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I want to try the new features (themes, effects etc.) iMessage for IOS 10 on my IPad, but can't find How To Do It!

Can someone help me?


iOS 10 is only available for developers at the moment. He goes out for public Beta sometime in July and will launch in the fall to the general public. If you find how do I recommend holding off until the exit for the general public as a developer and public betas is intended for those who are very familiar with iOS and preferably with a device specifically for test. It can be filled with bugs that can make your device unusable, and there is no support if you're on the beta version.

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    Hello all, I use Apple IPad air2, IOS 9.3.2,and from the beginning, I am unable to get my messages from iCloud, even my iCloud ID: (an allies of my Apple ID). A few times if I connect with my IPad account stop working. I don't really know where I am doing wrong. Pls years my question to solve problems

    < personal information deleted by host >

    Have you tried these methods Add or remove your phone number to iMessage or FaceTime on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch - Apple Support.

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    I've never had a problem until a few days ago. My daughter and I text all day walking and when I had not received messages from him, later we thought it was due to my phone. After a while I started to get the deliverable! But she said anything that I did have his messages.  So we checked and it is not blocked or I was. She has a 6 Iphone and I have an IPhone 4.  She is the only contact that I can not receive iMessages of. Is anyone know why or what it would cause. I reset my phone and bad that I hated to I deleted my messages of sound that went along the tracks. Can someone help me please. Please

    If you go to settings > Messages, iMessage is fully enabled? Are you able to send/receive iMessages from other users of iOS? When you say that you reset your phone, what exactly do you have? What troubleshooting have you tried?

  • I had an I phone, switched to a Samsung because I lost iPhone, found the iPhone past numbe back but I can not send pictures or iMessage only normal text messages... Apple can help me or I need to contact my service provider (Verizon)

    I lost my iPhone 6 about 2 weeks ago, I went to my old Samsung galaxy tab friends 2 until I found my iPhone yesterday and passed my number back to it... I can use all applications very well but I can only send normal text messages, I can't send photos or iMessages, even for people with iPhones. Can Apple help me with If Yes please do or do I have to contact my service provider who is Verizon thanks!

    kaelakindig wrote:

    Can Apple help me with If Yes please do or do I have to contact my service provider who is Verizon thanks!

    You do not discuss Apple here, this is a user to user support forum.

    Did you go back to settings > Messages and activate iMessage again?

  • Help. I have updated to iOS 9.2.1 and its killed my messages app and iMessages. Help, please

    I ignored the 9.2.1 iOS updated for ten days or so closing these annoying pop ups every day. But he updated with on me accepting it last night (how?-I swear to you that I never agreed to update)

    so now that I am on iOS 9.2.1 and when I open messages built in app it simply crashes constantly and does not open. Sometimes it freezes forever. Sometimes it crashes immediately. Sometimes, a variation of the two.

    one solution supposed to toggle the use of iMessages and off in settings. Then I disabled iMessages. Then when I tried to turn it back on imessage again, he asked for my Apple ID and password, I entered and press the sign in button. but then it just freezes when I press on sign in - and the application settings remains frozen indefinitely with the sign in iMessage window open.

    So I have now 2 numbers.

    1 jelly iMessage log in settings so I can't connect to use my e-mail address for iMessages. That is irrelevant at this time because:

    2. my built-in message application crashes and freezes and I can send receive view or do anything with the messages.

    just a update, I don't accept and did not want to do.

    Help, please

    Have you had a chance to restart your phone?

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • My 5s, IMessage iPhone does not work and when I try to activate it by electronic mail, the box opens, but I hit the sign in button and his stays there as it's frozen! Someone help me please find a solution

    My 5s, IMessage iPhone does not work and when I try to activate it by electronic mail, the box opens, but I hit the sign in button and his stays there as it's frozen! Help

    A deal with this * day. Only thing that worked was plugging it into the computer, it supported up to the computer. Do you have a reset, and when that went to spend he asked me to do an update "carrier". If you're on verizon? My co worker and I have the two are facing it today

  • Cannot use my Email for iMessages FaceTime or icloud any help more?

    Hi, I had this problem since a few days now. Since I disconnected (e) iMessages a few days go out and sign my contacts when he is unable to contact me via [email protected]

    I thought that I could remove my alias @icloud but it its no X button

    my apple id has my gmail email.

    I can still log in using my email and send emails and from this e-mail.

    the only services that my or can access it (as connection) with is iCloud connection from my Mac, iTunes, apple TV, iPhone etc...

    but is no longer people can send me an iMessage message or ring me via my email at all and I tried logging all my devices restart all my devices full bookmark and wipe all of my info apple ID and does not...

    as you can see here on my apple id I am reachable at these addresses but not in iMessages:

    Please help is there a way to fix this?

    What happens to all my devices with iMessages & FaceTime is my iPhone...

    This isn't the case to someone else in my house, I checked and they are not that only deliver me...

  • I went to pay my own Bill Bill of my family, now nothing will work if I'm on WIFI, no internet, my IMessage/Facetime will not turn on. I've tried everything. Help?

    I went to pay my own Bill Bill of my family, now nothing will work if I'm on WIFI, no internet, my IMessage/Facetime will not turn on. I've tried everything. Help?

    Honestly, this sounds like a problem of carrier. Are you able to make/receive calls or send and receive text messages? I would first check with the carrier to make sure that your phone is still set up to use mobile data. Something was accidentally deleted when they merged your bills.

  • iMessage of my mam but she didn't type or something! I need help as soon as POSSIBLE.

    I received an iMessage of my mam, who has an iPhone 4 (last update as of 26/08/16), saying 'can't talk right now... what's up?' and she claims that she didn't send the message to me and that his phone was turned off when this message has been sent. She's even scared on itself. By pure cautiosness, I blocked the number of my mam but iMessage sent his e-mail. Someone hacked into his e-mail account? I need answers as soon as POSSIBLE and I'm afraid that his personal information was given without his consent.

    Hi JessicaChitas,

    I totally understand your concern to get a message that says: they do not send the sender. What you should have your mam do first, is to change the password ID Apple ASAP. You can then follow the steps in this link. If you think that your ID Apple has been compromised

    Following the steps in this link should allow you all keep safety your Apple ID thank you account to use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Have a great day.

  • Need help IMessage

    WE are slowly more fully the Apple users, we have two IPads, and now each has an IPhone5c. What I need to know is how can I remove my phone number of his IPad and register the number, while he gets HIS iMessages, not mine.  And vice versa.

    I am the Apple on two IPads, but each of us have IDS separated on the phones ID.

    am puzzled, because I tried to change the numbers, and it wouldn't let me do. Any advice welcome greatefully!

    Nanny Moo


    First off iMessage in settings-> iMessage and turn off FaceTime too many parameters-> FaceTime

    change your number of settings-> phone-> My Number.

  • someone removed my iMessages to distance-help!

    Someone recently deleted iMessages turned off my phone, remotely from their phone, without my consent. Is it possible to recover?

    Go to settings > Messages > select "away message" and select Forever

  • Hello! Can you help me? My activation for imessage and facetime are taking too long. What should I do?

    Takes too long to activate my imessage and facetime. And I don't know what to do, if I can call them via facetime and send a message by imessage using my email, but if I use my number, I can't send an imessage message and I cannot call via facetime. What should I do?

    See this document to support for troubleshooting steps. If you get an error when you try to activate FaceTime - Apple Support or iMessage  The amount of time to wait for activation is 24 hours. Make sure that your cellular carrier supports iMessage.

  • Help on the use of iMessages

    I had a problem sending iMessages enter in an e-mail or a number that iMessages would accept.

    Could you please describe the issue in more detail. Check possible solutions here: If you cannot send or receive messages on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • Help setting up iMessage

    It seems that I can message from my iPhone 6 but not my iMac, so there is a different setting on both machines, but I don't know what it is? I think it's in the preferences under accounts, but I'm not sure what to change?

    Read these articles from Apple Knowledge Base

    Messages (El Capitan): Set up Messages

    Messages (El Capitan): Accounts preferences iMessage

  • I can't answer received no Apple users iMessages. He used to work, but suddenly it doesn't. I checked all my settings, but nothing seems to work. Help!

    I can't answer received no Apple users iMessages. I checked all my settings and they seem to be set correctly, it has occurred a random recent request to resign in my Apple account. Initially it would not accept my login iCloud, but then he did, and this problem occurred.

    I had a similar problem, in that all messages have been through imessage.    Originally thought it was my mobile phone provider, after a diagnosis on my framework of contacts, is found there is a huge reliability issue in all the rounds of iOS 9 (I have several devices on the different versions of 9).    Before the 9.2 update, I got a lot to reallocate iMessages on the end of contacts (although I might receive).    Contacts have called, I was wondering why I didn't answer.  Here's how I discovered.   Shut iMessage on your iPhone and the text now.  SMS works completely. iMessage is totally reliable.

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