IMAQ learn ringtone 2 "learn the mask."


In my documentation of IMAQ learn ringtone 2, there is no explanation of the work option "mask to learn." Can someone explain it to me briefly?




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  • Error of vi-1074395247 IMAQ learn model 2.


    Development environment:

    • LabVIEW 2012 32-bit (12.0f3)
    • Vision 2012


    Can someone please shed some light on what types of descriptors of the KING are allowed for IMAQ learn ringtone 2?. Only certain KING types allowed for this VI, or you can use any type? I want to create a template with a mask image - KING type descriptors defined in polygon - what is possible or valid?

    I get the 1074395247 error: "invalid template descriptor '.

    However, just by simply changing the return on investment of the Rectangle type (and the coordinates to respond), I don't get this error (although it does not properly hide pixels I don't need)

    Thank you!

    Hi Chris,

    I think you should be able to create a return on investment with a polygon.  Please see this example:

    Thank you!

  • Books to learn the logic


    As a beginner of logic, I'm not find logic "Helps" to be very useful.  So, I am looking to buy a book that might be more useful.  I found a few on Amazon, all very expensive, so I would like to be sure I understand.  So I hope I could meet someone on this forum who has read several, or at least one, various books (Rothermich, Nahmani, Merton, Bustelo, Cousins, etc.).  and could you tell me which would best meet my needs.

    Here's what I want to learn:

    1. how to record audio instruments ('true') - voice, guitar, etc.  (In fact, I can do this already.)

    2. how to record several takes and overdubs more easily and more efficiently (once again, real instruments).

    3. how to compile ("comp") elements of various takes one shot more easily and more efficiently.

    4. how to mix in logic, including using the software provided for the compression, EQ, and reverb.

    5. how to manage the GUI - everything seems counterintuitive, user unfriendly and weird - I'm trying to reduce the width of a track or take and it's the contrary or if it changes the width of the other takes or titles I want to change.  And since Apple went to the practice extremely rude to use symbols instead of words for everything, something that defines it as all of the weird symbols.

    That's all.

    I'm not interested to learn how use the MIDI or record virtual instruments, at least not yet.  Want to just record real instruments and mix for demos at this stage.  Books where half of the pages are about saving virtual instruments are a waste of money for me.

    I know that some people prefer video books, but I prefer books.  I find embarrassing internet videos.

    Thanks for the help.


    robroper wrote:

    I know that some people prefer video books, but I prefer books.  I find embarrassing internet videos.

    I like this statement.

    I must say at the outset that I am a little biased to recommend books of logic, because I am one of the authors you mentioned (Edgar Rothermich), but at least I fit your profile, because I have read all the book. If you do the research, you will find that I am using a different approach which is based on explaining and illustrating the logic with a lot of graphics and diagrams instead of just the text only with the occasional screen capture. That's why I called my book series "graphically improved manuals.

    My books are available in PDF (more affordable), iBooks files and printed books. You can use the "Search inside" feature on Amazon to look at my books and you will see immediately what makes them unique compared to other publications. I would also advice to download a workbook of samples of the iBook from Apple Store to check the format of my books iBooks (all my books have versions of free sample book). These Enhanced iBooks are interactive multi touch iBooks (readable on iPhone, iPad, but also on your computer). They have a glossary of 500 + word with all of the terms that you should know in logic, and they all have a hyperlink in the book, so you can just tab on a Word and a small window with the entry of the glossary appears (with graphics). So, no more navigation back, at your own pace of learning.

    You will find all the links on my website

    On the MIDI features. All the books of logic will cover the audio and MIDI functions because that's what makes logic. However, the logic is so deep and rich in features you will find a lot of things you haven't (yet). However, the important part is the Foundation and understanding of the application with GUI and its concept so you can find your way around. I think that my books will be the best to help you accomplish, they understand even a lot of additional information (audio production, OSX) that are needed to better understand some logic and workflow architecture.

    And finally and most importantly, if you buy a book for a software application, you want to book that is based on the current version. There is nothing more boring to learn the features of a book that has changed in the meantime, or other important features that are not even mentioned. With each update Logic adds tons of new features and changes much features and workflows. My logic books are the only ones (not to mention as the User Guide) that are based on Logic Pro X 10.2. All other books are based on older versions. < / BiasedAdvice >

    Hope that helps

    Edgar Rothermich -

    (Author of "Graphically improved manuals")

    "I could receive some form of compensation, financial or otherwise, my recommendation or link."

  • Vista: why this program never learn who I allow to run programs? He always asks me and never learns the programs I allow.

    Whenever I want to open a program in Vista it forces me to confirm that I have allowed to happen. Surely Vista should learn the programs I allow?

    Hey Bak2DFuture,

    The short answer, no.
    It would be a nice feature, but at the same time, it would be dangerous. Let's say XYZ program is run every day. So it does not prompt you for permission, as you suggested. Then one day, a virus infects the root folder that contains the program XYZ files.
    Now the program draws more virus and key logging everything that you do. Now, if your system you asked before program XYZ has made changes to your file systems, you'd be more aware that one day things could of / gone haywire may.
    I know this is a long explanation. But I hope that gives you a better understanding. That suggested sirot is the program that will prompt you for that permission. If you turn off user account controls, you won't be asked, but as I've covered, it could be dangerous.
    I hope that was helpful, I tried to take my time and explain properly.
    Thanks for posting of Microsoft Answers!
  • How can I learn the number of copies that were printed on my HP 8600 printer?

    How can I learn the number of copies that were printed on my printer HP 8600 (model CN578A)?

    I would like to see how many copies I'm actually contained in the inkjet cartridges - especially the less filled 'starter' cartridges that came with my new printer.

    Hi timeoffbob,

    Welcome to the HP Forums! I see that you're wondering, how do I know the number of copies that were printed on your HP Officejet pro 8600. I'm happy to help you!

    Please take a look at printing a status report. On the report, it will be number of printed pages. Printing a Test Page.

    Hope that answers your question and have a nice day!

  • I don't know if I'm connected to a network. How would this knowledge? I've never read "Learning the Computer for Dummies"!

    How will I know if I'm connected to a network?  IP address conflict arises and I don't know what to do.  I forgot to get the book "Learning the Computer for Dummies", which I should have got that I'm completely computer illiterate!  Please, someone help!

    You can have an ip address conflict if you are connected to the internet through a wired or wireless router that allows two or more computers or other devices in your home to connect to the internet at the same time usually by means of a cable or dsl internet provider.  You can have this conflict, even if the computers in your House did not implement a network to share files and printers between them.  You can go to control panel > network and sharing Center to view network information.

    A common situation that can lead to a conflict of ip address, it's only 2 (or more) computers or other devices are connected to the router (via ethernet or wireless), and both have ip addresses assigned by the router automatically, one of the computers, then past in mode 'sleep', and while we sleep the router restarts.  When the router comes back online he doesn't know the computer sleeps is here and that he already has an assigned ip address and so it gives the ip address of the other computer.  When the computer asleep wakes duplicate error will be triggered.  It can be solved by turning off computers and turn it back on so that the router will assign them new ip addresses.  If this is not what is happening in your situation, the following may help:

  • Want to learn the DPS.

    Mr President.

    I want to learn the Digital Publishing Suite. Is there any Institute coching or training in delhi in India?

    Hi Vimleshky

    A possibility, if you don't mind the training online is a new training course of DPS of our own Bob Levine on

    -Essential-training/149122-2.html?srchtrk=index%3A1%0alinktypeid%3A2%0AQ%3aBob+Levine+%0ap age 3% has 1% 0as % 3arelevance % 0asa % 3atrue % 0aproducttypeid % 3A2

    Please note, there is a separate Adobe for DPS Forum.


  • prerequisites before learning the ETL tool

    Hi all

    I have a non-technical question. I'm a plsql developer & now need to learn the ETL tool for project requirement.

    Just want to know be a plsql developer what are the required components before you start.

    Thanks in advance...

    Hi ludo,.

    You can get a lot of material on the net. is few of them.

    Thank you

  • Wanted: The best free tutorials online to learn the first Pro CC for beginners (no experience) edit.

    Wanted: The best free tutorials online to learn the first Pro CC for beginners (no experience) edit. Please post links. Thanks, JR

    XXJR2013XX wrote:

    Wanted: The best free tutorials online to learn the first Pro CC for beginners (no experience) edit. Please post links. Thanks, JR

    Hi XXJR2013XX,

    I like this one, if you start from scratch:

    Thank you


  • Need help to learn the ESX implementation from scratch

    Hello guys,.

    I work as a software engg. in India. I am new to this field, but I found the concept of Virtualization is very interesting and I want to learn the technology of ESX Server and how it can be executed in time real scenario.

    Please help me in this regard. I want to start learning from scratch. If there is someone who can help me for the same thing.

    Any book / ebook / discussion / forum / link is extremely well received.


    Please see this link:

    On the right side of the page, you can see the CRS review plan:

    This explains what exam will cover.

    Training is usually 4 to 5 days,

    Last but not least here is the link to the "training and Certification forum", here you should be able to find answers about training and certification:

    I hope this helps and good LUCK!


  • Learn the basics of photoshop for web designers.

    What is the coolest site, video or other resource that can be used and to learn Photoshop in about 2 weeks?

    I agree with Curt Y, that is the best site to learn in a short period of time. If you don't want to subscribe, I posted some really nifty free sites for you to check out as well.

    Other links: - 1-the-box Toolkit.


  • Good way to start with learning the concepts of 11g


    I have a work experience on the BEA weblogic server 8.1 sp4 on which I have worked for about 2 years now. My current mission requires work to Installation / development and deployment on the server of Fusion middleware 11g. Could some body if you please suggest me a good way to start with learning the concepts of 11g.

    I understand that all the documentation is available in the Oracle forum, but I want to know where to go.

    My essential tasks in the assignment would be
    1. installation (OSB on top of WLS).
    2 development/configuration on OSB.
    3 deployment and administrative tasks.

    Kind regards

    Some former OSB tutorials are mentioned here: Oracle OSB - tutorial for using Eclipse plugin development

    The development of OSB guide (which shows how to use Eclipse) can be found here:

    For now (to my knowledge), Eclipse is used for the development of OSB. Note that JDeveloper is used for development with the Oracle SOA Suite (for example Oracle BPEL).

  • How to learn the code of undocumented?

    I had to learn the code of a conference room planning tool.
    He uses 20,000 lines of ColdFusion, JavaScript, and SQL server 2000. There is no comments inline or any other document. The author is not available. Some files are dead code. The software is Beta, and I managed to recover some of it running.

    It is my first experience of learning a program undocumented to this size. I tried to draw manually the code but was quickly lost. I tried to read some files, but may not know what they are supposed to do. Most database tables and judicious attribute names, but some are cryptic. I'm swamped. How are you? What is a good strategy for learning to code without papers?

    Thank you for your advice.

    Re: If you get (the stimulus), just to start digging.

    Suggests that this is exactly what posters do not, and how it came to be
    confused and ask for help here.

    Don't just start digging. What you need to do is to look at the
    functionality at a high level, note WHAT the system does
    in as much detail as possible. Get a worksheet will help you to organize
    all of this. You'd be almost opposite to the professional demands of engineering and
    TEC spec.

    Once you have done this, go get the code responsible for every bit of
    feature. You may need to do it in increments, to widen and
    deeper whenever you find a 'new' bits of functionality did you not
    There were. Spend a lot of time this operation and know really really
    with the system code at a higher level, but lower and lower each
    Pass. As well as update your spreadsheet with line numbers, descriptions
    etc., you should add comments to your version of the application.

    Find a few tools for debugging and tracing tools - anything t all that can help you
    See whats going on.

    Must repeat - don't just start digging. This mentality is likley which leads
    such a docuemnted bad app - developers don't want not to follow a
    process or methodology and instead they're starting to 'dig! '

    I wouldn't ask for a raise-you can not expect more money just
    because a challenge. If you are a coder, then its your job
    to do. However, I would consider asking for more resources if its too
    overwhelming - you are the only person after all.

    "Brian Simmons" wrote in message
    News:[email protected]
    > First things first: ask for a raise. If you don't get it, namely
    > the code is simple, let the next guy to do it.
    > If you get (the stimulus), just to start digging. Start by the
    > Application.cfm, default.cfm, etc... and document and determine what he has
    > make. Bring it into small pieces, so you do not overwhelm yourself more
    > as you need.
    > Think of it this way: the guy who wrote, he did not write in a day or
    > At the same time. You are not in one day or all at once, it will be
    > slow gradual process.
    > hth,.
    > Brian
    > --
    > Brian Simmons
    > [email protected]
    > The ultimate Certification of ColdFusion MX 7.0 test tool:
    > Check out CFMX Exam Buster 7.0 at:
    > "wolfv" wrote in message
    > news:[email protected]
    > I was instructed to learn the code of a conference room planning tool.
    > He uses 20,000 lines of ColdFusion, JavaScript, and SQL server 2000. He
    > are
    > no comments inline or any other document. The author is not
    > available.
    > Some files are dead code. The software is Beta, and I
    > managed to
    > get a part of it running.
    > This is my first experience of learning a program undocumented to this
    > size. I have
    > tried to draw manually to the code, but is quickly lost. I tried
    > reading
    > some files, but can? t understand what they are supposed to do. Most of
    > the

    > database tables and supposed attribute names, but some are cryptic. I have
    > am
    > overwhelmed. How are you? What is a good strategy for learning
    > undocumented code?
    > Thank you for your advice.

  • Lock the position of the mask in FCPX?

    I have an image I want to move from right to left (I'm trying to simulate someone hit to swipe an image on their phone). But I need to be masked so that when the image is moved, it is not just move from one place to the screen to the other (it must be enclosed in a mask). When I apply a mask in FCPX the mask moves with the image. I have to be able to stop it. Is it possible to do? It seems like the simplest thing in the world, but I don't see how it can be done. And Yes, I tried keyframing the mask but because his move with the image, it is dragged in every sense. If the movement is necessary so how would I do it in motion?

    Thank you

    You don't need a movement.

    Create the animated clip of right to the Center - stop - center to the left. Create a clip consisting of it and add the mask to the compound clip.

  • Where can I download IMAQ version 1.0 of the driver for the PCI-1408 card?

    Because of the computer crash, I reinstall version 1.0 of the driver for my card PCI-1408-NOR-IMAQ. I couldn't find the original IMAQ driver that came with the card PCI-1408. Could someone tell me where I can download the software? Thank you very much.

    Version lower than I could find on the ftp site was 1.5, which can work:



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    I have Vista Business OS. I put the properties on my user account to hide by mistake. I need to reverse this error and display my user account. Can anyone help?