iMessage probs IOS 9.3.1


my ISP allows me to know that apple has problems with their server regarding activation iMessage.

When I sent a message to them to activate, the activation fails immediately and I get a message on my screen: "error during activation.

Can Apple, you please help me asap?

Thank you very much!


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    Before upgrading to iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, iMessages sent from my iPhone seems also in the application iMessages on my MacBook Pro and my iPad 2 Air - and the same for all three devices.

    It worked very well in my opinion.  When I'm at my laptop, it is very convenient type of responses on the keyboard.

    However, after the upgrades, this connection has stopped.  Each unit is not to see the iMessages of others, although all three devices are signed on the same iCloud account.

    What is a reduction in function?  Or am I missing something?  I tried settings and preferences.

    macOS 10.12 (mid-2014 rMBP)

    10.0.2 iOS (iPhone 6s, iPad Air2)

    Thank you



    Sign of iMessages (the Apple ID used) on all devices

    Drag the item in Messages app from green to white (close the application) on the iPhone.

    Quit the application on other devices.

    On the iPhone, open the application again.

    Wait for the number to check.

    While what happens opened the app on the Mac and the sign of return on account of iMessage.

    Once the iPhone number checked send an iMessages specifically to your Apple ID (enter it manually).

    If it works, add the Apple ID in Send and Receive on the iPhone version.

    Accept the UPS op on the Mac.

    (repeat for other signature devices in)

    Set the item "send as SMS.

    Check the iPhone joins the same LAN in the Mac WiFi settings is on

    Reset the transmission of text on the iPhone which will cause the Code number must appear on the Mac to put on the iPhone.

    Repeat for other devices.

    Basically, try a reset.

    21:28 Sunday. September 25, 2016

     iMac 2.5 Ghz i5 2011 (El Capitan)
     G4/1GhzDual MDD (Leopard 10.5.8)
     MacBookPro (Snow Leopard 10.6.8) 2 GB
     Mac OS X (10.6.8).
     iPhone and iPad (2)

  • Extras IMessage in IOS 10

    Hi all. I just upgraded to IOS 10 and hate the new iMessage extras. Balloons, stickers... Is it possible to disable the part of the user interface? Just like the keyboard of predictive text?

    Not at the moment, no. And others are free to send you stickers and these too.

  • IMessage on ios 10

    Hello world.

    After upgrading ios 10, I use very correct imessage.

    But I remove the sim card and put it in iphone afterthat.

    Now, I can not active imassage and facetime when using the phone number.

    Please help me.

    If your phone number is always the same, have you ever tried to force reboot the phone by holding down the button sleep and home for 10 seconds, until the Apple logo comes back again? you lose no data by doing this.

    More troubleshooting can be found here:

    If you get an error when you try to activate FaceTime - Apple Support or iMessage

  • imessage 10 iOS apps does not

    update to ios 10 went well but to play in the new imessge, I discovered that during the work of native applications as expected in imessage - music, recent, #images etc. - other applications do not work in imessage - eg espn, drafts, opentable, etc. - shows the icon on the screen of imessage when I go in the apps section, but she never updates with any content.

    everyone has experienced or has ideas on what to do?

    This happened to me until I went to the App store and noticed that these applications had very updated download.  After you download the update, and open the application itself (not in messages, but the actual application), I went back to the messages and they works perfectly!

    Good luck!

  • iMessage on iOS iPhone crash 6 9.3.1

    I'll have iMessage crashing on my iPhone with iOS 9.3.1 6 for since the morning of Monday, may 8, 16. When I start iMessage on iPhone, it did something for a few seconds and then crash. No message is displayed.

    I am able to access messages using Apple Watch iMessage and on iMac Pro.

    It is a serious matter for me. If anyone has any suggestions/advice, please provide.


    Restart your iPhone now buttons power and home together for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.

    Also check the settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (under storage) and make sure you have absolutely not less 10% total storage unit in.

  • No imessage notification ios 10


    I Don t receive a notification for incoming messages from imessage. (App end Whats work)

    Not the lockscreen and not to the home screen.

    Everyone has the same problem after the update of IOS10?


    Check your notification setting (settings-> Notifications-> Messages)

    Make sure that all the toggles are turned on and that the selected alert style is "banner".

    Also check if you have selected 'do not disturb' for specific people in the messages application itself.

  • iPhone 5s cannot attach photos in iMessage on iOS 9.3

    Since I did the update I was not able to download pictures in iMessage regardless of who I send a message to. I can take a picture in a message and it will pass by however.

    I rebooted and planned to start the phone across the room. Has anyone else had this problem with the new 9.3 update?

    It has worked for me a few times by selecting the photo several times, his is not consistent at all

  • prob. iOS software keymap retract

    I did a questionnaire little cared for a client, running on iPad 2 with AIR for iOS 2.7 there are radio buttons for multiple choice questions answers and a few fields of text for modules. My problem is that after I have let all the text fields and press the button 'submit' the keyboard rest out and can be put aside that manually, with the small return key in the lower right.

    Anyone know how to code this in AS3?

    Thank you, CU.

    You can try stage.focus = null?

    Thank you


  • I need some information on the new iMessage on ox10

    I need some information about the new features on I update to iOS 10 message

    Howdy iotti!

    I understand you want to learn more about iMessage on iOS 10. There are a few new features!

    See these pages for a quick look on the update options:

    Use effects of message with iMessage on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
    Use iMessage apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
    Use #images with Messages in iOS 10

    If you have a question about a specific feature, you are in the right place to help! Don't forget to reply to this topic with specific questions.

    Take care!

  • effect of iMessage

    effects of IMessage are there more that what is said? r there hidden effect that are not human beings humans taught? Could some one adbice if they know what other tricks iMessage. Thanks 1million

    Hi edevils,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I see that you are curious about using the effects of message introduced in iOS 10. The new message with iMessage in iOS 10 effects are really good, and I use them since it was released. You can take a look at all the different effects in this link:

    Use effects of message with iMessage on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    See you soon.

  • No effect of Message with iPhone iOS 10 6 more

    I have no option of effects of bubbles/screen message when I press and hold the send icon.

    No alternative emoji to the text appears also in the predictive text bar.

    When taking emoji keyboard icon the words in the text with alternative emoji will highlight but no emoji won't show in the text.

    With the help of iMessage with iOS 10 on an iPhone 6 more.

    Don't see the emoji keyboard?

    If you do not see the emoji keyboard, make sure that the emoji keyboard is turned on.

    1. Tap Settings > general > keyboard.
    2. Tap on the keyboards.
    3. Tap Add a new keyboard.
    4. Tap Emoji.
  • After Update 9.3.5 connect my iPad iMessage

    After Update 9.3.5 connect my iPad iMessage. He must have signed me apply the last update, but when I registered just in it sits on this...

    Any suggestions please?

    Hi wolf24359,

    Looks like you have some problems to sign in your iMessage after iOS update? No worries! Try this link for some excellent to have your iMessage facing up and running without delay. If you get an error when you try to activate FaceTime or iMessage

    This is what it takes to get up and running. Please use the Apple Support communities to post your question. Good day.

  • iMessage Help!

    I want to try the new features (themes, effects etc.) iMessage for IOS 10 on my IPad, but can't find How To Do It!

    Can someone help me?

    iOS 10 is only available for developers at the moment. He goes out for public Beta sometime in July and will launch in the fall to the general public. If you find how do I recommend holding off until the exit for the general public as a developer and public betas is intended for those who are very familiar with iOS and preferably with a device specifically for test. It can be filled with bugs that can make your device unusable, and there is no support if you're on the beta version.

  • Digital touch messages problems

    Why I can receive and send digital messages tactile animation and my husband can send digital touch messages animated and when he gets then it just shows up as a guess we both same phones and iOS 10?

    Hi rachael2016,

    Welcome to the communities of Apple Support!   Looks like you and your husband are exploring new effects of iMessage with iOS 10.   If the animation occurs on your husband's iPhone, him having check its settings reduce Motion in settings > general > accessibility.   If the Motion to reduce is enabled (green button), turn this setting off.

    Reduce the screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch resolution

    When reducing Motion is enabled, certain effects screen change or are disabled on your device, including:

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    Enjoy the rest of your day!

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