iMessage of my mam but she didn't type or something! I need help as soon as POSSIBLE.

I received an iMessage of my mam, who has an iPhone 4 (last update as of 26/08/16), saying 'can't talk right now... what's up?' and she claims that she didn't send the message to me and that his phone was turned off when this message has been sent. She's even scared on itself. By pure cautiosness, I blocked the number of my mam but iMessage sent his e-mail. Someone hacked into his e-mail account? I need answers as soon as POSSIBLE and I'm afraid that his personal information was given without his consent.

Hi JessicaChitas,

I totally understand your concern to get a message that says: they do not send the sender. What you should have your mam do first, is to change the password ID Apple ASAP. You can then follow the steps in this link. If you think that your ID Apple has been compromised

Following the steps in this link should allow you all keep safety your Apple ID thank you account to use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Have a great day.

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