restore as new.

    I hope this helps!

  • Password for e-mail does not

    Thunderbird has my correct password of BT, but I can't load down my emails.

    I get the message

    Password for user [email protected] sending failed. Mail server replied: (#MBR1213) Please verify your account by going to

    I have connected to and access my email account using the same password registered with Thunderbird

    I have no problem to do the BT mail server by using the same password on the computer of my wives because it uses Windows live mail

    Any idea what the problem could be

    Try to remove the password that Thunderbird remembered your BT account.
    You will then be prompted to enter the password if necessary.

  • My Control Center won't let me not "remember passwords for Sites" option is gray in color instead of black and won't let me click on it?

    My Control Center won't let me not "remember passwords for Sites" option is gray in color instead of black and won't let me click on it?

    It also won't let me select "Exceptions" or "Change master password"

    Thank you

    You can check that you are not Firefox running in permanent private browsing mode (don't remember history).

    • Firefox > Preferences > privacy > Firefox will be: "use the custom settings for history".
    • : Uncheck the [] "always use the private browsing mode.

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